9th Story 3

9th Story 3

Mother Xie really jumped up angrily, and she called back angrily, but no one answered. Tried three or four times, but no one answered the phone. Xie mother can’t do anything. When Father Xie came back, he saw that there was no food, his clothes were collected. He looked around angrily, and saw Mother Xie lying on the bed in the room! “What will Feiyang eat when he comes back later!”

Xie’s mother was so angry that her chest hurts, “I’m almost mad at your daughter.”

Xie’s father frowned, “What’s going on.”

“Curse, she got a salary increase, and instead of sending the money home, she bought some clothes, shoes and bags instead. You said she is a girl, and she only needs enough clothes to wear but what kind of clothes and bags does she has to buy? She have that money for spending but she might as well buy clothes for Feiyang. You tell me, how did I raise such a sinful daughter, if I had known this, I would have thrown her into the piss bucket and drowned when she was still an infant!” Mother Xie scolded while weeping.

“She really said that? She is against the sky!” Father Xie was also very angry. “Call her and let her go home! Find someone nearby and let her get married!”

“You think I don’t want to, but now I can’t find her at all! No, I can’t let this damn girl go on. Is there any mother like me here! I will go to S city to find her!” Xie’s mother sat up from the bed and said.

“Go to S City? Can you do it?” Father Xie looked at her hesitantly.

“Otherwise, don’t go! Your sisters are more cunning than the other, none of them are willing to stand out. When the old man died they made their promise but now they ignored the old man’s words. Tomorrow, let burned the incense for the old man and asked him to give them dreams. Let’s see if they dare to neglect again.” Mother Xie said angrily.

“Go as you wish! Bring more money.” Father Xie thought for a while and said.

Within a few days, Xie’s mother was on the road with 400 yuan in her pocket, she arrived at the county town by car but before reaching the train station, the money was stolen. Xie’s mother was crying beside the road angrily, but no one was there to talk to her. A kind-hearted person gave her 50 yuan, Xie’s mother took the fifty yuan and went home by car. She lay at home for a few days, shed tears when she mentioned the stolen 400 yuan. She dare not mention the matter of going to City S again.

After Xie Feiyang heard about it, he cursed angrily and proposed that he should go to S City to find Leng Xiyan. But Xie’s father and mother dare not letting him go. Aunt Xie’s family saw this, and sighed helplessly, “Forget it, Feiyang, you are born to stay at home, I will let your second cousin go.”

As soon as the words fell, Xie’s father and mother looked happily at Xie’s family aunt.

“It’s just an ugly word first, don’t blame me if we can’t find her.” Aunt Xie said with a frown.

“Then how could it be? I have inquired about where Brother Zhang met her on the subway, it Line 12. However, according to Brother Zhang, he only met her once on the subway. That girl wing is hard, she trying to hide from us!” said Mother Xie.

“I’ve said it before, don’t let her go to college, just marry someone in exchange for a bride price. It you that said, let her go to college, and she can find a good family in the future, but now it’s good, she has raised to be a white-eyed wolf!” Xie Feiyang said disdainfully.

Aunt Xie took a look at Xie Feiyang. She was the one who insisted on letting Xie Feiyan go to college but why is my nephew blaming her?

Father Xie quickly glared at Xie Feiyang, “How do you talk!”

Xie Feiyang was not afraid of his aunt, since he knew that before his grandfather died, his aunt and the others had promised his grandfather, if they couldn’t do it, he would go to his grandfather’s grave and cry, See how shameless they would be!

Xie’s mother was afraid that Xie Feiyang would offend Aunt Xie’s , if Aunt Xie’s would not help find Leng Xiyan when she got angry, so she hurriedly helped Xie Feiyang, “Okay, okay, don’t say another words. His aunt, Feiyang is still young and ignorant, don’t get angry with him, he give you trouble since he is looking for Feiyan.”

