9th Story 4

9th Story 4

Hearing her daughter asking for money, Xie’s mother subconsciously said: “No money, how can I have money.”

Li Yueran said with deliberately disappointed: “Ah, so, forget it! I’m hanging up.” After finishing speaking like every other month she just put down the phone.
Xie’s mother hurriedly called back. Li Yueran hadn’t left yet. Seeing this, she smiled slightly and picked up the phone, “Hey, what else? This is a long distance call, and the phone bill is very expensive.”

Xie’s mother also felt distressed. If you are dying, you can only protect your shortcomings and say, “You should come back on May 1st. If you don’t have any money, you can borrow some money. You haven’t seen your brother for four or five years, don’t you miss him? Your brother is studying very hard. His classmates are all rich. They wear hundreds of clothes and shoes cost 2 to 300. It’s useless for me to give it to your fathe if you can’t afford it. Your younger brother is being laughed at. When you come back on May 1st, borrow some more money and buy some good clothes and shoes for your younger brother. Make your younger brother look good! Also, your third aunt introduced you to a partner, so please come back on May 1st to take a look! The other party’s family is in a very good condition. There are several houses in the town, and I heard he has several million deposits! When you marry, show a little bit of money in your hand to your brother. You don’t have to worry about your future anymore.”

Li Yueran hung up the phone directly, then picked up the phone, and when Xie Mu called back, it was a busy tone.

“This bitch, will you ever come back!” Mother Xie scolded while looking at the phone!

Li Yueran rolled her eyes, no wonder she was asked to go back, it turned out she wanted her to go back for a blind date! Li Yueran decided not to call home for the next few months, so as not to be angry!

On May 1st, Li Yueran and Zhang Feifei went to QD together, Xie’s mother waited for a long time, but seeing that her daughter did not come back, she was very angry. The sun was high only then Xie Feiyang finally got up, “Mom, is sister back? Didn’t you say you want to take me to buy clothes?”

Mother Xie sighed, “Your sister didn’t come back. This dead girl is getting more and more courageous.”

Xie Feiyang was also angry. He remembered what his classmates had said. They all said that his sister’s salary can’t be so small. That’s is city S and his sister graduated from a prestigious university, so it’s impossible for her salary to be only 2 or 3000 so his sister must be lying. No, you must not let her go like this. All her money is mine. The daughter of the Xie family was born to serve the son of the Xie family. This is the education Xie Feiyang received since childhood. Xie Feiyang lowered his head and thought for a while, “Mom, it’s fine if sister doesn’t come back. I’ll go buy the clothes myself, just give me the money!”

“Five hundred is not enough!”

“Give me more, I want to go to Sangu’s house after buying clothes. There is an Internet cafe near Sangu’s house. I made an appointment with my classmates to play games.” Xie Feiyang said,

“What are you going to buy with your eyes are too old-fashioned, and the clothes you bought for me last time were laughed at by the students.”

“Okay, then you should be careful when going out alone. How about I call your third aunt and ask her pick you up?” Mother Xie has always been obedient to her precious son.

“How old am I, can I still get lost!” Xie Feiyang said impatiently.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you 800 yuan, is it enough? Be careful, don’t forget to call home when you arrive.” Mother Xie urged.

“Got it! You’re so annoying!” Xie Feiyang brushed his teeth and washed his face. Xie Feiyang didn’t plan to go to the third aunt’s house at all, he wanted to go to S city, although the second cousin said that S city was very big and he couldn’t find Leng Xiyan but Xie Feiyang didn’t think so, he thought it was because his second cousin was stupid! Or he deliberately prevaricating, trying to find but can’t find? He insisted on grabbing Xie Feiyan. As for whether the money is enough or not, Xie Feiyang hasn’t thought about it yet. Xie Feiyang with high-spirited got on the train to S city. But as soon as he got out of the train station, Xie Feiyang was stunned. The farthest place he had been to was the provincial capital, and that was when his aunt took him there in the third year of his junior high. He stood at the exit of the station blankly, looking at the surrounding environment, he couldn’t tell the difference between south, east and north.

