7th Story 7

7th Story 7

It has to be said that Liu Yuhan’s arrival helped Li Yueran solve a lot of troubles. These days, Li Yueran followed Liu Yuhan and learned a lot. Only then did she realize what Cheng Nuo had used to make her look like before. If she wanted to open a studio or company, as long as she said something, Cheng Nuo would immediately prepare everything for her, and she didn’t need to bother at all. Now when she has to do everything by herself, Li Yueran realizes that doing business is really not an easy thing.

One of the reasons Liu Yuhan was able to come to Hong Kong this time was to see a doctor for Mrs. Fang. After Li Yueran heard about it, she persuaded Liu Yuhan and Fang to go to the hospital for a checkup. Sometimes infertility is not necessarily the cause of women, it may also be the cause of men. Half a month later, the test results came out. Just as Li Yueran thought, it really was Liu Yuhan’s reason. When they got the test results, both Liu Yuhan and Fang’s expressions were not very good. Liu Yuhan’s face was gloomy, it took him a long time to walk up to his wife and pat her on the shoulder, “I have wronged you all these years. I will tell my parents.”

Fang burst into tears, “No, you can’t! You are a man, an indomitable man, you must not tell them. Just let your parents think that I can’t give birth. You can’t tell them, you can’t!”

Liu Yuhan looked at his wife who was wronged to the extreme but still tried to hide it for him, his eyes were red, “Ah Luo, if I hadn’t come to Hong Kong for an inspection this time, I wouldn’t have known that I was the problem. These years, you have been burdened with the pressure of infertility, your life is not easy. I didn’t know it before, Now that I know, I can no longer just watch my mother misunderstand you.”

. “Yuhan, I’m not wronged, really! Although mother doesn’t like me because of this, I am very satisfied to have you defending me everywhere. I’m not wronged. Really!” Mrs. Fang grabbed Liu Yuhan’s arm and said, “No! if the word leaks out and spreads, they will laugh at you when people outside think of you. You can’t say it.”

Liu Yuhan wanted to say more, but Li Yueran said helplessly beside him, “Third brother, third sister-in-law, the result of the examination only said that the problem was on third brother, and did not say that it could not be cured. What are you two doing? I know that you husband and wife have a good relationship, so there is no need to cry endlessly over something that has no shadow, right?”

Liu Yuhan turned his head, tears still hanging on his face, “What did you say? It can be cured?”

Mrs Fang also looked at Li Yueran expectantly, Li Yueran shook her head helplessly, “This is not a terminal illness, there’s nothing incurable. Let’s go and listen to what the doctor has to say.”

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Coming out of the hospital, Liu Yuhan and Fang Shi carried a large bag of medicine in their hands, and kept the doctor’s orders in their minds, but there was a bright smile on her face. The doctor said, take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, and it will be cured in half a year, then they can be pregnant by then. That’s great.

“Hurry up and go home! Don’t just stand around on the street.” Li Yueran sat in the car, not seeing them coming up for a long time, poked her head out of the car window and said.

“Oh, here we come.” Liu Yuhan regained his composure and said with a smile. Turn around and help Fang Shi get into the car first. Sitting in the car with a smile, Fang Shi felt that it was the right time to come to Hong Kong. The sky here is blue, the trees are green, without the picky comparisons of mother-in-law and sister-in-law, the environment is fresh and interesting, much better than back home. Now that it has been confirmed that infertility for many years is not her problem, Fang Shi feels even more relaxed. For a long time, Fang Shi blamed herself for not being able to have a child. The better Yuhan treats her the more guilty she is. Now that it is better, Fang can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Even if her mother-in-law asked her, she had a clear conscience.

“Ah Luo, you go back and have a good rest. Little sister and I won’t be eating at home at noon. The agent introduced a few shops. I has to go and have a look, and treat the agent to dinner along the way.” Liu Yuhan said .

“Oh, I got it. You must remember to take the medicine!” Fang Shi recalled the doctor’s instructions and said, “By the way, Yuhan, little sister, don’t let your mouth slip when you get home, just say this medicine was prescribed for me. Yuhan is a man, it is not good to bear such a reputation, it is really not good for him.”

Liu Yuhan and Li Yueran both laughed, Liu Yuhan held Fang Shi’s hand, ” Okay, we won’t let it slip.”

What he likes is Fang Shi’s simplicity and kindness, so he insists on marrying Fang Shi, and has been infertile for many years. He never blamed her, and when his mother blamed him, he stood in front of her. Now I know that infertility is not Fang Shi’s fault, but Fang Shi still thinks of him everywhere, how can she be so good that he doesn’t like her. After sending Fang’s back home, Liu Yuhan and Li Yueran took a car to the restaurant they had made an appointment with the agency.

“Third brother, third sister-in-law is a good woman.” Li Yueran smiled.

