1st Story 3

Ch. 003) 1st Story 3

Li Yueran thought of this, and remembered that she used to be a good actor in front of her 18th line. Although she was not a big hit, she was still a bit popular because of the constant dramas. She also has two or three million followers on Weibo, although most of them are zombie fans. But there are no die-hard fans. The reason why she was inexplicably selected by this system was also related to this. She has a die-hard fan. She has been fanning herself since her debut – she is an absolute die-hard fan. Later, she had a terminal illness. Because her family was poor and had no money for treatment, she also contributed money and efforts, calling on fans to donate money to help her cure her illness. Who would have thought that people are not saved but she gained a good name. In addition to being sad, she attended a fan’s funeral and was selected by the system inexplicably.

Only then did Li Yueran know that this fan was actually the lucky one who was drawn by the system. Originally, the system could give her a chance to come back to life, but she gave up. She said that she was abandoned by her parents when she was a child, and grew up alone. It was not until she saw Li Yueran on the screen that she found the reason and goal to live. Facts have proved that her vision is not wrong, she has a good idol. She died and there was nothing else to worry about, the only thing to worry about was Li Yueran. The black fans all say that the acting skills have not improved for so many years, and the roles they play are the same, and the aura of her debut is almost worn out. She is not fair to idols and thinks that no one gives idols a chance, so she asks the system to provide idols with an opportunity to exercise their acting skills.

The system didn’t know what was going on, but it actually agreed to this somewhat outrageous request. To be honest, Li Yueran was really moved when she learned the truth. To be honest, she is also quite speechless to her fans sometimes. It is they who are looking for trouble but it is herself who are implicated. But once they have something to do, they are the ones who rush to the front to protect hersy. The actions of some crazy fans have troubled Li Yueran’s life, but she can only keep smiling when facing the fans. But now, when she learned that some fans really put life and death aside for her own sake, Li Yueran was shocked and moved. Although she didn’t feel like she needed such an opportunity.

She is a rich second-generation and has a brother at home. She only pays dividends every year, which is more than what she has earned as an actor for so many years. The reason why she is an actress is just a hobby. Therefore, she has no self-motivation and no plans for her career, and for her everything is just fine as the way it is.

But now, for the first time, Li Yueran felt that her inattentive attitude in the past was wrong! The fans’ dedication to her made her start to reflect, start to feel guilty, and start to want to change something. The system seemed to see her thoughts, and gave her another temptation. If she could complete the tasks randomly released by the system, the system could allow that fan to be reborn in another world. Of course, this time, she will arrange a happy and worry-free life for her.

Maybe she was moved, or maybe her brain was hot, but Li Yueran agreed impulsively. Then began her tragic journey through these journey. After the initial enthusiasm, Li Yueran actually began to regret it, Nima, how good life is in the 21st century, why did you agree with your head! Especially when you have to face so many brains every time, F***!

Thinking of this, Li Yueran’s eyes turned red, she threw herself into Gao’s mother’s arms, and burst into tears.

This makes Gao’s mother feel bad, Gao’s father sees his daughter crying, and he doesn’t insist on speaking just now, “Okay, if you really can’t leave Qiao Zhi, it’s a big deal, I will pay him to repeat the study for another year. Wait patiently for a year! It’s so easy to get admitted to university, but you must go!”

Dad Gao’s unconditional tolerance reminded Li Yueran of his parents and brother who were unconditional tolerance for her in her previous life, and cried even more. .

At this time, Gao Yan believed that this was still his own sister who could cry for a long time. “Okay, okay, isn’t it just a man! Brother find a better one for you. Cheng Nuo, come here for me! Younger sister, look how is this brother comrade-in-arms?” The comrade-in-arms of the play pulled up, “The roots are straight, the family background is innocent, and his looks no worse than that Qiao Zhi, how?”

Cheng Nuo rolled her eyes at Gao Yan!

Gao Ma said anxiously: “What’s going on? You want to kill me!”

Gao Yan said with a smile: “It’s nothing major, it’s just that Yaomei broke up with that Qiao Zhi. By the way, Anuo, you will accompany me later go to the educated youth and help bring those things back.”

Gao Ma laughed after hearing this, “She’s crying after breaking up, I thought what happened! This is a good thing, why are you crying! Or, that Qiao Zhi bullied you?”

 This realization changed the faces of the Gao family members present. Grandpa Gao, who heard the cry, stomped his crutches angrily, “Who bullied little sister (yaomei), are you are all dead?! Are you all just watching Yaomei being bullied?! Ahhh!”

Dad Gao quickly helped his uncle to sit down, “Uncle, don’t worry! Aren’t we still asking?”

Seeing this, Li Yueran said sobbingly: “Qiao Zhi and Anya are on in good terms, they even have children. They lied to me!”

“This kid! How dare they lie to my little girl! Shunkou! Copy that guy!” Dad Gao’s face turned red with anger.