At this moment, a person came towards him with his head down and bumped into him. Xie Feiyang instinctively wanted to curse, but when he saw the other person’s muscular body and fierce face, he hurriedly took a few steps back and stepped aside to give way. Fortunately, the other party didn’t bother with him. Xie Feiyang heaved a sigh of relief, and wanted to take out his mobile phone to check the Baidu map and find the address of the university Xie Feiyan attended, but when he touched his chest, Xie Feiyang was stunned, and when he touched it carefully, Xie Feiyang’s was drenched with cold sweat, as he calmed down he realizes that his mobile phone and money were gone. Xie Feiyang hurriedly fumbled in his butt pocket, fortunately, the ID card and one hundred yuan in his pocket were still there. But what can one hundred dollars can do in city S? Xie Feiyang felt a little out of breath, his mind was spinning rapidly, thinking about how to solve the predicament in front of him but he couldn’t think of anything. In his previous eighteen years of career, he was spoiled by thousands of pets, his family brought him everything. He had never encountered such a situation. ‘What should I do?’

In the end, the patrolman in the square saw that his expression was wrong, and when he asked, he found out that he had come to S City to find someone. As a result, his wallet and mobile phone were stolen as soon as he got off the train. The patrolman didn’t know how many times he had encountered such situations, so he was very calm, and asked him who he was looking for, the address, phone number and name, but can’t explain anything he didn’t know anything except the name. This is looking for a fart. The patrolman advised him to call his family to come and pick him up. But Xie Feiyang never remembers the phone number or even the landline at home. The policeman had no choice but to come up with an idea and asked him if he could contact his family members on Facebook or WeChat. Xie Feiyang remembered the □□ number and WeChat ID very clearly. He used the policeman’s mobile phone to log into WeChat and found the second cousin of the aunt’s family. During the video call, Aunt Xie’s was panicked when she heard Xie Feiyang had gone to City S, and quickly asked her son to give Xie Feiyang 500 yuan to buy a ticket to come home quickly.

Xie Feiyang found his family members, and he was full of confidence, “Auntie, give me more money. I don’t want to go home, I want to find Xie Feiyan! She is so bold that she dares to hide private money behind my back!”

“My little ancestor, come back quickly! You are alone, and you don’t know the place well, what will you do if you are kidnapped by a kidnapper?” Aunt Xie advised.

“No, I have to find her!” Xie Feiyang insisted.

“I’ll give you two options. One, I’ll buy you a ticket, and you get out of there immediately. Two, you can fend yourself, and I don’t care about you!” Ji Yan didn’t have the patience of Aunt Xie, and issued an ultimatum.

“How do you talk, what are you going to do if you scare Feiyang! He is still a child!” Aunt Xie said.

Ji Yan didn’t care about her, just looked at Xie Feiyang, “Think carefully, which one to choose!”

Xie Feiyang has always been a bully and fears the tough, he only dared to be ruthless in front of Aunt Xie’s but he absolutely dare not to play tricks or probably because he was afraid of being beaten when he was a child. Ji Yan is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

“I’ll choose the first one and go home.”

Ji Yan bought a return train ticket for Xie Feiyang online, and the patrolman helped him take out the ticket from the automatic ticket machine, and then teach him with conducted safety education for about half an hour before finally sending him on the train.

Li Yueran only found out about this accident when she called home a month later. She suppressed her smile and asked, “Yo, Feiyang is quite courageous. He was not abducted by human traffickers on the way. It seems that he has been in school for so many years and ‘The safety education is not for nothing!’”

“You still have the heart to laugh. I was scared to death, Feiyang is the only male of the five generations of our old Xie family. Mother Xie explained. By the way, Feiyang went to look for you, but his phone was stolen, and you had to buy him a new one, Feiyang said just buy that one, the fruit one. But I don’t know what kind of new fruit phone had came out.”

