9th Story 6

9th Story 6

In the room, Father Xie looked at Mother Xie in panic. Before he could pull up his pants, Mother Xie saw the disgusting place at a glance, “So you really did those ugly things outside! Xie Jianguo, you are so shameless! Your son is almost an adult, but he is still doing outside. Now that is good, you have contracted this kind of dirty disease! You stinky shameless! You are ashamed and thrown on the Internet, do you know how I know!”

Father Xie reacted, picked up his pants in a hurry, then pulled mother Xie in, closed the door, and said in a low voice: “What are you doing so loudly! Do you want everyone to know?”

Pulling away his hand, she shouted louder than before: “You know how to lose face now? Why don’t you think about saving your face when you do such scandals! Xie Jianguo, you are too much, I work hard at home to farm and take care of your son, but you are better off looking for a woman outside, and ended up a woman who is not good at anything! Are you worthy of me?”

Father Xie didn’t know how mother Xie knew about this, he hurriedly cover Xie’s mother’s mouth, “Keep your voice down, if this matter breaks out, I will be ashamed, don’t you want a radiant face, don’t you think about your son? How can you let your son raise his head outside in the future? “

Hearing him mentioning her son, Xie’s mother broke free from Xie’s father’s hand and sat down on the ground but still she lowered her voice, “What the hell did I do in my previous life! How did I get into such a thing! I gave birth to a son for your Xie family. I raised your children, taking care of the family, taking care of your parents until the end of their lives, what is wrong with you, you actually did such a thing! I might as well die!”

Xie’s mother cried and yelled, and Xie’s father was wronged, but now he was afraid that Xie’s mother would make the matter public, so he felt even more guilty, so he could only stand by and look at Xie’s mother anxiously. When Xie’s mother stopped crying and making noise, he just said: “What do you want? Tell me, and how did you know about this?” Could it be Boss Zhang who said it? Impossible, he is not such a person, for no reason, why does he say these things, and what benefits can he get?”

“You still have the guts to ask! You lost your face on the Internet, and that dead girl called and said that she saw the photo of you being arrested on the Internet! Call and let me ask if it really you, also asked me to asked you to go to the hospital for a check-up, lest you get dirty. How would she know, you have already been infected, no wonder these days, you are arguing to sleep in a separate room with me, and you refuse to eat with me and my son eats at the same table, tell me, how many things are you hiding from me!” Mother Xie roared in a low voice.

Father Xie frowned, did the police take pictures that day? He couldn’t remember clearly, he was in a daze at the time, how could he remember these details. But he didn’t suspect anything, he was just a little scared, why did they post it on the Internet, what if the people in the village saw it? But Father Xie thought about it again, it shouldn’t be such a coincidence. The village is full of rough people, how can they use the Internet.

“Okay, what else can I hide from you, nothing more.” Father Xie frowned. “Don’t bother me anymore. It’s not that I’m not working hard. I want to find a place to relax. You think I’m the only one doing this. To tell you the truth, people who go out will go to ‘Miss Zhao’ (but the number of times is not as frequent as I am)! I didn’t know that I would be caught by the police! I didn’t expect to get this kind of disease. I kept it from you, and it was for your own good. I was afraid that you would also be infected.”

Xie’s mother gave him a hard look, “You still have the face to say it!” But Xie’s father said that others would go to ‘Miss Zhao’, so she felt a little more balanced. “Where did you see this disease? Why is it bleeding? Why is it so disgusting?”

Father Xie also sighed, “I didn’t dare to go to a big hospital. I was afraid of meeting acquaintances, so I went to the small clinic on the small advertisement and took a few doses of medicine, but it still didn’t work. On the contrary, it got worse. I didn’t dare to go out these few days, because I was afraid that others would smell it.”

Xie’s mother gave him a disgusted look, “You deserve it! It’s best to die! “

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Xie’s father stared at her and threatened, “If you don’t care about it, believe it or not, I will beat you!”

“Then what should we do now?”

He didn’t want to died of Hualiu’s illness! When he died, it was so miserable, his body will be completely rotten! It doesn’t matter if you die, if you hurt your son’s reputation, I don’t think I have the face to meet the ancestors of Xie’s family! “Then I I go back to S city to see a doctor, anyway, no one knows me there!” Father Xie thought for a while and said.

“Do you have money? It’s expensive to go to a big city to see a doctor. How can there be such spare money at home!” Mother Xie said without thinking. In fact, the family still has tens of thousands of yuan in savings, but it is for her son to go to college. Xie mother is reluctant to move it!

“Then what should I do? Just watch me die like this!” Father Xie was angry, “Zhang Cuihua, you are so heartless, what good do you get if I die!”

