7th Story 5

7th Story 5

Li Yueran didn’t know that the Liu family was looking for her at this time, but even if she knew, she probably wouldn’t care. Now she is facing an unprecedented difficulty, she was cheated. She thought that as long as money was spent, nothing was impossible. But she was wrong. She spent a lot of money renting a shop, designing clothes, recruiting people, and when everything was ready, she was told that this was just a scam, and the owner of the shop was not the one who signed the contract with her. Li Yueran was very depressed. Even though the cheated money was only a small part of her property and did not affect her life, it still severely hit her enthusiasm. It turned out that without Cheng Nuo, I really couldn’t do anything! She began to reflect on whether it was wrong for her to move to Hong Kong hastily. At the beginning, Li Yueran planned to settle down in Hong Kong and start a small business, but now the reality gave her a hard blow.

Xiaocui and Xiaoxiang saw their girl’s sullen look, you pushed me and I pushed you, but they didn’t dare to go forward to persuade the lady. Uncle Xu came in with a plate of fruit, saw them, glanced at them, stepped forward to persuade: “Miss, eat some fruit! Aunt Xu picked it herself, it’s sweet!”

“Nurse is not in good health, how can you let her do this!” Aunt Xu is the nanny of the original owner, after she and Uncle Xu’s child died, she has been taking care of Liu Qinghan as her own flesh and blood. Li Yueran was also grateful for her loyalty, so she bought a little maid to serve her.

“She’s much better.” Xu Bo said with a smile. In fact, Aunt Xu still couldn’t get out of bed, but she heard that the girl was cheated, how could Aunt Xu rest, if she hadn’t been persuaded to get out of bed, she wished she could go to serve Li Yueran right away. “Miss, don’t worry too much. Take this as a lesson. In fact, doing business is not an easy matter. The girl’s idea is good, but we doesn’t have relationship in the same city as we have in the country. There, we have connections and reputation, ordinary people dare not lie to us. But this is Hong Kong, we just came here, we are not familiar with the place, so we will inevitably be deceived by others. According to the old slave, it is better to find a reliable one first. They call this an intermediary, buy a few shops or houses, and rent them out. Although the money comes slowly, it is better than safety. As for me, I inquired secretly, and there are a few intermediaries that are still very good. When we get a firm foothold in Hong Kong if the girl is still restless, then consider opening a shop. Girl, what do you think?”

Li Yueran thought about it, this is indeed the safest way. She just came here, she wanted to show her talents, she never thought about finding an intermediary, even the information about renting a shop was read in the newspaper. It seems that I still take it for granted. Li Yueran took a deep breath and nodded, “Well, just listen to Uncle Xu. Uncle Xu, don’t call yourself an old slave in the future. I dare not go back, because I am afraid that my parents will be angry. That is, you and the nanny, follow me without saying a word, you both follow me and leave your hometown when you are old. I am already very sorry. I really want you and Nanny like an elder.”

Uncle Xu Bo smiled, Miss is always like this, kind and sensible. Generally, when a woman reconciles with her husband, she immediately thinks of going back to her natal home. Poor Miss Fifth, she dared not go home after such a situation happened. Isn’t it because Madam and Eldest Young Master value the Xu family more than Miss? Under such circumstances, if the old couple didn’t follow the lady, then the lady would be too pitiful. “Yes, I listen to Miss. By the way, Miss, we have settled down now, shouldn’t we send a telegram back to report that we are safe, perhaps master and wife in the province worry about you? After all, the Xu family has published a statement in the newspaper. They must already know.”

Li Yueran always felt that she seemed to have neglected something, but now that Xu Bo said this, she suddenly remembered, recalling the situation of the original owner in Liu’s house, Li Yueran thought that her father might still be there, he and his third brother will miss her. I can’t guess about other people. “I forgotten if you didn’t say it, I’ll do it right away.”

“Miss, don’t need to go out. I’ll just take Ah Cheng with me.” Uncle Xu said with a smile. The lady of his family is so beautiful, there are countless young people wandering outside the gate these days, it is better for the lady not to show her face. Li Yueran obviously also thought of this situation, now it’s not like before, she doesn’t have Cheng Nuo to protect her and it happens to be such a troubled time, so it’s better to be careful. After all, every man is innocent and conceives his own crime!

“Uncle Xu, why don’t you invite more people to come and serve our home!” She now lives in a small two-story western-style building with a garden. Apart from Uncle Xu and his wife and the little maid who served Aunt Xu, the servants in the family were Xiaocui, Xiaoxiang, Ah Cheng and Ah Zhong, and it was indeed not enough.

Uncle Xu smiled, “I’ve already made enough inquiries, I have to be careful. This place is no different from the our city, I don’t dare to recruit people if I don’t investigate clearly.”

Li Yueran was curious that Uncle Xu had already inquired clearly, how did he inquire, and who inquired? Xu Bo still has acquaintances in Hong Kong? After Xu Bo left, Li Yueran couldn’t hide her curiosity, so she called Xiaocui and Xiaoxiang, and asked.