“Okay, I see. I have something to do at home, so I’ll go back first.” Aunt Xie said angrily. She won several hundred yuan playing mahjong yesterday. She originally planned to buy a sportswear for her nephew, but now forget it, why don’t she buy a can of milk powder for her own grandson and buy her daughter-in-law a treat. After Aunt Xie returned home, she found her second son, Ji Yan, and asked him to go to S city.

Ji Yan frowned in dissatisfaction, “Mom, I still have to go to work, you can find someone else!”

“Can’t you just ask for leave? Your eldest brother just had a son, so he has no time to go!” Aunt Xie said.

“Then let uncle go by himself, or let Feiyang go! Anyway, I won’t go.” After Ji Yan finished speaking, he patted his buttocks and planned to leave.

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Aunt Xie’s quickly grabbed him, “I’ve already told your uncle, what can you do if you don’t go!”

” Mom, can you figure out your position? You are my Ji family daughter-in-law, my own mother, why do you always care about my uncle’s family so seriously? I know what you are looking for. In fact, my eldest brother and I think that Feiyan is doing the right thing! Since childhood, how much money and thought did my aunt and uncle spend on Feiyan! Feiyan was able to get to where she is today, all of which she earned step by step. During the four years of college, my uncle’s family didn’t give her a penny. She is not allowed to call and is not allowed to go home. Oh, now that Feiyan is working and earning money, uncle and aunt are eyeing her salary? I say, why are you not feeling guilty in your heart! Feiyan gives her family 600 a month, which is already very good but you guys are still unsatisfied! If you really want me to go to S City to find Feiyan, fine, I’ll tell her after I find it, don’t go home for the rest of her life and do forget to call home, even stop her from sending those 600 yuan , I would even remind her to be careful or she I might sold by my uncle in the future!” Ji Yan gave Aunt Xie a contemptuous look.

Aunt Xie’s eyes widened, “How dare you!”

“See if I dare!” Ji Yan said with a sneer, then slapped his ass and left.

Auntie Xie’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys hurt all over, but she can’t do anything to her son. Her son has grown up, his wings are hardened, and she has nothing to do with him. The reason why she can continue to subsidize her mother’s family overtly and secretly while her husband’s family keeps silent is because of her two sons, but now, even her son is against it. She did this, and her other Xie’s sister did the same thing. In this way, it was dragged on for a month, Aunt Xie couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t bear to say that she couldn’t control her sons, so she had to lie and say that she couldn’t find Leng Xiyan.

“Ah Yan stayed in City S for more than a week, and spent 2 to 3000 yuan. He went to Line 12 more than a dozen times, but he still didn’t see her. City S is not big, but it is also not small with a population of over 20 million, so it’s not easy to find.” Aunt Xie said.

“What should I do?” Mother Xie said dejectedly when she heard that even Aunt Xie’s family had no luck in finding Leng Xiyan.

“Did Feiyan send money this month? Did she call home?” Aunt Xie asked.

“She did send 600 and she also called and said that next year there will be addition of another 100 every month. As soon as I was about to speak, she hung up the phone.” Mother Xie said dejectedly, she was so angry that her liver hurt! She didn’t understand, Feiyan was so obedient when she was a child, but she has only been outside for a few years, she has turned to a bad disobedience girl! There are too many bad guys out there, no! No matter what, you can’t let Feiyang go to those big cities, don’t bring her precious son with her.

Aunt Xie’s thought about it and said: “Since she sends money on time every month and calls home on time, don’t force her. Now that her wings are hardened, if you really pissed her off, she will directly stop the money and it is also possible for her to lose contact with the family. 600 a month is not a small but it is also not a lot . She know Feiyan’s temperament, she is the most soft-hearted person. Just talked to her softly, say more good things, win her heart first, and then talk about other things.”

Xie father Xie mother glanced at each other, he was very angry in his heart, he was used to pointing fingers at his daughter, and now he wants to coax her the other way around?

Upon seeing this, Aunt Xie added another sentence, “Or, you can just fall out with her and pretend that you didn’t raise this daughter. Are you are willing!”