“Then what do you think?” Mother Xie roared louder.

Father Xie suddenly remembered what mother Xie said just now, “Hurry up, find a rich man and make a marriage deal. When Nizi called back again, told her that I was going to die, let her come home to attend the funeral! As long as she comes back, she can’t be left again!” Father Xie said viciously.

“Will she come back?” Mother Xie hesitated.

“She dares! As a father, I’m about to die. If she doesn’t come back, she’s not afraid of being drowned by spittle!” Father Xie said.

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“Okay, I’ll say that when she calls next time.” Mother Xie thought for a while and said. Mother Xie immediately found second aunt Xie and asked her if she knew someone with a good family background, no matter how old the other party was, as long as they had money. The second aunt immediately understood what was going on, and immediately became gloating. What’s the use of being admitted to university? In the end, she wanted to become the tool of the Xie family to make money just like her, the third and fourth sisters!

“Okay, leave it to me! I will definitely give you an answer within a week!” Second Aunt Xie was very excited. Mother Xie glanced at her, a little surprised what the second aunt meant by being so excited, but she always felt that the aunts were a little strange, and she was not thinking about it now, so she didn’t go into it.

Second aunt came to the door three days later, “Thanks to me, if someone else, such a good deed would not be our family’s turn. Brother, younger sister-in-law, you have to thank me after it is done!”

Xie father and mother look at each other then said “Okay, as long as the matter is done! I will definitely give you a big red envelope! His second aunt, tell me who it is!”

“The Wang family, the richest man in our county, do you know? Their son got married the year before and the woman’s family is the niece of the deputy county magistrate. The deputy county magistrate has no daughter of his own, so he loves this niece very much. This daughter-in-law has been married for three years, but she hasn’t given birth to a single egg. She went to the hospital for an examination and found that her fallopian tubes were blocked. Normally, such a daughter-in-law should be divorce. It’s a pity that her uncle is the deputy county magistrate, and the Wang family also didn’t dare to mention the divorce. Now their family has discussed with their wife and wants to secretly find a woman to be a surrogate. It is related to the next generation, and the other party requires that first woman should have a higher education and second should be good-looking. I think we Feiyang look good and Nizi should not be far behind. Besides, Nizi has a high degree of education, which just meets the requirements of the Wang family.” The second aunt said after taking a sip of tea.

“What does this mean?” Xie father and mother didn’t understand.

“To put it simply, it is to borrow your daughter belly to have a child!” said the second aunt. “The Wang family has said that after the matter is completed, if it is a boy, they will give one million, and if it is a girl, it will be half a million! The other party will be responsible for the accommodation and food during pregnancy. Once the child is born, the person will send it back. At that time it doesn’t delayed Nizi’s remarriage, where can you find such a good thing? My Yanzi’s education is not high, and the Wang family doesn’t like it, otherwise I’d let Yanzi go.”

“Okay, okay! That’s it! His second aunt, go and help me make peace.” The second aunt said: “Nizi’s education is no problem, the key is that the other party still wants to look at Nizi! Do you have any photos?”

Xie father and mother looked at each other, really have no photos. Mother Xie was unwilling to let go of this good opportunity, and suddenly thought, “By the way, I remember Nizi’s admission ticket for the college entrance examination seems to be still there, and there is a picture of her on it. Although it was four or five years ago, it shouldn’t be that old and it shouldn’t show’s any difference!”

Father Xie said, “Then why don’t you hurry up and look for it!”

Mother Xie muttered, “I’m not sure if it’s still there, I might have burned it! I’ll look for it!”

Xie Mu thought carefully, it seems that the dead girl collected all these things herself, where did she put them! Mother Xie thought for a long time, and finally remembered the place where Xie Feiyan used to hide things when she was at home. After digging for a long time, she took out a small wooden box from the corner of the cellar, which was covered in ashes. Mother Xie didn’t mind it, and hurriedly opened it. It was indeed in the box. She quickly show to second aunt “Look, it’s all inside, her high school ID photos are all here.”

The second aunt smelled a musty smell, and put her hand in front of her nose in disgust, fanned it, then looked at it, and finally chose a one-inch black-and-white photo, “That’s it. It’s pretty, and it definitely meets the requirements of the Wang family. Without further ado, I’ll go now. By the way, I also help the Wang family.” It’s settled, you should quickly call the person back. If you don’t find her when the time comes, you will be in trouble if you offend the Wang family!”