“Well, I know that although she has never studied abroad, can’t write poems, dance, or speak foreign languages, she has a character that those women don’t have, that is simplicity. No matter when and where, she as always never changed. She is much better than those women who claim to be new women. By the way, have you read the newspaper? Xu Wenxuan is pursuing Miss Jiang’s family, and the pursuit is extremely enthusiastic. He publishes some poems to show his love in the newspaper office every now and then , Those poems are really sour.”

Looking at Li Yueran’s indifferent expression, Liu Yuhan continued, “I’m not telling you this to test your attitude towards Xu Wenxuan. I just want to say that even Xu Wenxuan’s the gentle scum has bloomed several times, you should also think about your future. My little sister is so beautiful, and there are many people who want to pursue you, are you really not tempted at all?”

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Li Yueran lowered her head and smiled. In fact, Liu Qinghan’s appearance is really attractive. Although she is from Shandong, Liu’s mother is from Suzhou. Liu Qinghan’s appearance and figure follow her mother’s, stature, soft voice that soft to the heart, many people are really attracted by her appearance, wandering outside Liu’s house every day, thinking of seeing her. But Li Yueran never thought of finding another one at all, she felt that it was a blasphemy of her love with Cheng Nuo. Originally, she was worried that she might not be able to protect herself as a weak woman living in troubled times. But now that the third brother is here, she feels much more at ease. The third brother has ability, courage, and ruthlessness. Such a man should be able to protect her. She remembered that in the original book, Liu Yuhan was the only one in the Liu family who escaped unscathed. When the civil war started, he took his wife abroad and escaped the war and the chaos that followed.

“Third brother, to be honest, after experiencing Xu Wenxuan, I have no idea about marriage or love. What is marriage? What is love? I have no answer. Not all men in this world are like you, third brother. It’s the same if Xu Wenxuan hadn’t left the country three months after getting married and had no children for three years, believe it or not, the Xu family would have divorced me a long time ago.” Li Yueran said while looking out the window.

“However, not all men are Xu Wenxuan! Maybe you will meet a man who is better and more suitable for you!”

Liu Yuhan saw that the younger sister’s words had the meaning of being alone forever, so he couldn’t help but said anxiously, Although the younger sister’s wealth is enough for her to live a delicate life now, with him besides her and will not sit idly by, but as an older brother, he still hopes that his younger sister can have a trustworthy person to rely on. It’s all the fault of Xu Wenxuan! Liu Yuhan was so angry that he even thought about finding someone to cover him with a sack and beat him up!

Before Li Yueran could speak, the car stopped, Liu Yuhan frowned and said, “What’s going on?”

The driver reply “Third Young Master, Fifth Miss, there seems to be a car accident ahead, surrounded by many people, we won’t be able to go.”

Liu Yuhan wind down the car window and poked her head out to look, “Then let’s take a detour.”

Li Yueran also wind down the car window and looked over there, hey, that injured woman looks familiar to Xie Fangfei? “Hey, stop a minute, third brother, I saw someone I know. Just wait a moment.”

She opened the door and got out of the car. A quarter of an hour later, Li Yueran and Xie Fangfei were sitting in the cafe, with a cup of steaming coffee in front of them, Li Yueran looked at Xie Fangfei’s injured arm, “Do you really not need to go to the clinic?”.

Xie Fangfei looked down and smiled, “No need. My friend will come later. Thank you for today. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to get away.” She went out today, her wallet was stolen, she took a rickshaw she was about to go back to the hotel, but accidentally bumped into someone, and she was dragged away and refused to leave, insisting on paying him for medical expenses. If it wasn’t for Liu Qinghan’s help, she really wouldn’t be able to get away. Xie Fangfei looked Li Yueran up and down, “You have changed a lot and become more mature. It can be seen that you are living a very good life now. Then I can rest assured. Otherwise, I always feel that I owe you something.” As soon as the subject changed, Xie Fangfei raised her head proudly again, “But you should also thank me. If it wasn’t for my appearance, you wouldn’t be able to rescue yourself from the Xu family. Maybe at this time, you are still a slave to the Xu family.

“Slave!” Li Yueran burst out laughing, “Why do you say that?”

“Don’t you think that Xu’s family is similar to a prison? Xu Wenxuan looks good, but his parents are really suffocating. It’s fine if talks about money. She can’t even understand the normal communication between me and my friends, saying that I’m easy-going! What era is it now, does she still use the feudal society to restrain us? She also made a fuss about Xu Wenxuan pouring a cup of tea for me, saying that I have gone against the sky! Now that men and women are equal, how could it be against the sky for him to pour a cup of tea for his wife as a husband? I can’t take it anymore. Although I still love Xu Wenxuan, I can’t live with him anymore. So I chose to divorce. But maybe I’m wrong, you are not me, you have not received a Western-style education, you accept the traditional education of taking husband as the sky, three obediences and four virtues, maybe you are happy with this kind of life. In this case, I am sorry that you and Xu Wenxuan divorced because of me.” Xie Fangfei said seriously.

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