Of course he can’t bear it! Xie father and mother thought that they were not reluctant to part with their daughter, but they were reluctant to part with her money! It was so easy to raise their daughter and make money, but if they falling out, how could it be possible. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the tight family planning at that time, they would not be willing to kill the three daughters or give them away. If you raise them up casually, you can get a lot of dowry money when they marry in. This is the tradition of the Xie family, and several aunts of the Xie family are like this. such a pity! “Okay, let’s listen to her aunt.” Mother Xie said.

Aunt Xie fooled her younger brother and his wife, she was flattered by Xie’s mother, so she left 300 yuan and went home. Xie’s mother looked at the 300 dollars, suddenly another thought popped into her mind, what’s the use of a job, no matter how good it is, the daughter is far away, so it’s not easy to give money, it’s better to find someone nearby, someone whose rich to marry her daughter, she can earn a lot of money, not to mention, if she get closer to her daughter, she will no longer be instigated by others, and she can control her better. It will be much more convenient for her to ask for money. Just like aunts Xie. The more Xie’s mother thought about it, the more she felt that her idea was good, so she told Xie’s father about this idea. Xie’s father thought about it and nodded,

“Okay! Then you should search first if there is any suitable partner. However, how can you guarantee the other party would fall in love with Feiyan? Our family doesn’t even have a picture of Feiyan.”

“There’s no rush. Let’s do what my aunt said and coax Feiyan to change her mind. As for the photos, as long as Feiyan is obedient, isn’t it easy to take photos? When the time comes, just ask her to come back for a blind date and get married! Cough , I was wrong at the beginning too, expecting her to earn a little money by working, it would be better to find a rich man to marry, how easy it is!” Xie mother said proudly.

“You’re right, Lao Wang from the next village seems to have made a lot of money.” Father Xie lit a cigarette, took a puff, and expressed his opinion.

“How rich is he? He can’t even compare to his eldest uncle. This child Feiyan has turned bad, unlike her aunts who let’s earn more at once! Even if she is disobedient in the future, we will not loss. Tomorrow, I’ll talk to her aunts, they know a lot of people.” Mother Xie said, slapping her thigh.

“Okay, you can figure it out! Give me 100 to play mahjong.” Father Xie stretched out his hand.

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“What kind of mahjong are you playing? Don’t even think about it. I’m going to buy a pair of shoes for Feiyang with this money. Last time he said that his classmate bought a new pair of basketball shoes. It cost more than 300, which is just right.” Mother Xie put the money away, turned and entered the house.

Before giving birth to Xie Feiyang, Xie’s mother’s status in Xie’s family was very low, especially after giving birth to four daughters, at that moment, Xie’s mother didn’t dare to speak loudly in Xie’s house. But since Xie Feiyang was born, Xie’s mother’s status has changed, and her words have become more confident. She is the one who gave birth to the Xie family’s son, and she is the great contributor to the Xie family. Xie’s father looked at Xie’s mother’s back, curled his lips in disdain, it’s really disgusting but the money is spent on his son, so it’s worth it.

After Li Yueran got off work, she went to the bank, transfer 600 to her family for this month’s money, and then called her family. She had already thought of a hundred ways to thank her mother for jumping. The only joy in an ordinary and boring life, but to her surprise, Xie Mu’s attitude turned 180 degrees this time, “Feiyan, are you off work? Have you eaten yet? Are you working hard. Isn’t it hard work?”

When things go wrong, there must be demons, Li Yueran doesn’t believe that Xie’s mother has repented overnight. There must be some conspiracy. Li Yueran wanted to see what she was up to, so she followed Xie’s mother’s words and complained, such as the hard work, the tiring work, the intrigue among colleagues, the inhumanity of the boss, and so on. Sure enough, after listening to her complaint, Mother Xie said with a smile: “Since that’s the case, why don’t you come back, Mom and Dad only have you and Fei Yang, and we don’t want you to stay so far away.”

Li Yueran sneered, aren’t this asking her to let her go back so that they can control her if she stays nearby? Or is she planning to sell her a few years in advance?