“Okay! Definitely!” Xie’s mother sent Aunt Xie’s home so graciously for the first time, second aunt went out. Second aunt enjoyed the hospitality of her younger siblings who never looked directly at them since the birth of her nephew, and smiled disdainfully. But then she lowered her head sadly, who made her stomach not to live up to it, only gave birth to three daughters in a row and later caught up with the strictest family planning, and dared not have any more. Because of this, she was being scolded at her husband’s house! Thinking of this, the second aunt quickened her pace and walked out. After finishing this matter, she can also get a lot of benefits. When the second aunt thought of this, she became very motivated.

Xie father and mother began to look forward to the stars and the moon every day, looking forward to Xie Feiyan calling back, for fear of missing the time and making the Wang family angry, but on Wang family side, they didn’t know what was going on. After waiting for half a month with great difficulty, the phone call came. Mother Xie grabbed the phone excitedly, “Hey, Feiyan, come back soon! Your father is seriously ill and is dying, come back soon! If it too late then you won’t see your dad for the last time.”

Li Yueran almost choked on saliva, can’t it be true? Could it be that he has AIDS! No, even if you have AIDS, the onset is not so fast! Or is this another plot by the Xie family? It’s not right, in the book Xie Feiyan came back to Xie’s family. It was two years later that Xie Feiyang made him pregnant. The idea of my son getting married. Now Xie Feiyang is still repeating his studies. Could it be that he has the ability to mess up the belly of a big family now? “What’s wrong with Dad? Why can’t it work? Where’s Feiyang? Is Feiyang at home? How can Feiyang not be there after such a big incident? Mom, you should call Feiyang back first! He can read the book anytime. , dad is the only one.” Li Yueran pretended to be anxious and said.

“Uh, Feiyang, Feiyang is at a critical moment now, your dad won’t let him be disturbed, your dad misses you right now, come back quickly!” Mother Xie stammered.

“Mom, are you kidding me? Dad misses me? Since I was a child, my dad never looked at me. Will he miss me? Mom, don’t talk about it. I still have togo out to find a job now and earn more money. Next month I will pay more money so I can send money home so that Dad can be treated. Now that medicine is so developed, nothing will happen. If the money is not enough, there are still a few aunts, so you can borrow it from them. I going out to find a job, so I hung up first. Ah.” After Li Yueran finished speaking, she hung up the phone hastily. She decided not to call home for the next few months.

Mother Xie looked at the phone and trembled with anger, “It’s terrible, it’s terrible, this damn girl, this is going against the sky, his father! His father!”

“What do you say? When will she come back?” Father Xie had just finished using the toilet, when he heard this, he hurried in with his trousers in his hands.

“She didn’t plan to come back at all. She just said that next month, she would send more money back to treat your illness! This girl is really going to die!” Mother Xie said angrily.

“This cheap girl! How dare she!” Father Xie shouted with his eyes wide open.

Xie’s mother sat on the chair all of a sudden, “What should I do now? How can I explain to the Wang family? One million, with this money, Feiyang will be enough for his life! But what should we do now?”

Xie father paced back and forth in the room without speaking. It was Xie Feiyang who came in, “What else can we do? We must find her, we can no longer be so passive.”

“But there are so many people, how can we find her?” Mother Xie said.

“I have already checked everything online. This is the address of her university. Let’s find her teacher. Her teacher must know where she works! As long as you find her, everything will be easy!” Xie Feiyang said. “Dad, I’ve already made up my mind. I’ll take two days off and go to city S with you to find her. We must find her! Hmph, do you think you’ll be fine if you hide?”

” It’s not a good idea!” Mother Xie refused to agree, “No, you still have to go to school!”

“Mom, are you stupid? As long as I have that one million, what else do I need to go to school! It’s enough to eat well and drink spicy food for a lifetime!” Xie Feiyang disdainfully said.

Father Xie thought for a while, “Okay, let’s go together, but if you can’t find her within a week, you have to come back first!”

“Okay, that’s it.” Xie Feiyang said excitedly.

After Li Yueran hung up the phone, she was also a little worried. She knew that the Xie family would never give up until they achieved their goals. No matter why they asked her to go back this time, it must be nothing good! Although they don’t have her contact information and work address but this is not absolutes. As long as they can think about it, there are many ways, such as going to school, among other things, the teacher must know. She couldn’t go to the teacher and tell the teacher not to tell anyone her contact information. Maybe the teacher thought she was suffering from paranoia again! Maybe it’s a road that never ends.

At this time, the head office asked the manager of the financial department to take a few people to check the accounts of the subordinate subsidiaries outstation for a few months. Li Yueran’s eyes lit up, and she enthusiastically expressed her desire to go. After thinking about it, the manager agreed to her request. After all, everyone else has a family, so it is not convenient to travel for such a long time. It’s better to be like Xiao Xie, who is alone and has no worries.

