7th Story 9

7th Story 9

After all, Li Yueran was still angry, when everyone was not paying attention, she sent a telegram to family in the afternoon, directly saying that they didn’t need to worry about the future of the water that they had poured out of the basin. The telegram from Liu Yuhan that Liu Wenhan received first was more tactful, saying that he would pay attention to this matter and let the family not to worry about it. Then he received Li Yueran’s telegram. As soon as the content was said, Liu’s mother shed tears on the spot, and said to Liu’s father: “Look, you are used to it. What is she talking about? She was born and raised by me, so I can’t take care of her affairs anymore! I’m really going to be mad at her.”

Liu Wenhan and the third brother were also a little angry, especially Liu Shuhan, who was the one who initiated this matter, probably because the other party was his friend and he had seen their younger sister once. He is young and promising, with a successful career. He doesn’t dislike the younger sister as a divorced woman and has a good conscience. I didn’t expect the younger sister to be so shameless. Could it be that she really thinks that she has the support of her father and third brother, so she just can be defiant?

“Father, little sister is too disrespectful. You see, she is mad at mother.” Liu Shuhan said.

Father Liu raised his head and glanced at Liu Shuhan lightly. The deep meaning in his eyes made Liu Shuhan bend down unknowingly, “Qinghan is not wrong about this matter. I told you a long time ago, you are not allowed to intervene in Qinghan matter, did you take my words as a deaf ear? Who told you to send the telegram to Qing Han? She went to Hong Kong with great difficulty. Could it be that you let her come back again just for your selfishness? Are you making arrangements again? Let me tell you, you are not allowed to interfere in Qinghan’s affairs in the future. If anyone dares to commit another crime, get out of Liu’s house! You too, you are now a grandmother, and you can talk and laugh with your grandchildren if you have nothing to do. You don’t have to worry about Qing Han’s affairs. Xu Wenxuan has married several times, and they have nothing to do with my Liu family!”

Mother Liu murmured, “However, the person introduced by Xiao Si is really good, and the conditions are good, he don’t dislike that little sister is divorced, and there will be no such shop after passing this village.”

Liu’s father immediately glanced at Liu Shuhan, and Liu Shuhan lowered his head when he saw, then turned his head and looked at his own wife. Liu mother said: “Is my words no longer working?”.

Mother Liu knew that Father Liu was really angry, immediately bowed her head and said, “It no longer works. I don’t care about little sister’s affairs from now on.”

Father Liu glanced around the crowd, “I’m not dead yet. When I die, you don’t care about it anymore. Don’t try to manipulate the people in this family.”

Liu Wenhan and others immediately stood upright, lowered their heads, and said in unison: “Father, we dare not.”

Liu’s father continued: “Fourth, you have been grounded for a month. Let the second take over.”

Liu Shuhan’s eyes widened, he looked at Father Liu, but after seeing Father Liu’s eyes, he lowered his head resentfully, “Yes, Father.”

It seems that the old man is really angry this time! Could it be that the old man knew about his deal with Xiao Fang? Impossible, at that time only him and Xiao Fang were present, and it was impossible for Xiao Fang to say it! How did the old man know! He is also doing it for the sake of his younger sister. Xiao Fang likes her, but unfortunately he already has a wife in his hometown, but he promised to him that to the outside world, his younger sister is the legitimate Mrs. Fang. Anyway, the younger sister is no longer a big girl but divorced woman, so it’s not a loss. As long as he helps him marry his younger sister, he will give him the land in the northwest. he has been coveted that piece of land for a long time. It was so easy to take advantage of Xu Wenxuan’s remarriage and persuade his mother to let the younger sister come back. Who knew that the younger sister’s attitude was so firm. Even his father… Liu Shuhan couldn’t help crying in his heart, no matter what, he should behave himself for a while, if something happened again, maybe his father would really be angry.

Li Yueran didn’t know about the little things in the Liu family, and even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. Now she is wholeheartedly focused on her new shop. While Liu Yuhan is developing the family business, he also teaches Li Yueran to open a shop. Li Yueran still wants to sell clothes. With her years of fashion experience it will definitely succeed. She was inexperienced before, but this time it was different, with the third elder brother teaching her hand in hand, watching, it should be no problem.

Liu Yuhan originally wanted to find something to pass the time for the younger sister, so as to save her from making troubles. Fortunately, my father was not angry about the telegram last time. Instead, he sent a telegram to comfort the younger sister. She was a bit too courageous, and dared to say such a thing. He need to find something for her to do! Since she wants to open a shop, let her open it. Liu Yuhan didn’t take this matter to heart at first, until he saw the shop style designed by his younger sister and the clothes design drawings drawn by his younger sister. The shrewd Liu Yuhan naturally discovered the business opportunities inside. Who in this world has the most money? Goods, money, woman! The clothes designed by the younger sister are novel in style, and they are all styles that he has never seen before. There must be many people who like them. Liu Yuhan never thought of getting involved in the younger sister’s business, but he proposed to buy shares in the younger sister’s clothing store in the name of Fang.

