6th Story 1

6th Story 1

Li Yueran sighed, sat up, looked at this luxurious bedroom, full of dazzling decorations, the original owner is really favored at home, also the entire Zhen Guogong’s mansion has a fifth house, there are many talents, and there are many elites but there is only this one girl, the degree of favor can be seen. The original owner’s name is Ji Baoer, she is the youngest daughter of the fourth son of Zhen Guogong, the only daughter of the three generations of the Ji family. She grew up carefree and happy under the pampering of her grandfather, grandmother, parents, uncles, aunts and brothers. The personality is bright and cheerful, free and unrestrained, as warm as a ball of fire. It turned out that her family had already arranged everything for her, and she was almost engaged. The other party was the nephew of her aunt’s family, who had been in love with Bao’er since she was a child. Unexpectedly, Ji Baoer met the young His Majesty who was visiting privately in Weifu by chance and Ji Baoer fell in love with him immediately. Although the Ji family disapproved but under Ji Baoer’s hunger strike protest, the Ji family still tried their best to send Ji Baoer into the palace.

The emperor had just ascended the throne, and the government was in the hands of the queen mother and the queen’s mother’s Fang family. The queen mother was the emperor’s aunt. The emperor’s biological mother died young, the queen mother had no son, so she raised the emperor under her knees and let the emperor marry her own niece for the queen. After the emperor ascended the throne, in order to gather the power in his hands, he take the Ji family for his own use, and to protect his true love, Ji Baoer was made a concubine as soon as she entered the palace and she was made a noble concubine within a few months. Ji Baoer became the thorn in the side of the entire harem, and she was hard to guard against all kinds of open and hidden arrows. For Ji Baoer, the Ji family has become a sword in the emperor’s hand, and they will do their best for the emperor.

But Ji Baoer had two miscarriages during the battle in the harem, and finally gave birth to a frail princess. But she was happy because she felt that the emperor loved her. it wasn’t until five years later that the emperor completely defeated the Fang family, took the government firmly into his own hands, and the empress was also deposed. When Ji Baoer fully thought that the emperor would make her queen, the emperor suddenly turned his face and made Concubine Jiang Shu the queen then abolished Ji Baoer’s position as a noble concubine and demoted her to a nobleman on the grounds of being disrespectful to the new queen. Ji Baoer was very panicked and dissatisfied and wanted her natal family to support her. Unexpectedly, in the court hall, the cunning rabbit died, and the new queen’s mother’s Jiang family collected ten crimes against the Ji family, and then besieged the Ji family in the court hall. In the end, the Ji family was ransacked and sent into exile. Ji Baoer in the harem heard the bad news, her daughter was critically ill. She wanted to go to the emperor to reason and intercede, but she overheard the conversation between the emperor and Empress Jiang. Only then did she understand that it turned out that all along, she was just a shield for Empress Jiang and it turned out that the emperor really loved Empress Jiang, the former concubine Jiang Shu. I have been criticized and besieged for so many years to prevent disasters for Empress Jiang. And the few miscarriages she had before and after were all at the hands of the emperor, because he didn’t want to give birth to a prince himself, for fear that he would shake the status of the second prince born by Empress Jiang. Now that the throne is stable, there is no need for the Ji family and Ji Baoer. Even the weak little princess is unnecessary.

Ji Baoer stood in the corridor, lost her soul, her family did her best for the emperor, she was sincere to the emperor, but in the end she got such an ending. It turns out that all the affection and all the sweet talk are just illusions and deceptions. Ji Baoer suddenly lost the courage to face the emperor, she turned around and went back to the bedroom in a daze, and as soon as she entered the door, she heard the news of her daughter’s death, Ji Baoer couldn’t face herself, and she didn’t have the courage to live, so she drove away all the palace people After that, Ji Baoer set a fire in the bedroom. The emperor who heard the news just said that he knew it in disgust, finally took a look at it under the persuasion of Empress Jiang. After the Ji family far away at the border knew the news of Ji Baoer’s death, they were furious for a while and complained a few words, but the emperor found out and burned the Ji family to death. The formerly prestigious Zhen Guo Gong Mansion disappeared like this.

Li Yueran rolled her eyes. She felt that the system had some problems recently. This story is no different from the last one! They are all stories about idiots complaining about women, every bitch has his own bitch, and all fools are equally stupid! The story is too old-fashioned, not difficult at all! However, as long as it comes, it will be safe. Now that she is Ji Baoer, she doesn’t want to get together with that pair of scumbags. However, at this time, Ji Baoer should be tempted by the emperor intentionally, so she should be thinking about the emperor, so when she is at home looking for life and death, she wants to marry the emperor! Li Yueran rubbed her stomach, the original owner had already tried various suicides, but they were all just pretending, before they were stopped, Ji Baoer had no choice but to go on a hunger strike. Li Yueran rubbed her hungry belly, shook her head helplessly, this method is really inferior and only the Ji family who really care about her can feel sorry for her, if it were that scumbag emperor, let’s see if he would take care of her. These stupid women only have love in their eyes, and they don’t care about family and relatives. Raising him is better than raising a piece of barbecued pork! What a heartless white-eyed wolf.