Nima as she curse silently. She didn’t call anywhere, when she learned that Feiyang didn’t go to his second aunt’s house, she fainted from fright. Father Xie was so frightened that he almost called the police. If Aunt Xie’s hadn’t called to say that he had contacted someone and would be returning by train immediately, she would have been insane!

“What does it have to do with me? I didn’t ask him to come to City S. I don’t have a mobile phone myself! Besides, don’t you guys often say that your daughter will belong to someone else’s family sooner or later? In this way, the ancestors of the Xie family would not have something to do with me. What’s the matter now!” Li Yueran said with a smile.

“You have no conscience for what you said. We have worked so hard to raise you so big and provide you with education, and this is how you repay us? How can you say such words! Your heart have really eaten by dogs! “Mother Xie said angrily. “You girl is really amazing, don’t continue to work, come back to me quickly! Get married as soon as possible!”

“Mom, what you said is wrong. When did you worked so hard to raise me so big? Isn’t this too funny? I remember that when I was young, I was at home, watching my brother, doing housework, and doing everything. After school, I go home after school to do laundry and cooking, and feed the chickens and ducks. Is that not my benevolent? I was free of tuition for three years in high school. In the year of the college entrance examination, the school and the Education Committee rewarded 30,000 yuan, but you only gave me 10,000 yuan, the tuition and living expenses for the next three years are all earned by myself. Well, let’s take a step back, even if the kindness of nurturing you mentioned really exists, am I not paying you back now? I am not paying monthly sending money home? Isn’t that enough? If you want me to be like our few aunts, desperately stealing things from my husband’s family to subsidize to my mother’s family, I’m sorry, I can’t do it. Don’t expect to trick me back home and find someone to marry me so that I can be continue to be squeezed by you. To tell you the truth, this is impossible. I will never go back in this life. If you want, I will call home on a monthly basis, if you’re not happy, then let’s stop contacting, six hundred yuan is enough for half a month’s food expenses for me!” After speaking, Li Yueran hung up the phone.

Xie’s mother was so angry that her chest hurt, she clutched her chest and yelled. Father Xie heard the movement and came in, “What’s the matter? Is it a call from Feiyan? What can that damn girl say?”

“What else can she say! This damn girl really pissed me off. She said that the ancestor has nothing to do with her, and said that it is impossible for her to come back. If she want to, she will pay monthly 600 yuan in the future but if she don’t want to, she will stop contacting us in the future. So tell me, why did I raise such a dead girl! This is pissing me off!” Xie’s mother cried,

“It’s unfortunate that the family has raised such a heartless dead girl!” Xie’s father frowned, “This dead girl has gone against the sky. I’ll go and find her!”

“How do you want to find her? This damn girl has a heart, she doesn’t leave her phone number or address, do you know where she lives? Do you know where she works? There are bad people out there. Even Feiyang is so smart but still was robbed and you…. you can only recognized a few words, can you compare yourself to Feiyang? Don’t be ashamed of yourself.” Xie mother howled.

“This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work, so what are you going to do?” Father Xie roared.

“Go to his aunts and find a way!” Mother Xie thought for a while and said, “I can’t let this dead girl go any longer. We must find her. We will go to her unit to make trouble, and we will go to her place to make trouble, and she will not be able to live in peace. I don’t believe I can’t handle her. When she comes home, I’ll see if I don’t skin her!”

What Xie’s mother thought was, if Xie’s father going, not to mention the waste of time, how much money would it cost? Those aunt may thinks of a way, maybe she doesn’t even have to pay for it herself. Xie’s father is an uninitiated person. Hearing what Xie’s mother said, Xie’s father thought about it and nodded in agreement. “Okay, I’ll call them.”

As soon as aunts Xie heard what their brother said, they all came over within half an hour. “What’s the matter for calling us back in such a hurry?”

