9th Story 5

Kung Hei Fat Choi! 恭喜發財!

9th Story 5

Li Yueran didn’t know about Xie’s father coming to S City to find her while working, because she didn’t call home anymore. But even if she knew, she wasn’t afraid. She guess even if she stand in front of Father Xie now, he might not be able to recognize her! Besides, Li Yueran is now a full-fledged home girl, except for going to work every day, after work, she goes directly to the house, cooks, and codes. Perhaps it is because Li Yueran has traveled through many worlds and experienced many things, had seen many strange things, so her novels are quite popular. The monthly income is at least 4 to 5000, almost catching up with her salary. Therefore, Li Yueran’s enthusiasm for coding is unprecedentedly high. Zhang Feifei called her several times, but she didn’t go out. Zhang Feifei was not happy, so she went to the door and pulled the person out, “Let’s go, there is a new Japanese restaurant in the north of the city, and I heard that the taste is pretty good. I have their VIP card, and there is a 20% discount. Let’s go, let’s go trying something new.”

“Oh, I haven’t finished tomorrow’s update yet!” Li Yueran shouted.

Zhang Feifei directly drove Li Yueran to the restaurant. When parking in the parking lot, a group of people passed by the parking lot. One of them stared at Li Yueran’s back for a long time, knowing that his companion called him, “Brother Xie, what are you looking at?”

“No, brother Zhang, I think that person looks so familiar.” Father Xie said while turning his head.

Brother Zhang rolled his eyes helplessly, “What are you thinking! Do you know how expensive this restaurant is? How dare you eat here with the salary of Feiyan? Let me tell you, city S is so big, you want to find her personally, it’s not easy to say, I also saw her once in the subway last time, and I haven’t run into her since then.”

“Oh, I don’t even look like her.” Father Xie just felt that her back looked a bit similar, but when he took a closer look, he really wasn’t that sure and Brother Zhang also said the same thing.

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“Let’s go, you’ve been exhausted for the past few days! After the salary is settled, let’s go to have a barbecue and relax!” Brother Zhang said with a smile.

“Brother Zhang, thank you very much. It turns out that it is so easy to make money in this big city, much better than farming at home.” Father Xie said with a smile.

“That’s not true. As long as you can endure hardship, you can make money.” Brother Zhang said with a smile.

Father Xie nodded. He has been in S City for more than a month, and he feels more comfortable here than at home. The work is a bit hard, but food and housing are included, the salary is paid monthly, there are cigarettes and alcohol, and occasionally he is able to go to a street to massage shop to solve his physical needs. He is much happier than being in his hometown. Xie’s mother also realized that something was wrong. When Xie’s father just went to S City, he called every two days grumbling to come back. Later, he called once a week, and now it has been almost half a month without a single call. After the salary was paid, she asked him to send the money back, but he said he would not. Boss Zhang sends money home on time every month, he knows how be the head of his family!

Xie’s mother felt that something was wrong, so she called Xie’s father and told him to come home quickly, regardless of the phone bill. But Xie’s father pushed back and forth, saying that he hasn’t found Lu Yueran or the salary had not been settled, he talked and give excuses lot, but he didn’t mention when he’s going back. Mother Xie was so angry that she scolded Father Xie on the phone. Father Xie immediately hung up the phone, and when Mother Xie called again, the phone was turned off. Xie’s mother was very angry. When Xie Feiyang came back from school, Xie’s mother was shedding tears in front of Xie Feiyang. Xie Feiyang impatiently dialed Xie’s father’s cell phone, “Dad, come back quickly, the school has to pay money but the family has no money.”

