7th Story 8

7th Story 8

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Li Yueran suddenly didn’t know what to say. She felt that Xie Fangfei seemed to have a natural sense of superiority when facing her, and she didn’t know where her superiority came from. Could this be the so-called a common problem for women in the new era? Li Yueran didn’t want to say anything anymore, if this sense of superiority really existed, then no matter what she said, Xie Fangfei would feel that she was trying to quibble. Since she thinks so, let her think so! Anyway, her thoughts can’t affect her.

At this moment, a man in a suit hurried in, looked around, and when he saw Xie Fangfei, he breathed a sigh of relief, “Fang Fei, so you are here. Thank God, you are fine. Why is your arm bleeding? Come on, I’ll take you to the clinic.”

Xie Fangfei looked at the man’s eyes full of love, and unconsciously spoke a lot softer, “I’m fine, I came out to buy French bread, but someone stole my wallet, can you buy it for me? I’ll wait for you here, my friend and I still have a few words to say.”

The man followed Xie Fangfei’s eyes and glanced at Li Yueran, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes , and then said to Xie Fangfei: “Okay, you sit down first, I’ll be right away.” Then he leaned over and kissed Xie Fangfei on the cheek, then turned and left.

Xie Fangfei looked at the man’s back, “After divorcing Xu Wenxuan, I once lost my confidence in love. It was Mike who rekindled the fire of love in me. I love him.”

Li Yueran laughed, in heart she think that her love came really fast, and it also went so fast. It feels like fast food men and women of later generations. She didn’t speak, she really didn’t know what to say. Xie Fangfei thought what she was Li Yueran was still addicted to the past and couldn’t extricate herself. For the sake of saving her, let’s speak to wake her up! Just imagine that she’s doing a good deeds.

“Miss Liu, there is a good saying that meeting is fate. Since we met today, I will say something straight. Xu Wenxuan divorced you because of me, but even without me, Xie Fangfei, there would still be Li Fangfei, Zhang Fangfei. The gap between you and Xu Wenxuan is too great, whether in terms of thinking or learning. Therefore, it is inevitable that Xu Wenxuan does not like you. And it is not good for two people who have no love to be together. You took the initiative to propose a divorce that day. I am very happy… This shows that you are still saved. I also know that people like you who received the traditional three-obedience and four-virtue education when you were young, pay attention to one thing to the end. If you still can’t let it go of Xu Wenxuan! Then you should study harder and enrich yourself. Now that you have moved to Hong Kong, what a great opportunity for you to get in touch with advanced western thought and culture. Only when you grow into a person like Xu Wenxuan, you can only by understanding his thoughts and following in his footsteps can you relive your old dreams with him. Of course, there are other ways to go besides this road. Xu Wenxuan is a foolish and filial person, you could also get him by pleasing his parents. Yes. But I don’t mind if you do this.” Xie Fangfei said solemnly.

Li Yueran would like to ask Xie Fangfei which eye she sees that she has never forgotten Xu Wenxuan? Let’s relive old dreams, don’t be disgusting, okay? But Li Yueran didn’t ask. Based on her experience of seeing so many weird and stupid people, the more you explain, the more convinced she/he will be. These people are all representatives of blind self-confidence, thinking that their words are the truth. However, what Li Yueran hates most now is that someone associates her with that scumbag Xu Wenxuan. The reason why she is single until now is because of Cheng Nuo, okay? He has a hairy relationship with Xu Wenxuan! Li Yueran sighed helplessly,

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“If I still couldn’t forget Xu Wenxuan, I wouldn’t have agreed to divorce him at the beginning. Since I divorced him, I will never be with him again in this life. Although I don’t understand advanced thinking or something, but I can’t tolerate sand in my eyes, one infidelity will last forever, this is the principle of my life. But I still want to thank you, although I don’t need it.” Li Yueran looked at Liu Yuhan stood impatiently at the door of the cafe, she stood up with a smile, “I still have something to do, let’s go first, I have already settled the bill, you can continue to sit for a while, and wait for your friend to come back.”

Xie Fangfei couldn’t help but looked at Li Yueran calmly, watched as Li Yueran left the cafe, got into the car, and left. Xie Fangfei’s face was not very good, after a while, Mike came, “Fangfei, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I was a little unhappy with my friend.” Xie Fangfei forced a smile.

Mike smiled. He could see that although the young lady was beautiful and wearing a cheongsam, even though the cheongsam was an improved style, and the lady on it was exquisite, Mike still knew that the lady had not received new education. She is a traditional woman. It’s not because she is wearing a cheongsam. In fact, many women who have received a new education will wear a cheongsam. In the eyes of many men, a cheongsam is the dress that best reflects a woman’s charm. It’s the feeling and temperament, such as Xie Fangfei, Xie Fangfei is the kind of independent woman at first glance, she exudes a confident light. The lady just now is a completely different type from Fang Fei, Fang Fei is like fire, and that lady is like water, the water in Jiangnan Water Town, the temperament between the two is completely different. “I guess your friend must be a traditional woman!”

