7th Story 6

7th Story 6

Before leaving, Liu Yuhan sent a telegram to Hong Kong, announcing that she was going to settle in Hong Kong on behalf of her family. Uncle Xu and Aunt Xu were overjoyed, “It’s alright, the third young master will came here, the third young master has been on good terms with you since he was a child, if the fourth young master and the others come, I really don’t feel at ease.”

Li Yueran thought about it carefully, and in her impression, this third brother was really kind to the original owner. At the beginning, it was the third brother who proposed to let her study abroad, but in the end it was unsuccessful because of Liu’s mother’s obstruction. When discussing marriage with the Xu family, the third brother also strongly opposed it, especially when he heard that Xu Wenxuan planned to study abroad. It’s a pity, because the third brother’s temperament is rebellious, and the third sister-in-law has not been pregnant for a long time, the third brother’s family is not liked by Liu Mom. Therefore, his opinion was not taken seriously.

“Besides, the third young master is quick-witted, he has traveled abroad and seen the world. Miss, don’t you want to do business? With the third young master here, I think it will be much easier.” Xu Bo said. “Actually, in my opinion, if the master really intends to send someone over, it must be the third young master. The eldest and second young masters are more conservative, and they are too rigid. They can keep their foundation in their hometown and to expand their territories in new places. It is not right. As for the fourth young master, he has always had high eyes and big heart, but Madam loves the youngest son the most and master knows it.”

Aunt Xu spirit was a little better, so she came out for a walk said happily: “If nothing else, it can be seen that master is not angry with the young lady, and young lady should not be angry with the old lady. Send a telegram if you have nothing to do!”

Li Yueran nodded, “I understand. Don’t worry, nanny!” Then she said to Uncle Xu, “Since the third brother is coming, Uncle Xu, you should also inquire and buy a suitable house for the third brother! It should be closer to our house.”

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Uncle Xu nodded, “What Miss said is right, we have to prepare in advance.” It just that I don’t know how many people the third young master will bring with him this time, and how big a house he needs to prepare, whether it is necessary to buy a few servants first, the furniture arrangement and so on have to be prepared first. After such a calculation, Uncle Xu felt that there was still a lot to do, he couldn’t sit still, “Miss, sit down, I’ll go to work first.”

“Slow down, take Ah Cheng, and bring a few more people. “Li Yueran exhorted. Xu Bo nodded, turned and left. Li Yueran looked at Uncle Xu’s back and sighed.

Aunt Xu said with concern: “What’s wrong? Miss, are you upset?”

Li Yueran lay on Aunt Xu’s lap and sighed, “Nanny , when I reconciled with Xu Wenxuan, I wanted to be self-reliant and independence, I wanted to start a career to prove that I am not inferior to those who have stayed abroad to study. Who knew that doing business is so difficult! Until now, It was all Uncle Xu who came forward to help me, I’m alone. I don’t know when will you all be depended on me, and I don’t know when it will be done.”

Aunt Xu smiled and her fingers ran along Li Yueran’s hair, “Miss, this world is harsh on women, you can do it now, you not relying on Xu’s family to live, that’s your ability. As for other things, we don’t have to think so much!”

Li Yueran was just a little disappointed, but she also knew that not everything will come naturally, there must be a process. She learns slowly, and one day, she will be truly independent and self-improving. During Cheng Nuo’s time away, she also had to learn to grow up! When I meet Cheng Nuo again, I can stand in front of him proudly. It has been three and a half months since Liu Yuhan and Fang Shi arrived in Hong Kong with a few servants. Li Yueran personally took people to the pier to pick them up. Liu Yuhan carefully looked at this two-story small bungalow with a garden, “It’s well cleaned up! My little sister, you really have grown up. Also, if you don’t grow up, how can you afford this house alone? Younger sister, you really impress me!”

“Third brother, sit down and rest first! I don’t know how many people you and the third sister-in-law brought over, so I asked Uncle Xu to buy you a house about the same size as this one. It’s all tidied up inside, here’s the key.” Li Yueran said with a smile.

“Joke, since we are here, we will naturally live with you, we will take care of each other!” Liu Yuhan said.

Fang Shi also nodded and said: “Yes, our family, of course, live together, we also have to take care for each other!”

Li Yueran was a little surprised, living together? She really didn’t think about it.

“That’s it, let’s live together.” Liu Yuhan made a final decision.

Uncle Xu and Aunt Xu smiled and said, “That’s good, that’s good.”

There is a male master at home, and the men who hang around outside the house all day just waiting to see their young lady can all go away. Liu Yuhan also saw this, he just agreed. In his opinion, his little sister is good in everything, but Xu Wenxuan are blind for divorcing his little sister. No, his retribution is coming. “By the way, little girl, do you know? Xu Wenxuan and that girl Xie something has divorced? The two of them went back and forth in the newspapers, telling each other about their faults. That Xie Fangfei, right? She said that Xu’s parents was about feudal thinking? It’s the Republic of China now, and Xu’s parents still think about the feudal society and want their daughter-in-law to follow the three rules and four virtues. Xu Wenxuan said that Xie Fangfei spent the money of her in-laws, and the angry in-laws fainted or something. You come and go, there is a lot of trouble and even sparked a craze.”