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After father Xie told of the ins and outs of the story, the faces of these aunts are not very good-looking, they also belong to the brainwashed group. The education they received since childhood is to take care of their younger brothers and nephews. Aunt Xie frowned and said, “Didn’t you tell me that Feiyan is soft-hearted, even if she is instigated by outsiders, as long as you tell her well, she will soften her heart sooner or later?”

“Do you know how much that iPhone is? 5 or 6000, you just open your mouth and ask Feiyan to buy it. No wonder she’s not willing.”

“It’s not for me, but Feiyang wants it. There are already several classmates in his class bought it, but Feiyang didn’t, everyone made fun of Feiyang!” Mother Xie said aggrievedly.

Second aunt Xie frowned. If it was something else, each of them would pay a few dollars, and they would buy it. But the Apple mobile phone, 5 or 6000, even if the four of them shared equally but it still cost the family more than 1000! They are also grandmothers now, and most of the families are the daughters-in-law who are the masters of the house, and they have more than a thousand yuan from there. Aunt Xie frowned and said, “Then what do you guys mean now?”

“We thought we couldn’t let that damn girl stay outside anymore, and her heart has lost. Let her come back and get married. Aunts, also help to search and find out if there is any suitable person.” Xie Mu laughed.

“You want to go to City S?” Aunt Xie asked.

“I don’t have the ability. Everyone has learned from Feiyang experience of being robbed. I dare not go alone. So, I want to discuss with his aunts and see how we can find that dead girl.” Xie mother said.

“I’m still saying what I said last time. It’s not easy. You don’t know Feiyan’s mobile phone number or work address. Where are you going to find her?” Aunt Xie said, “Besides, if you dare not go neither do we. Ah Wei has a child, and now he can’t leave. Ah Yan has been there last time, and he refuses to go again.”

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Second aunt Xie also said: “It’s the same for my family.”

The third and fourth aunts of the Xie family also said the same thing. Xie’s mother’s face was not very good-looking, and Xie’s father had a gloomy face.

“No matter what, just tell us what do you want us to do? It’s not a matter of a day or two to find someone. Who has that kind of spare time! You can’t work but still want to help you find someone? Telling me, you are the same, when Feiyan went to college , you forcing her don’t come back home, don’t let her call home, for fear that she will ask you for money. As a result, the child’s heart is cold, otherwise, how could Feiyan do such a thing?”

“At the beginning if you didn’t let her go to college, can she still make a fuss?” Father Xie yelled with his eyes wide open.

“You, back then Feiyan was the number one student in the county’s college entrance examination, and the county rewarded 30,000 yuan. Her head teacher came to the house and said in person that she would must be allowed to go to college. Do you want old Xie’s family to be scolded?” Xie aunt is also angry, why is it her fault!

The other three aunts of the Xie family did not dare to speak.

Father Xie raised his head, “Anyway, I don’t care. You told her to go to college. Now that she already went to college, she had become ambitious. You have to help me to get her back!” Father Xie was very gentle with outsiders but all his temper in this life was vented in front of his sisters.

Auntie Xie was very angry, but she can’t do anything with this younger brother, so she could only hold back her anger and said, “Anyway, I can’t help you. Either you can go find her yourself, I still have 500 yuan on me for your travel expenses. Or, you didn’t have this daughter, anyway, you didn’t spend much money on her, maybe after careful calculation, you made a lot of money!” After finishing speaking, she took out 500 yuan and it slapped on the table, then she walked away.

Seeing this, the second aunt, third aunt and fourth aunt of the Xie family secretly glanced at Father Xie, took some money out of their pockets give it to Xie Dad. It’s not that they don’t want to help but they are really powerless. It is important to subsidize their nephew, but their own children are also important. She’s already a grandma, wouldn’t it be a joke to quarrel with her husband over this matter? Xie’s father was still sulking, Xie’s mother happily picked up the money they left behind, the eldest aunt of the Xie family gave the most, 500, the rest, 200 and 300, the fourth aunt gave the least, 107, Still full of change totally useless! How many years have passed since she was married, she still can’t be the master of the house. Mother Xie despises the fourth aunt.