“Mom, I have something else to do, so hang up first!” Li Yueran couldn’t help but hang up the phone. What a mistake, I was not angry, thanks to my mother, but I was angry with myself. If I knew it would be over by just transferring the money, why should she call and waste her few dollars. If you have this time, you might as well go back and typing her novel! Li Yueran majored in accounting, and now works in the financial department of a company. The manager of the financial department of this company is also a good friend of Li Yueran’s university teacher, so Li Yueran has this job opportunity. Her salary has been raised again this month, and the total is more than 4,000, and it will increase slowly in the future. Unfortunately, the money is still not enough. It costs money to buy clothes, shoes, and bags but living in a dormitory is too inconvenient. Two people share a room, the bathroom and kitchen are all shared, which is very inconvenient. Li Yueran thought about going out and renting a house. The, it’s another expense.

Li Yueran felt that the money she was earning was not enough, so she saved money and bought a computer. The Wi-Fi signal in the dormitory was weak and sometimes not available. She can only take it to the unit to upload and publish. She has been writing for a month, and the statistics in all aspects are not bad. She also signed a contract with Lujiang. She just joined v yesterday. She hasn’t coded the manuscript for tomorrow! Ordinarily, after traveling so many times and learning so many skills, Li Yueran can choose other ways to make a fortune, but she feels that since the original intention of this system is to refine her acting skills, then she should also experience as an ordinary person life, with no cheats, no goldfinger just an ordinary person. Anyway, she doesn’t plan to get married and have children, what is she going to do with so much money. Besides, the original owner has such excellent relatives, if she really make a fortune, those people will be hard to throw away as hard as blood-sucking leeches. Rather than being so troublesome, it would be better to be as quiet as now. Li Yueran calculated the money on her body, plus next month’s salary and the money for writing articles in Lujiang, it is estimated that renting a house should be enough, as for other things, take your time. Li Yueran thought about it, and went back to the dormitory to type.

Xie’s mother looked at the hung up phone and tried her best to control her anger. She was really ashame! Mad at her! What if she wants to hit someone?

Father Xie came in and saw that her expression was not good, “Didn’t you say to take your time, you see that you are getting angry again!”

“It’s your good daughter you raised, this little bitch! I’m about to be killed! If I knew this I shouldn’t have sent her to go to university in other places. She didn’t learn the good things, but learned how to be witty and tricky! It’s so bad!” Mother Xie put down the phone and scolded.

“Okay, stop scolding. Isn’t Feiyang is coming back this afternoon? Go buy some delicious food for Feiyang. What delicious food can be found in school.” Father Xie said.

“I bought it early, Feiyang likes to eat KFC, tomorrow I will take him to the town to buy shoes, and take him to eat that KFC by the way.” Xie mother mentioned her precious son, turned her anger into joy, and said with a smile. Xie father nodded.

In the end, Zhang Feifei helped Li Yueran settle the matter of renting a house. Although the prices of the places Li Yueran was looking for were relatively cheap but the locations were remote, the neighborhoods were dilapidated, mixed with fish and dragons, and the law and order were not good. Zhang Feifei directly found a single apartment for Li Yueran. For Zhang Feifei’s sake, the monthly rent is only 2,000 yuan. Although it is a bit expensive, the location is good and the transportation is convenient. There is a subway station next to the community, and the facilities are complete, you can check in directly with your bag, and there are wifi, showers and so on. After weighing it up, Li Yueran chose this place. It’s just that the rent has to be paid in three deposits. In this way, Li Yueran’s money is not enough. She only has about 5,000 yuan in her hand, and she still needs to keep a month’s living expenses or something.

Zhang Feifei directly helped her pay the rent for one year. After completing the formalities, Zhang Feifei smiled and said, “Okay, I will help you move next Saturday! As for the money, it will be paid in installments without interest. You will pay me for every month. Dear, just pay it back slowly, don’t worry.” Then she patted her on the shoulder with a smile, “Not bad, I can rest assured that you can still have these deposits after buying a computer. I heard that you are still writing in Lujiang? What’s the pen name? I’ll go back and look for it.” She was afraid that Xie Feiyan would be out of her mind by transferring all her money home. Zhang Feifei was very happy to see her progress like this.