Li Yueran lay down powerlessly, complaining in her heart. She was thinking, what reasons and excuses should she use to explain her sudden change? She doesn’t want to go to the palace to act with that scumbag, it’s just a common cucumber, she’s out of her mind to compete with so many women! To dream? Met a fairy? Nothing wrong? Alas, the original owner has a very stubborn personality. She was spoiled since she was a child, since she was a child, she has a temperament that will not give up until she achieves her goals. There is no very convincing reason. It is really difficult to explain her sudden change. Li Yueran racked her brains thinking, suddenly the door opened, and a group of women walked in, yes, a group of women, and all of them were masters.

“Bao’er, get up and eat.” Madam Li, Zhenbeihou’s wife, looked at her precious granddaughter distressedly. In just three to five days, she lost a lot of weight. This child, if she says she won’t eat, she won’t eat. This temper is as stubborn as her grandfather’s when he was young!

“That’s right, Bao’er, get up and eat quickly! Look, your uncle and mother cooked it for you, the delicious glutinous rice porridge!” The wife of the eldest son, Mrs. Su, coaxed with a bowl of porridge.

Li Yueran smelled the scent of rice in her nose making her even more hungry. She was hesitating whether to go down the donkey, when suddenly a voice hurriedly said: “Grandmother, mother, Uncle An who is beside grandfather has returned, and said that during the morning court, Your Majesty make a sudden decree to make Baoer’s younger sister a noble concubine, and the imperial decree will come soon.”

It was Ji Baoer’s sister-in-law who spoke. Upon hearing this, Li Yueran immediately sat up, took the porridge from the aunt’s hand, and lowered her head to drink it. Li Shi and the others were full of distress, they didn’t care about any imperial decree. They just looked at Li Yueran with concern,

“Drink slowly, be careful of burning.”

She didn’t take it seriously, the temperature of this porridge was just right, how could it be hot. They believed that before they left the cabinet, they were also very favored at home. But when they arrived at Ji’s house, they realized that they were no match for Bao’er before. Not to mention, Bao’er is only seventeen this year, and has more private houses than any man in the mansion, even almost half of the public house. Besides, Bao’er is not only doted on by her elders, but even by her elder brother. She can’t tolerate others saying something bad about her, and whoever says it will turn her face. Alas, who is to blame! I can only blame them for their unfulfilled stomachs and their inability to give birth to a daughter.

Li Yueran drank two bowls of porridge, and she became more energetic. Just in time, the imperial decree came, after accepting the decree, Li Shi and others felt sorry for her and let her rest. Li Yueran was lying on the bed, not feeling sleepy at all. Nima, didn’t the emperor interpret the word refusal and welcome it very well? She never took the initiative to ask to marry Ji Baoer, everything was rushed by Ji Baoer. Why are you so active this time? Isn’t he afraid of being difficult to explain to his true love? But she remembered that Empress Jiang, Jiang Meiren is not a magnanimous person. Throughout the book, the two quarreled every now and then because the emperor doted on other women. There was another time in the middle, when the quarrel was so intense that the angry emperor stayed in Concubine Ji’s palace for a month. In the end, Jiang Meisheng was afraid that the emperor’s fake show would be real, so she resorted to tricks to coax the emperor to change his mind. These two people are simply representatives of sadomasochistic love. Because of this, the emperor has never been enthusiastic about other women, for fear that true love will have no more than regrets. Why is it different this time? Li Yueran suddenly thought of a possibility, she sat up abruptly, the maid outside heard the movement and was startled, “Miss, what’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m going to sleep now, I’m going to sleep.” Li Yueran hurriedly lay down again, no way, the retribution came so quickly, she was just complaining about how easy this task was, and she just said that she didn’t want to share a cucumber with others, then the retribution came? Could the emperor be Cheng Nuo? How else to explain this shift? The more Li Yueran thought about it, the more she felt that it was very possible. Although she didn’t really care about this, what she loved was Cheng Nuo, not others. It’s just that he is the emperor, if he is with her in the future and at the same time pampers other women, it would be disgusting to think about it. She felt that it was necessary for her to have a good talk with Cheng Nuo about the possibility of the private room being spoiled.

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At the same time, the Ji family was also discussing the emperor’s attitude. “In the emperor’s harem, apart from the empress, there is only Concubine De, and a few beauties. The emperor is not very keen on female sex. How could he suddenly order Bao’er to enter the palace? This time as the imperial concubine!”

“What are you afraid of! Soldiers are coming to cover you with water and soil! You have Ji’s family here, and we are here, so what are you afraid of!” Zhenbei Hou Jiwei slapped the table and said, “Our family is a die-hard royalist, we are only loyal to the one who sitting on it. Now there is just one more reason. You who are uncles and brothers should do your best to relieve Bao’er’s worries.”

Ji Wei said, but the rest of them naturally didn’t mean anything else, besides, this is what they should do!

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