Father Xie dared to get angry with his wife, but he lost his temper in front of his precious son. He talked good for a long time, and said that he had earned more than 5,000 yuan in the past two months. After working for a few months, he will buy him an iPhone then went home, saying that all the kids in the city are using iPhones now. When Xie Feiyang heard this, he quickly changed his mind and asked him to work for another month to earn more money and buy him some clothes when he came back. He said that the clothes in big cities were newer and much better than those in county towns. Father Xie readily agreed. After hanging up the phone, Mother Xie waited for Xie Feiyang, “Why do you let your father stay there for an extra month? What if your father, like your sister, is fascinated by the colorful world outside, what should we do?”

Feiyang said nonchalantly: “Don’t worry, my dad won’t go without me.” Then he said viciously, “Hmph, my dad works hard in S City and can earn a hundred yuan a day. My sister earns more than my dad in a month! As a result, she only send 600 yuan to family every month! What a heartless bitch! If I had known, I might as well have sold her as soon as I was born!”

Xie mother was still a little uneasy, “I’m afraid that your father will be fascinated by the vixen outside, let alone money, even people will not come back, if that happens what will we do?”

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Xie Feiyang rolled her eyes and ignored her. A month later, Father Xie did not come back, but someone brought back a new iPhone 6s mobile phone. Xie Feiyang was so happy that he called Father Xie excitedly, “Dad, are you really buying me a new mobile phone? That’s so great! But this smart phone is useless if it doesn’t have traffic data.”

“Don’t worry, Dad will charge you a hundred yuan for phone calls every month. If it’s not enough, tell Dad, Dad will pay for your phone calls.” Father Xie said with a smile.

Mother Xie asked excitedly from the side: “Ask your father, why hasn’t he come back?”

Father Xie rolled his eyes impatiently when he heard her over there then continued to say to his son: “Feiyang, Dad is thinking, I’ll stay here until the end of the year, one, to see if I can find your sister, and two, I want to make more money, and buy you an ipad when I go back at the end of the year! The lady of the mobile phone seller said, this is a new type of computer. It is thin and can be used in the hand. It is more convenient than a computer. It can be played while lying on the bed in winter, and it will save you from the cold when playing on the computer in winter. Would you like it?”

Xie Feiyang became excited when he heard it, “Okay! Can you really make so much money in City S? Is it much better than farming at home! Dad, you have to work hard! Don’t rush back! I’ll take the exam in City S later!”

Father Xie chuckled. He followed Brother Zhang to do bricklaying work. He was a little tired every day, but he could earn 100 yuan a day. He is also used to this kind of life, and he is much more comfortable than in his hometown. Mother Xie snatched the phone angrily, “Didn’t you say you would come back at the end of the month? Why is it delayed until the end of the year? Are you going to find an excuse to delay until next year? Just lie to me like this!”

Father Xie was impatient to talk to her and hung up the phone directly. Xie’s mother was crying at home angrily, “I haven’t scolded him in a day!”

Xie Feiyang only cared about his new mobile phone, he didn’t care how Xie’s mother was making a fuss! No matter how noisy Xie’s mother was, it didn’t do anything, so she had to wipe away her tears and curse a few words, she was determined to hold her son tightly, so that the son would not run away again. But one day in November, Xie’s father came back in despair. Xie’s mother saw him and was about to scold him. Xie’s father took out something wrapped in several layers of plastic bags from his clothes. Xie’s mother opened it. It is a stack of money, not much, about 2000 yuan. Mother Xie counted the money excitedly, and then calculated, it was wrong, “This money is wrong, did you buy some kind of computer for your son? Otherwise, this money is not right.”

“Don’t ask!” Father Xie yelled at her, then got into the room and fell asleep.

Mother Xie felt that something was wrong, and followed him in, “Tell me, what’s going on? If you don’t tell me clearly today, I’ll call Boss Zhang and ask him, he must know!”

As she spoke, she was about to make a call. Father Xie turned over from the bed, sat up and start shouting: “How dare you! If you dare to make this call, I will divorce you!”

Mother Xie stared at Father Xie with wide eyes, “What are you talking about! You want to divorce me, do you have any conscience, I gave birth to a son for your Xie family, and now you are going to divorce me, tell me, did you meet some vixen outside!” Xie’s mother stepped forward and started fighting.