“Okay, don’t be angry. It’s more than a thousand yuan, and it’s almost enough if you save it.” Xie’s mother said.

Father Xie stared at her, “Could it be possible to let me find her”

Mother Xie said, “Boss Zhang is worse than you but he can go to S city to work, are you are not as good as him! Think it over, I will asked for Boss Zhang’s phone number, you can go to him when you arrive in City S, and you don’t have to worry about where you live. Or you can work with Boss Zhang, earn money, and find that cheap girl at the same time! After you found her, just tie it her up with a rope and bring her back! You can make money and find her, what do you think?”

Father Xie thought for a while, but her idea is also good. “But what if I can’t find her? You can’t let me stay outside all the time, right?! There is no comfortable home outside.”

“You stay outside for two months, and then we’ll talk about it.” Xie Mu said.

Father Xie was fooled into getting on the train. In order not to have encounter with a thief, Mother Xie sewed the money into the underwear and put on two pairs of pants on the outside. Just like that, Father Xie didn’t even feel it on the train. He also didn’t dare to sleep. After aunts Xie heard that Father Xie had gone to City S, she ran over angrily to argue with Mother Xie, “He has never been out of the county in his life, you let him go to City S alone, what if something happens?”

“Then what can I do, you are unwilling to help, why don’t you let me go out like other woman!” said Mother Xie.

“If something happens to my little brother, I’ll settle the score with you.” Aunt Xie returned home angrily. Her husband happened to be at home today, and when he saw her come back angrily, “What’s the matter?”

Aunt Xie’s eyes flashed a gloomy look when she saw her husband, “It’s a coincidence that you are at home today!”

“Speak well, don’t be mean. Did something happen to your natal brother again? Do you want money? How much?” Uncle Xie said softly.

“You son of a bitch, Feiyan, she’s so wild. She makes so much money outside in a month but she only pays 600 to her home! Her mother told her a few words, but she talked back. Her father was so angry that he went to S City to find her.” Aunt Xie said with a sigh.

A trace of disdain flashed in the eyes of her husband, the Xie family only had this ability. If I didn’t need a shield, I wouldn’t have married such a woman! Seeing that she has given birth to two sons for him and completed her task of prolonging his heirs, and for the sake of being a widow all these years, he’ll just help her again!

“Don’t worry, I’ll call Ah Yan to help his uncle.”

Aunt Xie’s was a little surprised, and looked at her husband in surprise, “Really?”

Aunt Xie’s husband subconsciously avoided her hand, ” Well, I still have something to do, I have an appointment to go fishing, so I’ll leave first!”

After speaking, he ran away in a hurry. Aunt Xie’s looked at his back angrily, and slowly let out a puff of depression. No one knew that she had been married to Ji’s family for more than 20 years, she had only been with her husband for a month. After she was pregnant with the child, her husband never touched her again. On the surface, she is glamorous, she doesn’t need to work, she gave birth to twins son, and her waist is straight, but no one knows that in the dead of night, she is lying on the bed alone sleepless. How hateful! Why didn’t I know he had such a problem before I got married! At the beginning, she also complained to her mother, but she was scolded by her father who overheard her. After that, she never dared to speak again. She didn’t know, wether her father know about her husband’s problem? But because of the exorbitant bride price and her husband’s status, she insisted on marrying herself regardless of her lifelong happiness! Aunt Xie didn’t dare to think deeply about it. Anyway, she has accepted her fate. For many years, Xie’s daughters have always been like this. Hmph, it’s a good thing now, there is someone who refuses to accept her fate, but I don’t know if she has such good luck that she can escape her life.

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