Li Yueran smiled and told her the pseudonym, “Don’t tell others, it’s too shameful, I don’t want to lose face!”

Zhang Feifei smiled, “Okay, I won’t tell anyone.” She took out her phone and found the novel then she tipped twenty rocket launchers as if they didn’t cost money. She plans to support her friend’s creation more in the future, ten rocket launchers will start every day!

“That’s fine, I’ll pay you two thousand a month. I’ll transfer the money to you this month from ZFB.” Li Yueran picked up the phone and transferred the money to Zhang Feifei. But the phone was stuck for a long time, finally turned off and restarted.

Zhang Feifei rolled her eyes, “What kind of broken phone are you using? I beg you. If you don’t want to use my old phone, can you buy a new one? Buy a better one, it will last as long as you use it. look at your phone, it’s only been a few months, and it’s stuck like this.”

Li Yueran also thinks of buying a better phone is more cost-effective, “It’s not right now, let’s talk about it in a while. Let’s go!”

Zhang Feifei rolled her eyes helplessly, and then thought of an idea, “Well, let me sell you the 6 plus I eliminated! How about 1000?”

“Isn’t 1000 too low? That phone of yours is very new.” Li Yueran smiled helplessly.

“Oh, I said 1000 is 1000. A second-hand mobile phones are worthless. In this way, you can transfer the money to me now, and I will get it for you when I go home then I will treat you dinner.” Zhang Feifei couldn’t help saying and she pulled Li Yueran to a car.

“I should be the one who invited you to dinner. You have helped me so much.” Li Yueran said with a smile. She didn’t refuse Zhang Feifei’s help anymore, Zhang Feifei treated her well, let her repay her with a lifetime of friendship!

On Saturday, Li Yueran moved, and Zhang Feifei insisted on coming to help. In fact, Li Yueran’s luggage was very simple, but Zhang Feifei looked very satisfied, “These clothes are not bad, and the shoes are not bad. As for the bag, I have a few bags that I don’t like, do you want them?” Perhaps Zhang Feifei thought she had found a suitable way to help Li Yueran, so Zhang Feifei kept recommending second-hand items to her these days.

“Don’t, the cheapest bag of yours is cost tens of thousands, so don’t say that you can sell it to me for a 1000, I don’t want it.” Li Yueran quickly stopped her thoughts.

“Okay!” Zhang Feifei pouted.

“Okay, don’t be angry. I’m not interested in these luxuries. When I save enough money, how about we go on a trip during the May Day holiday? Or we can go to the city where Mimi and Tiantian lives and let them entertain us ?” Li Yueran coaxed.

“That’s good, I like it, so it’s settled! I’ll contact Mimi now, go to Mimi’s first, she’s in QD, that’s a seaside city, don’t you like seafood the most? This time we just going to eat until you get tired of it!” Zhang Feifei said happily.

The reason why Li Yueran rejected Zhang Feifei was not that she didn’t like those luxury items, on the contrary, she liked them no matter what time it was. When she was a celebrity, she never broke up with brand-name clothes, shoes, and all kinds of big-name bags. But she was afraid that after a long time, she would get used to accepting Zhang Feifei’s kindness to her and would not be grateful, so their relationship would change. She didn’t want to see that day to happen. She doesn’t like being like the Xie family.

Another phone call after transferring money, Mother Xie first asked her warmly, and then asked her about her plans for the May Day holiday. Li Yueran smiled, “What else can I do, stay in the dormitory or go to the library to read books. I am currently studying for a certificate, and the exam is about to take place.”

” When can’t you read books? It’s a holiday and it’s few days, so come home! You haven’t seen me in years.” Mother Xie said urgently.

“Mom, didn’t you say that the travel expenses to go home are too expensive, so you won’t let me go home? I don’t have that much money with me, why don’t you send me some money?” Li Yueran asked with a smile.

Mother Xie was stunned, how could this be different from what she had imagined!

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