Father Xie may as well, mother Xie grabbed several times on the face, father Xie threw Xie mother to the ground in anger, and mother Xie lay down on the ground and started crying. The movement in the Xie family was so loud that someone had already rushed to inform aunt Xie. When the aunt Xie rushed over, Xie’s mother was sitting on the ground crying, and Xie’s father was sitting next to her smoking cigarette.

“What’s the matter? What are you making so much noise?” Aunt Xie drove away the troublemakers who were watching the excitement, and then said, “Feiyang is eighteen, why are you acting crazy? You are not afraid of being laughed at!”

Xie’s mother immediately got excited, and explained the matter like this, “Auntie, you judge him. I just asked a question, and he felt guilty. Tell me, why is he so guilty!”

Aunt Xie also felt that something was wrong, so she went up to ask Father Xie what was going on, Father Xie smoked one cigarette after another but he did not say a word. Aunt Xie had no choice but to persuade Xie’s mother to get up first and not to act foolishly. After tossing until 6 o’clock in the evening, Father Xie still didn’t say a word. Aunt Xie’s had no choice but to go home. Xie’s mother fell asleep in another room angrily, but Xie’s father was relieved when he saw this. It’s not that Father Xie didn’t want to say but if he opened his mouth he would be so ashamed. Since the first time he went to a street massage shop, he has tasted the sweetness. The women there have many tricks and good skills. Father Xie couldn’t bear such a gentle place. At first it was once every two weeks, later it developed to once a week. He still remembered to buy a computer for his son and controlled his desire, otherwise, the money he earned would not be enough.. But just last week, he couldn’t resist going again. As a result, the police caught pornography and illegal activities then caught him. He was fined 2000 and detained for 10 days. Forget it. But later, Father Xie found something was wrong with his body, so he went to the small hospital to have a look, and said that he had contracted a dirty disease. Father Xie panicked all of a sudden, packed his things and came back overnight. he didn’t bother to talk to Brother Zhang, and he only remembered to call Brother Zhang after getting on the train. How dare let father Xie say such a scandal.

Father Xie sat on a chair smoking a cigarette and didn’t fall asleep all night. The next day, Mother Xie woke up in the morning and bumped into Father Xie head-on. Father Xie lowered his head, not looking into Mother Xie’s eyes. Xie’s mother believed that Xie’s father must have done something wrong to her outside, so she was angry and didn’t go to see him. The husband and wife lived together under the same roof as strangers. Until Xie Feiyang came home on the weekend, “Hey, dad, why are you back? Where’s my ipad?”

Father Xie was not so confident when facing his son, he cleared his throat, “Something happened, I’m back first. I’ll buy your ipad later.”

Xie Feiyang frowned and was about to say something, but Xie’s mother said in a sharp voice: “Listen to his nonsense! Let me tell you, your dad came back with only two thousand dollars, and he must have met someone outside, he must has spent all the money on her!”

Xie Feiyang immediately stared at Father Xie, “Dad, is what Mom said is true?”

Father Xie turned his head and stared at Mother Xie, then turned to Xie Feiyang Said: “Don’t listen to your mother’s nonsense, it’s not true with what she said at all. Dad is not feeling well, and I came back to see a doctor. The hospital in S city is too expensive, and it costs fifty or sixty yuan to register.”

When Mother Xie heard this, she immediately asked back: “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

“You’re almost on top of me!” Father Xie said with his head held high. “Don’t think that you dare to ride on my head after giving birth to Feiyang, I tell you, if you provoke me, be careful that I will beat you!”

He raised his fist as he spoke. When Xie Feiyang heard that he was just feeling unwell, he felt relieved, “If it nothing then I’ll go back to my room first! Dad, please remember to charge my phone bill. I don’t have enough data.” After finished speaking, he went back to his room to play with his mobile phone.