Li Yueran thought about it, and agreed, she also knew that most of what the third brother was doing now was ordered by his father, and it belonged to the family business. However, her own clothing store is private, and if the third sister-in-law gets a share, it can be regarded as the third brother’s private house.

Liu Yuhan said: “Little sister, don’t worry, we only invest in shares, we don’t participate in decision-making, and we don’t participate in management. We just wait for the dividends at the end of the year. If the clothing store expands in the future, the third brother will also invest in you.”

Li Yueran smiled, “Third brother, are you so confident that my clothing store will not lose money?”

Liu Yuhan smiled,”Of course.”It’s will be considered to be popular in later generations.”

“Third brother also helped a lot, so how about I give third sister-in-law 20% of the shares?”

Liu Yuhan smiled, “20% is 20%, I will invest an additional 20,000 yuan.”

“Third brother, I don’t need money, I have money.” Li Yuran said.

“It’s up to you if you have money. I can’t just sit back and enjoy it! That’s it. By the way, leave the recruitment of the shop decoration personnel to me! You, just draw more design drawings and rest, Uncle Xu and I will take care of it,” Liu Yuhan said.

Li Yueran shook her head, “I still want to handle it myself, not for anything else, I want to learn more. You can’t rely on others for everything.”

Liu Yuhan remembered her seriousness during this time, and smiled, “Little sister has really grown up. Okay, then let’s go together, what do you want to know, third brother promises to teach you in details!”

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“Thank you three brother.” Li Yueran smiled.

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Three months later, Li Yueran’s clothing store opened. The name of the clothing store was Promise. A few days before the opening, Li Yueran asked someone to make leaflets and paid for them to distribute leaflets everywhere. On the leaflets only wrote in a word, “I promise to give you the best self.”

On the day of the opening, it was very lively. Liu Yuhan followed the rules here, invited a lion dance team, beat gongs and drums and set off firecrackers. Leaflet are offensive, there are quite a few people here today.

It’s a pity that there are many onlookers, but fewer people actually go in to look at the clothes. But to Li Yueran’s relief, everyone who went in more or less bought a lot of clothes. A few days after opening, this is still the case. Liu Yuhan comforted her, “It’s just opened, it’s like this. But have you noticed, our store has a high rate of returning. Anyone who buys clothes in our store will come for the second time.”

Li Yueran nodded, “Don’t worry, third brother, I know.”

The Promised business has remained lukewarm until one month later, at noon one day, a woman in a cheongsam with slightly curly hair came, a fashionable woman with sunglasses on her head and a bag walked into the store, looked around, and asked: “Your clothes in this store are very beautiful. It’s a pity that I don’t wear the same clothes as others”

Li Yueran said unhurriedly: “We also accept custom-made services in our store. It means tailor-made designs for customers, and there is no second style. Of course, if someone else steals it, we have nothing to do with it.” These days, there is no such thing as a patent right.

“Oh! Tailor-made? Real or fake? Then design a dress for me.” The lady said with interest.

“Please measure the size here first. By the way, what is the name of this lady?”

“My surname is Zhang.” she said.

“Okay, may I ask Ms. Zhang, what style of clothes do you like? What kind of activities do you intend to wear? Is there anything else you need to explain?” Li Yueran took a soft ruler and a pen and paper while measuring the size.

“I like princess-style clothes. I intend to wear them to a dance. The price doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to be unique and make me the center of attention.” Ms. Zhang said with her head held high.

Princess style? Ballroom dance? Li Yueran looked this Miss Zhang up and down again, she was about 1.65 meters tall, with a pair of long legs that were thin and straight, there she was! Li Yueran already has an idea in mind, “Well, if Ms. Zhang is free, come to the shop tomorrow morning, and I will show the design drawings to Ms. Zhang. If Ms. Zhang is satisfied, our shop will immediately start making for Ms. Zhang.”

Miss Zhang thought for a while, “No problem, I will definitely come tomorrow morning.”

After sending Miss Zhang away, Li Yueran immersed herself in drawing and changing on the paper, within a short while, she finished drawing a few blueprints. They are all skirts that meet the requirements of that Miss Zhang. Just waiting for Miss Zhang to come over tomorrow and choose! The next morning, Miss Zhang really came. After Li Yueran asked her to sit down, she handed her a few blueprints, “Miss Zhang, look, which one do you like?”

Miss Zhang happily took the blueprints, “Ohh a lot!” Looking carefully, Ms. Zhang became more and more happy, “They are all so beautiful! I like them all! I want them all.” Ms. Zhang said while holding the blueprints to her chest.

Li Yueran lowered her head and smiled, she had already seen that this Miss Zhang was an unusual person, if she liked her designs and wore her own designs to attend any events, it would be like a live advertisement. She smiled and said, “I suggest Miss Zhang to choose this set.” Li Yueran pointed to one of the tube top skirts and said, “As for the rest, if you have the opportunity to attend such occasions in the future, it will never to late do it again.”

“No need, I go to dances every day, I want all these, I’m not short of money! How long will it take you to make it?” Miss Zhang said.

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