Li Yueran was surprised and said, “So fast? How long have they been married?”

Liu Yuhan smiled, “I read this in the newspaper on the boat. Did you hear that? Did you feel very relieved?”

Li Yueran cut him off, “What’s there to relieve. Since I have nothing to do with Xu’s family now, how Xu Wenxuan is doing has nothing to do with me.”

Liu Yuhan looked at Li Yueran and smiled, “Okay, you’re not relieved, I understand you, okay? I’m happy for you. He, Xu Wenxuan, is blind!” Fang Shi tugged on Liu Yuhan’s sleeve, motioning him to stop talking. Liu Yuhan smiled and stopped talking.

Li Yueran thought for a while, “Third brother, since you plan to live here, I live upstairs on the east side, there is a big room on the west side, which is vacant, why don’t you and the third sister-in-law live there! As for the servants, let Uncle Xu take care of the arrangement!”

Uncle Xu nodded, “Third Young Master, Third Young Mistress, first hand over the luggage to Xiaocui and Xiaoxiang, let them pack it.”

Li Yueran said with a smile: ” Third sister-in-law, you must be tired after sitting on the boat for so long, third sister-in-law, come with me, there is a bathroom upstairs, you can get a change of clothes, and I will help you fill the water.”

Fang Shi said embarrassingly, “Why don’t you let Xiao You do it or I’ll do it myself!”

“Our sister-in-law doesn’t have to be so polite.” Li Yueran said with a smile. “Third brother, if you want to take a bath, there is a bathroom downstairs for you. Let Ah Zhong help you drain the water.”

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Li Yueran took Fang Shi upstairs, Fang Shi looked at the bathroom, her eyes lit up, “Are these used by foreigners? They are more convenient than the wooden barrels we use.”

Li Yueran demonstrated to her, ” Sister-in-law, look, this side is hot water, and this side is cold water. After you learn it, you can wash up whenever you want.”

Fang Shi’s panic and fear of coming to a strange place were quickly replaced by novelty, she looked around, touched this, touched that, with a smile on her face.

“Third sister-in-law this is soap, and the towel is over there. You can wash it, I’ll go out first.” Li Yueran said with a smile.

“Hey, okay.” Fang Shi said with a smile.

Li Yueran gently closed the bathroom door, turned around and went out, just as she went downstairs, she saw Liu Yuhan waiting there. “Let’s go, let’s go outside and have a chat.”

The two walked outside the yard, and when they reached at the swing, Li Yueran gently sat on it, and Liu Yuhan gently pushed from behind, just like when she was a child, “Little sister, sometimes I often think that it would be great if people don’t grow up. Just like when we were young, how wonderful.”

“Third brother, people have to grow up.”

“Yes, you grow up, when you grow up, third brother doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. You were obviously not like this before. It’s all because of Xu Wenxuan! If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be what you are now. Seeing you like this, third brother felt sad and angers.” Liu Yuhan sighed softly.

“Third brother, don’t be like this. I’ve already figured it out. I just know that when Xu Wenxuan shows up with that woman, I can’t live with him anymore. I don’t want to be like mother and sisters-in-law, guarding her for the rest of my life. Waiting for his occasional favor. I don’t think I’m any worse than Xie Fangfei. They talk about being advanced and civilized, but what are they doing. Xu Wenxuan keeps saying that he and I are just the words of a matchmaker at the behest of his parents. Love, but in the year when we got married, I also had a sweet and loving life with him. Could it be that these are all fake? It is obvious that he has empathized with others, but he blames the world for his responsibility. In fact, What is bad is people’s hearts. And Xie Fangfei, she is full of civilization and advancement, but does she do what she says?” Li Yueran said.

Liu Yuhan patted the little girl’s shoulder, “You’re right. They’re all the same at heart. They’re all dressed in the cloak of civilization and advancement. In fact, they’re full of prostitutes and thieves. I hate people like that the most. When the Xu family came to propose marriage, I don’t agree. It’s just that my mother and elder brother are very happy, and no one listens to me. It’s okay to leave, Xu Wenxuan is not a serious person at first glance, and there will be troubles in the future.”

Li Yue Then he smiled, “Brother Xu, what are you going to do when you come to Hong Kong? I thought about opening a clothing store or something, but I was deceived by someone. After listening to Uncle Xu, I first bought some houses and shops. Rent it out and collect the rent money. But I still want to try to start some business. Third brother, do you have any ideas?”

“You are too impatient. Doing business is not something to be in a hurry. Give me some time first , I’ll walk around first to get familiar with the environment then we’ll talk about it later.” Liu Yuhan said.

Li Yueran nodded, “Third brother, you have to teach me, don’t think I’m stupid!” Li Yueran said with a smile.

“Okay, as long as you are willing to learn, third brother will definitely teach you!” Liu Yu said with a smile. He likes to see such a hopeful and lively little sister, instead of gradually disappearing into the inner house like his mother’s and his sister-in-laws.

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