Father Xie nodded, “Understood, I will pay you the phone bill later.” Then he yelled at Mother Xie: “What are you looking at, take the money out!”

Mother Xie was still worried about Father Xie, “What did you get sick? It doesn’t matter, we’d better go to the county hospital! I’ll go with you.”

“Oh, you just need to pay, why is there so much nonsense! If you go too, what should I do, when my son do if he is hungry and thirsty? You can stay at home with peace of mind! Give me more money, I have to pay my son’s phone bill.” Father Xie yelled.

Mumbling, Xie’s mother took a thousand dollars from the closet and handed it to Xie’s father. Father Xie took the money, put it in his pocket, walked out of the village, and took a car to the county seat. He first recharged his son’s phone bill of 100 yuan, and then walked aimlessly on the street. He has such an unspeakable disease, how dare he go to a regular hospital to see a doctor, if he meets an acquaintance, that would be great. But if you don’t see a doctor, what should I do if it gets worse? He still regrets his life. Father Xie hesitated for a long time, and happened to walk up to a telegraph pole with a small advertisement posted on it. The content of the advertisement was like this, “Secret recipe handed down from ancestors, it is specially used to treat syphilis, genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases, and the medicine is guaranteed to cure the disease immediately! Not refundable!” Then below is the contact number and address.

Father Xie first looked around to make sure no one noticed him, then wrote down the address and phone number, and then hurried away. After detours in the county town, in a big circle, Father Xie went to that small clinic. After looking at the door for a long time, he was sure he didn’t see any acquaintances, Father Xie sneaked in. In the evening, father Xie came back with a bag of stewed vegetables and two large bags of traditional Chinese medicine. Xie’s mother was cooking dinner. When she saw him coming back, she said anxiously, “Why are you back now? Did you go to the hospital? What did the doctor say?”.

Father Xie handed the stewed beef to her, “My son likes to eat this stewed beef. This is the traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by the hospital, it has been boiled. I just waited for the medicine.”

“It’s so convenient now? It’s already been boiled right? It must cost a lot of money, right?” Mother Xie was a little distressed.

Father Xie felt a little distressed when he thought about his empty pockets, but some traditional Chinese medicine and ointment cost more than 800 yuan, so he also felt distressed. “Get well sooner, than I can still go out to work, the money will come back sooner or later.”

Mother Xie sighed, “What kind of job do you still have to do? After going out for a few months, except bought a mobile phone for my son, you didn’t make that much of money but you came back with a whole body of illness. It’s better to be honest and farm at home, so that you will be safe and healthy”

Father Xie also hesitated. Of course, he wants to make money by going out to work, but there are too many temptations outside. Unable to resist the temptation, it would be a real embarrassment if his sexual affairs were exposed. “Let’s talk about it when the time comes!”

What Father Xie didn’t expect was that his daughter, whom he hated the most, found out about what he painstakingly concealed.

“Feiyan, it’s really you! What a coincidence.” Uncle Zhang shouted with a smile.

“Uncle Zhang, you also come to the supermarket to buy things.” Li Yueran was a little surprised, how could she see him here. Then she looked down on her clothes. Fortunately, they were just ordinary home clothes. Fortunately, she stayed at home for two days on the weekend and was unkempt.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here. It’s such a bad coincidence. Your father only went back last week.” Uncle Zhang smiled, and looked at the shopping cart Li Yueran was pushing. There were only some simple things like vegetables in it. “Do you just eat this? It’s too nutritious! Buy some meat, bones, etc., and go home to make a soup. Your dad has been doing small jobs with me during this time, and made a lot of money, he also bought an iPhone for your brother, pricing 5 or 6000, your dad paid for it without blinking an eye. I tried to convinced your dad that his patriarchy is too obvious, you are alone and have been wandering outside for so many years, I have never seen him ask about you in a single sentence. This time he came to S city to look for you, he also wanted to tie you up and force you to return to your hometown so that you can be marry. In the future, you should be more careful and safe some money for your own use.”