Cheng Nuo burst out laughing and gave Gao Yan a meaningful look. Gao Yan didn’t change his face, what’s the matter, who doesn’t have a nickname or something, do you think your nickname is nice?Baby?

If it wasn’t for Cheng Nuo being his son’s comrade-in-arms, Dad Gao would probably already made a shot. What’s the matter, their girl cried so sadly, you’re so good to laugh, what a smile?!

Cheng Nuo hurriedly straightened his face and cleared his throat, “Uncle Gao, this matter shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s good for Yaomei. It’s a blessing for Yaomei to see the true face of that bastard. Yaomei is someone who is going to go to college, so it’s fine if you don’t get involved with these people. Let them go, the farther you go, the better, and the wicked will have their day.”

Dad Gao said with a stern face, “That’s it just forget it?”

Cheng Nuo sneered: “Of course we can’t just let it go. I heard Brother Gao say this. In the past few years, because of yaomei, that bastard has taken a lot of advantage. In a next few days, they have to make up for what they have left behind!”

Gao Yan also snorted coldly, “A Nuo is right. Parents, master, don’t worry, I know what I have in mind. They won’t be cheap. .”

Li Yueran sobbed and said, “Brother, don’t be fooling around!”

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Gao Yan stroked Li Yueran’s hair, “Don’t worry, brother knows what you have in mind.”

Grandpa Gao nodded and took out an oiled paper bag from his arms. He handed over what he was holding, “Yaomei, this is your favorite twist. I asked Uncle Fang to bring some from the city. Eat  quickly, stop crying!”

Li Yueran somewhat moved, although the Gao family is not one of the best in the village, the environment is such that the Gao family is no exception. But in her memory, Gao Ran never lacked snacks and clothes. One was that her aunt liked her. She had two sons and no daughter, so she liked her the most. The second is also due to the doting of Gao’s family. If there is anything to eat or drink, they will gy to her first. However, Gao Ran didn’t care, and gave Qiao Zhi everything that was delicious and drinkable. Even so, no one in the Gao family was willing to say a word to her, it was always good that she was happy. If Li Yueran said it, it was the Gao family who spoiled her!

“Master, you can eat it too!”

“Master is too old to bite.” Grandpa Gao said with a smile .

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Li Yueran broke the twist into several pieces, “Everyone eats it, or I won’t eat it. Master, don’t lie to me, your teeth are fine, you can eat broad beans, why can’t you eat twist!” She e soon got used to Gao Ran’s identity, and naturally imitated Gao Ran’s tone and actions. Not to mention, after several times of blessing, her acting skills have skyrocketed!

Grandpa Gao and Mom and Dad Gao looked relieved, Cheng Nuo looked at the twist on the table and was eager to try, but was pulled out by Gao Yan, “Why, you want to grab things from my sister?!” Gao Yan gave him a white look and said.

Cheng Nuo chased after him, “Your sister has lost her way now. Aren’t you happy? Be honest to me, do you?”

Gao Yan didn’t say anything, just snorted and strode to the educated youth point at the other end of the village. .

Cheng Nuo smiled. Every time he heard Gao Yan talk about his sister, he always looked worried. He knew that Gao Yan took his sister very seriously, and he also knew that Qiao Zhi was not a good person. It’s a pity that Gao Yan’s sister doesn’t know the fact that everyone in the world knows. But it’s also a fact that this Gao Ran is really as smart as Gao Yan said. She didn’t delay her studies even though she fell in love, she even got into the university. That Qiao Zhi didn’t even passed the exam! Regardless of the score, Gao Ran, who has admitted to a college, will not have such a narrow vision. But that Qiao Zhi is really hateful. It would be fine if he just used Gao Ran, but he actually stepped on two boats so unacceptable!

When Gao Yan and Cheng Nuo arrived at the educated youth point, Qiao Zhi and Anya had already packed “her” things, and they were waiting at the door for fear of disturbing others. Now seeing two tall figures approaching, Qiao Zhi flinched and said with courage, “here are all the things that Gao Ran gave me.  I’ll put them in here. There are a few more, the book for review material, although it was also given to me by Gao Ran, but now she doesn’t need it anymore. Can I keep it?”

Gao Yan was so angry when he saw this huge burden, this kid, got so much, he so good, you dare  bully my sister, God just help me ! His eyes widened and he raised his fists, “What do you think!”

Qiao Zhi’s originally upright spine suddenly lowered, “I see.” Then he glanced at the burden in his hand rather reluctantly and seriously handed it over.

Anya stood quietly, but when she saw the burden being handed out, her heart was bleeding. There are some good things there, silk scarves, pens, cloth tickets, food stamps and the like. Qiao’s family all count on the food stamps that Qiao Zhi sends back every month! Fortunately, she still kept a few secrets, and now she only hopes that Gao Ran has not recorded the account.

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