Xie Fangfei looked at him in surprise, “How do you know?”

“Temperament, your temperament is different from hers, you can tell it at a glance. She has not received new western education, so naturally you can’t get along with her. People different from other people, so you don’t have to force it.” Mike complimented.

“Actually, she and I have a very close relationship, do you know? She is my ex-husband’s ex-wife. She divorced my ex-husband, which is also due to me. Just now she helped me again, so I thought I could help her too. ” Xie Fangfei sighed and said, “It’s a pity that Xia Chong can’t talk to Bing.” ( Ducks and chickens talk)

Mike laughed, “Since you know the truth that Xia Chong can’t speak to Bing, why are you unhappy about her? Let’s go back first. Although the injury on your arm is not serious, it still needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, leaving scars will be a big problem.”

When Xie Fangfei heard that there might be a scar, she immediately stood up, “Let’s go back faster!” She still cared about her appearance, if there was a scar on her arm, how could she wear a skirt in the future.

Li Yueran got into the car, Liu Yuhan looked at her and said, “Who is that person, you have been talking to her for so long?”.

“Xu Wenxuan’s ex-wife, Xie Fangfei.” Li Yueran said nonchalantly.

“What? It’s her? Then why are you talking to her? Are you confused?” Liu Yuhan sat up from the chair, “What did you say to her?” Yuhan said, she smiled,

“Actually, I think what Xie Fangfei said is right, Xu Wenxuan is such a person, even if there is no Xie Fangfei, there are Li Fangfei, Wang Fangfei. Although I don’t like Xie Fangfei’s self-righteousness and her blindly confident, but to be honest, I don’t hate her, really! People like them, in the name of free love and getting rid of feudal scum, are actually selfish, extremely selfish. They only think about themselves, not others. Me and them are not on the same road.”

Liu Yuhan breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, I’m afraid you will be stimulated and want to become like them!”

“How is it possible, my three views are so upright! ” Li Yueran laughed. Just a joke, her three views have been baptized by various brain-dead dramas and the Internet in later generations. Is it generally correct?

In the afternoon, Liu Yuhan and Li Yueran came back. Mrs. Fang was watering the flowers in the garden. Seeing them coming back, she hurriedly put down the water bottle and went up to them, “Are you guys back? There’s a telegram coming from home, go have a look.”

Seeing that Fang’s expression was not right, Liu Yuhan quickly asked, “What’s the matter? Did mother patronise you again?” Fang shook her head, “It’s not me, it’s younger sister.

When Xu Wenxuan got married again and published in the newspaper, their mother and elder brother saw it, and mother got sick, so the elder brother sent a telegram to ask the younger sister to go back, saying that the family would introduced some good people.”

Li Yueran sneered a few times, “Third sister-in-law is right to pretend that she didn’t see this telegram. In the future, don’t tell me anything other than father’s telegram. It will save me from being angry.”

Liu Yuhan also frowned, “Mother is not like you don’t know if you’re confused. Don’t worry about it. I’ll send a telegram to dad later.”

Li Yueran said angrily, “You also send a telegram to mother, saying that the married daughter poured water, now my plate of water has been poured out, so she doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.”

Fang hurriedly persuaded: “Little sister, don’t be angry, mother is too angry. Why can that ruthless Xu Wenxuan get married three times? You are still single, little sister. Mother is also worried about you.”

Liu Yuhan signaled Fang to stop talking, he could see that the little girl’s face was already ugly. “Okay, stop talking. You go back first, I’ll send a telegram right away.” Fang glanced at Liu Yuhan and stopped talking.

In the evening, Fang asked Liu Yuhan in puzzled: “Why don’t you let me continue? Don’t you also see the lonely life of a little girl like this?”

“Why is she lonely? She has you and me! Why is she so lonely with Uncle Xu and Aunt Xu accompanying her with so many people?” Liu Yuhan looked at the newspaper and said without raising his head, “Maybe she was hurt too deeply by that bastard Xu Wenxuan. I plan to find another one. She is only so old, maybe she should make up her mind in a few years. Don’t meddle in this matter, the younger sister is a person with ideas. Let her go! The Liu family has already harmed the younger sister once, I can’t let them control my younger sister’s marriage, and make her hurt a second time.”

Fang sighed, “I’m just arguing for my younger sister, that bastard Xu Wenxuan has been married for the third time. My younger sister is so beautiful and capable, and she’s still single. It’s really annoying.”

Seeing that it was getting late, Liu Yuhan put down the newspaper, took off his glasses, and patted Fang’s hand, “Okay, it’s getting late, go to bed! Didn’t the doctor say, you have to make sure you have enough sleep? Go to sleep!”

As soon as the doctor’s words were mentioned, Fang stopped talking immediately, lay down,covered with the quilt then fell asleep.

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