Li Yueran might as well say that she knows what Uncle Zhang would say, thinking of the precautions against Uncle Zhang just now, it seems a little bit of a villain’s heart to judge a gentleman’s belly. “Thank you uncle, I understand. I’m used to it.”

After speaking, she smiled shyly. Uncle Zhang is getting older, and his heart has softened a lot. Everyone in the village knows about Xie’s family, but he is an outsider after all, they can’t take him too seriously. Sometimes they also wondered, he is leaving such a promising daughter outside alone and only thinking about his ineffective son, what was going on in the minds of the Xie family. However, as an outsider, it is not easy for him to intervene, so he can only remind a few words, which can be regarded as a little bit of effort.

“By the way, in the future, don’t let your dad come out. How should I put it, those of us who come out to work are just to make money. There are too many temptations in the colorful world outside. As for your dad, his ears are relatively soft. They playing with him every time, he took it seriously. At first, he went there once every two weeks, but later, he went once a week, or even once every two or three days. No matter how much money he made, he couldn’t save it. They all said those women are heartless actor fast changing faces, it’s enough to go to such a place once in a while to relieve, how can it be taken seriously!”

The more Uncle Zhang said, the more excited he became, and finally realized, “How can I say this to you little girl! Cough, you just pretend that you haven’t heard any of it! Anyway, your dad went to that place and was arrested by the police. He was fined 2,000 yuan and locked up for ten days. I don’t know if this is the reason, but he ran back after he was released. He didn’t even tell me. I told you this because I wanted you to remind your mother that you should not let your father come out to work in the future.”

Li Yueran was dumbfounded, what happened in the past few months? Why, she doesn’t know anything about it. Uncle Zhang thought it was his words that frightened her, so he felt a little embarrassed, and hurriedly said, “Hey, what are you talking about with this little girl, you’re making her scared! Just pretend you haven’t seen me today! Hehe Hehe!”

Then he ran away with a bag of special beer in each of his left and right hands. Li Yueran stood where she was he he he! Carrying big and small bags of daily necessities back to the rented house, covered in stinky sweat, Li Yueran took a shower first, then threw the clothes into the washing machine, sat on the sofa, and applied a homemade facial mask, remembering what Uncle Zhang said Li Yueran smiled, never thought that Father Xie had stayed in S city for half a year, should she be thankful that she is usually a homebody? She believed that if Father Xie found her, it would bring her troublesome. Xie’s family is bound to be turned upside down and will not be able to live in peace. Her pure days would be gone. No, you have to find something for them to do. The province is always thinking about yourself. Thinking of this, Li Yueran changed her clothes and went downstairs to the phone booth and called home. Although this is troublesome, it can save a lot of trouble. The person who happened to answer the phone was Xie Mu.

“You damn girl, it’s so strange that you actually called back!” Mother Xie sarcastically said.

“Mom, is Dad at home? I saw a piece of news on the Internet. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I think I should tell Mom about it. Don’t be angry after hearing it.” Li Yueran deliberately lowered her voice and said, “Mom, did Dad work in city S a few days ago? I saw a news on the Internet that a few migrant workers were arrested. I saw that the bombed people and one of them looks like Dad. I’m not sure if it’s true. I don’t mean anything by calling. I just want Mom to ask Dad if there is such a thing. If so, let Dad go to the hospital for examination now, what should I do if he get sick? Don’t you think so too Mom?”

Mother Xie couldn’t hear what Li Yueran was saying, her mind exploded with a bang. She thought of all the things wrong with Father Xie and he sleeping in separate rooms these days, and she became more and more sure of the dead girl’s guess. She hung up the phone for the first time. Then rushed to Xie’s father’s room, pushed the door, but it was locked, Xie’s mother got angry and kicked the door open with a bang!

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