Li Yueran breathed a sigh of relief, then called Zhang Feifei and explained the situation. Before she finished speaking, Zhang Feifei said with righteous indignation: “Don’t worry, leave it on me, and I will definitely solve it beautifully!”

Mushrooms are growing on her idle body, it’s not easy to disturb Feiyan often. Well now, she has finally something to do. Li Yueran sighed helplessly, what did she say, she just took care of it like this, she asked Feifei to find someone to help her keep an eye on her family, fearing that if Xie’s family really came to the door, something would happen. She don’t know if Zhang Feifei would misunderstood, but she also knows that Feifei is a measured person, and nothing big will happen.

Zhang Feifei found a private detective, but within a week, the detailed information of Xie’s family was placed in front of Zhang Feifei. After reading it, Zhang Feifei was so angry that she almost tore up the information! “I always thought patriarchy was just a story in the book. Who knows, such things really happen in this world.”

The private detective stood in front of her, looked at the indignant Miss Zhang, and smiled, “In fact, in remote rural areas, patriarchal thinking has always existed. When they marry their daughters, they ask for exorbitant gifts for their sons. The same is true for this Xie family. They called Miss Xie back this time to use Ms. Xie’s. They want Ms. Xie to be a surrogate, and the other party promises that after the matter is completed, if it a son she will be given one million, if it adaughter she will be given half a million.”

“What!” Zhang Feifei became even more angry, “It’s too much! How can there be such cruel parents in this world!”

The private detective sighed, “Miss Zhang, the Xie family and his son are already on their way to S city. Look, do you want to remind Ms. Xie. Once they find Ms. Xie, I am afraid that Ms. Xie will not be able to live in peace in the future.” Not only will she not be safe, if she is not firm, maybe she will follow their wishes and go back to the countryside with them, becoming the cash cow in their hands and be ruined in her life.

“Don’t worry about this. Feiyan is on a business trip, and it will take three months to come back. She just left the day before yesterday, I sent her to the airport.” Zhang Feifei sighed, “No matter what, we can’t let them find Feiyan. I’ll leave it to you, and it’s best to teach them a lesson so that they don’t dare to come to City S again.”

The private detective was a little surprised, the relationship between Miss Zhang and Miss Xie is really good. Isn’t it said that friendship between women is like plastic flowers? Although it lasted for a long time, it was very fake. These two are somewhat different. “Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, Ms. Zhang!”

“This is 30,000 yuan, and the remaining 50,000 yuan will be paid to you after the matter is completed!” Zhang Feifei laughed.

“Thank you, Miss Zhang.”

After the private detective left, Zhang Feifei thought about it, took it out and sent Li Yueran a WeChat message, but there was no reply, so Zhang Feifei knew that she was busy and didn’t rush her. It wasn’t until half past eleven that Li Yueran made a call.

“I’m sorry dear, we were checking accounts in the morning, and the mobile phone was turned off. I just saw your WeChat.”

“It’s okay, have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, go to eat first!” Zhang Feifei said.

“In a while, our manager is chatting with each other. By the way, what are you looking for? Is there any movement in my family?”

“I really want to find you! Also, you guessed it right, your parents told you to go back, there is really a conspiracy, they want you to marry, or want you to be a surrogate!”

If not taking pity on Xie Feiyan’s reputation, Zhang Feifei even thought about finding a reporter to expose this matter, how could such an outrageous thing happen. Li Yueran was used to seeing so many strange things, but she was really taken aback, surrogacy? It’s really surprising that this kind of thing that only appeared in the news before would happen in her life!

“Surrogate pregnancy? Such a thing happened in our small country place? How bizarre? By the way, how do you know this?”

Zhang Feifei laughed and avoided the topic, “Hehe, I just called to tell say hello, you can work with peace of mind, and I will do everything! Come back and treat me to dinner! Bye!” Then she hung up the phone hastily.

Li Yueran looked at the phone and smiled helplessly again. It just so happened that my colleague, Sister Wang, also came to the bathroom to wash her hands. Seeing her like this, she asked with a smile, “Who are you calling? You are smiling so sweetly! Boyfriend?”

“No, it’s my college roommate and my best friend. She did something behind my back that touched me very much.” Li Yueran laughed.

Sister Wang nodded, “The friendship in school is the purest and most beautiful, cherish it!”

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“Got it, Sister Wang! Thank you, Sister Wang, for teaching me a lot today.” Li Yueran said with a smile.

“That also depends on your willingness to learn. You are pretty good and work hard!” Sister Wang said with a smile.

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