Xiao Cui smiled, “A few days ago, Miss was busy with the business of the shop, so Uncle Xu had dealings with the servants who live next door to our house, and many things were suggested by them!”

Li Yueran suddenly realized that this was the case, it seems that I am too conceited. There is still some learning about how to behave in the world.

At Liu’s house in Shandong, Liu Wenhan took the letter and walked to the old man’s study with a happy expression on his face, “Father, I have news from my little sister.”

Father Liu who was writing stopped his hand, and the ink dripped on the paper, leaving only the last few strokes of a character ruined like this, but he didn’t care, put down the brush, wiped his hands with a handkerchief, and stretched out his hand to his son, “Let me have a look!”

This girl went to Hong Kong quietly, and now she bought a house in Hong Kong, and plans to settle in Hong Kong in the future.” Liu Wenhan said.

Liu’s father hurriedly read the telegram, and finally felt relieved, “Tell your mother, and also, send a telegram to ask the third child to come back. I have something to tell him.”

Yes, Hong Kong, how could he forget this. For a long time, Father Liu has been thinking about how to arrange a way out for the family in this troubled world. Now his daughter’s telegram reminded him that Hong Kong is now reduced to a colonial port, but compared with the mainland where civil wars continue, Hong Kong is relatively safer, it is easier to get out if something happens. Qing Han has settled down in Hong Kong now, and she has no plan to let Qing Han come back. Among the four sons, the third son has the best relationship with Qing Han, it is inevitable that the third son will go to Hong Kong to find the way for the family. Liu Yuhan, who was anxiously looking for the whereabouts of his younger sister in the same city, received a telegram from his home saying that his younger sister had sent news and told him to come back quickly. While Liu Yuhan breathed a sigh of relief, he immediately took his wife back by train. God knows how anxious he was when he found out that his sister had disappeared when he arrived in the same city, and even the Xu family had sold their business and moved away. Well now, little sister finally has news.

“Yuhan, we are in such a hurry to go back, does the little sister have news?” Liu Yuhan’s wife, Fang Shi, asked.

“Well, my elder brother didn’t make it clear in the telegram. He just said that my younger sister has sent news, and father told us to go back quickly.” Liu Yuhan patted his wife’s hand and said. He and his wife have been married for five years, but the wife has never been pregnant, so she is not loved by mother, and even their sisters-in-law look down on her. So he always kept his wife by his side wherever he went, so as not to leave her alone at home and be disliked by his mother. Fang Shi leaned against her husband trustingly. Although she didn’t know the reason, she knew that Yuhan would not harm her. As soon as Liu Yuhan came home, he was called to the study by Liu’s father. Liu’s father straightforwardly told Liu Yuhan about his plan and asked him if he would like to go to Hong Kong. Liu Yuhan was stunned for a moment, and immediately agreed, one is that he can just take Fang Shi away from here, Hong Kong is the territory of foreigners, maybe Fang Shi’s infertility can be cured by foreigners, and the other is that he is not at ease due to his younger sister is alone in Hong Kong.

“Father, I’m willing to go!” Liu Yuhan agreed without saying a word.

“Okay!” Father Liu nodded, “I will tell your mother and brothers about this later. You go and prepare first.”

When Liu’s father told Liu’s mother and Liu’s brothers about this decision, they were unanimously opposed by everyone, especially Liu’s mother, “I don’t agree, I will never agree! I gave birth to eight children in my life, only your brothers and sisters survived.” Five, Qing Han is fine, I could not force the water splashed by the married daughter, but Yu Han must not leave!”

Liu Wenhan also said: “Yes, father, we four brothers, we have been together since we were young. Together, if you let the third brother leave now, people who don’t know will think that I can’t tolerate the younger brother.”

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Liu’s father glared at them, “What do you know? Now that there are continuous civil wars, if he comes to power today, he will sit in the manor tomorrow. In my opinion, the country will not be stable for at least five or sixty years. I have to find a way out for our Liu family. The third child went to Hong Kong to find a way for the family.”

Liu Shuhan was quick-witted, and he turned Rolling his eyes, “Then you don’t have to let third brother go, I can go too!”

Father Liu glanced at him, “You go? What about your wife and children? Xiao Ba is only two years old, and Xiao Jiu has just turned 100 days, don’t you worry about taking them on the road?” Seeing Liu Shuhan stopped talking, he looked at Mother Liu again, “Let the third child go, there is another consideration, Hong Kong is a territory of foreigners, there are many Western medicine, and the third child’s family can’t have children, seeing Chinese medicine doesn’t work, maybe Western medicine has a solution? Do you want to see that the third child has no children of his own in this life?”

Mother Liu was stunned, and then murmured: “It is also possible for him to marry another one. Ah, why do you have to go to Hong Kong?”

Liu’s father immediately glared at her and said, “Unless I die, our Liu family will never allow such a thing to happen! Divorce your wife and marry another, thank you for thinking about it.”

Liu’s mother immediately softened , “I just said it casually, just said it casually.”

Liu’s father’s two reasons successfully persuaded Liu’s mother and the other three sons of the Liu family, so Liu Yuhan’s going to Hong Kong was settled in this way.

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