1st Story 2

Ch. 002) 1st Story 2

Li Yueran watched An Ya and Qiao Zhi’s expressions change, snorted then turned around and left. Anya hurriedly grabbed her hand, and Li Yueran threw her hand abruptly. Anya was caught off guard and fell back. Qiao Zhi hurriedly hugged Anya and said, “Ran Ran, what’s the matter with you? Where did you hear those gossips? My relationship with Anya has been told to you for a long time. Our two families are  friends that is why I take good care of Anya. Ran Ran, can you not be so unreasonable!” Qiao Zhi thought clearly, children he can have them at anytime but not now, they can’t be separated from Gao Ran.

In all honesty, Gao Ran is indeed a good girl. Smart and beautiful and is also atmospheric. With her, I can save a lot of things.

Li Yueran rolled her eyes, “You still want to lie to me, am I really that easy to lie in your eyes! I’ve said it all, Anya is pregnant, do you want to ask Aunt Zhang to check her?” Aunt’s father is a barefoot doctor in the village, and Aunt Zhang is  also familiar with her knowledge of some medical skills.

Anya also understood what Qiao Zhi meant. Although she understood, she still felt a little sad in her heart. Before, she planned to hide it from Qiao Zhi and find a good time in the future to talk about it in hopes that maybe she could gain more hearts from Qiao Zhi. But now, the matter was suddenly revealed, and Qiao Zhi’s reaction made her a little sad, although she told her rationally that what Qiao Zhi did was right. But Anya was still feel very uncomfortable.

“Even if you are jealous of Anya’s relationship with me, you can’t believe those rumors! You are insulting Anya and me! Gao Ran, in my impression, you have always been a smart and kind girl! Now, you make me very happy disappointed!” Qiao Zhi let go of Anya and put on a look of extreme disappointment. He was very confident. In the past, whenever Gao Ran was shaken, as long as he put on this look, Gao Ran would surrender immediately.

Li Yueran rolled her eyes, turned to leave, but suddenly saw a figure leaning against a big tree not far away, she took a closer look and pouted, “Brother, you’re just watching the fun and don’t help me. I’ll go back and let grandfather beat you!”

Hearing this, the man leaning against the tree loosened his frowning brows and put on a smile on his face. He is Gao Ran’s eldest brother Gao Yan, who is in the army. He is just come back home from vacation these few days. “You girl, eldest brother is just afraid that if I act rashly, you will be angry with me! Didn’t you not like eldest brother meddling in your affairs with him the most in the past?”

There was still some temptation in those words. Li Yueran jumped into his arms, grabbed Gao Yan’s collar and said aggrievedly: “You say, did you know he was lying to me early on, and you didn’t say it, you just look at my joke! Woohoo! I’m going to tell Grandpa!”

The grandfather she was talking about was the cousin grandpa. When her grandfather died on the battlefield, the cousin was only eighteen. His brother died and his own wife was gone. He never got married in his life and raised his nephews and nieces. He was very respected by the family.

Gao Yan looked at this familiar movement, and the familiar little milky voice was indeed his own sister. It seemed that her sister was really enlightened! When he saw this scene just now, he thought that his sister had been caught by something unclean! It seems that he thinks too much. Seeing his sister twisting around to leave, Gao Yan hurriedly hugged her and coaxed: “Okay, it’s all the fault of the big brother! Big brother help you vent your anger!”

With a glance, “Remember, go back and pack her things. I’ll go and get them later. If you fall behind a little bit don’t think about this return home letter!”

Then he hugged his sister and turned away. “Okay, it’s alright,  brother is here! Let’s go home first! Brother bought you some good things, didn’t you say you like the silk scarves that the girls in the city wear? Brother bought one for you, go back and see if you like it!”

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Li Yueran followed her brother aggrievedly, and when she heard this, she suddenly remembered, turned around and said, “The silk scarf that my aunt gave me last time was taken by you and said it was the birthday present for Anya, you return that back to me! Hmph, all the things that you took from me before must be returned to me, and none of them are allowed to be kept! Brother, take good care for me!”

Gao Yan must report his sister’s anger. He happily said, “Okay, brother will bring it back for you. Don’t worry!” Seeing that the Gao Yan brother and sister  gone, Anya lay in Qiao Zhi’s arms with a look of panic, “Azhi, what should we do now?”

Qiao Zhi was still trembling with fear, just now Anya hid behind him she did not see Gao Yan’s eyes looking at him, fierce and vicious, and the whole person exuded a murderous aura, as if he could kill in the next second Own. He knew that Gao Ran’s brother had been on the battlefield and killed people. Therefore, he has always been afraid of getting along with Gao Yan, for fear that his little thought will be invisible under Gao Yan’s eyes.

Things were so strange tonight. Gao Ran, who was in the middle of his hand and under his bewitchment suddenly changed. Gao Ran, who didn’t get close to Gao Yan or didn’t even like Gao Yan, turned to Gao Yan. Moreover, how could Gao Ran know about his relationship with Anya since  he and Anya hide so well!?. And about Anya’s pregnancy, I don’t even know, how did Gao Ran know! Where is the problem? Qiao Zhi couldn’t help but cast his suspicious eyes on Anya. He knew what a woman’s jealousy would do. Not to mention, among the educated youths who went to the countryside, this kind of thing happened very often. Gao Ran is a good, protected girl by her parents and relatives. Could it be that Anya deliberately revealed this to Gao Ran. But what is Anya doing? Is it just pure jealousy?

“Azhi, what should we do now! How could Gao Ran know about us! What should we do now?” Anya didn’t see Qiao Zhi’s suspicious eyes, she was flustered now, and it feels very bad that things were out of control . Especially seeing Gao Ran escape from the trap she laid, it felt even worse. Anya’s performance made Qiao Zhi less suspicious. No one wants to see things develop to this stage more than Anya. She needs Gao Ran more than him. If it not her then whose?

“Who else knows about your pregnancy? Did Zhang Liying, who lives with you knows?” Qiao Zhi asked.

Anya lowered her head and thought about it carefully, “She might really know. When I wake up in the morning I feel nauseous. Yesterday when I ate fish at noon, I also felt nauseous. Maybe she saw this and guessed it. What a good Zhang Liying! Damn her!”

Qiao Zhi sighed, “It’s useless to say this since  Gao Yan knows, Gao Ran’s road is obviously not going to work. We can only give up. It’s a pity!” What a pity! He had already inquired clearly, Gao Ran actually had as much as four or five hundred yuan in her private property. Besides, she also had a piece of jade left to her by her grandmother, which should be worth a lot of money if she sold it. With this money, I and Anya can continue to study without any worries. What a pity!

“Is it that possible? No, we can rely on Gao Ran’s money to support our family and continue to study! Without her, what will we do in the future!” Anya said excitedly, “No, we can’t just let her go! ” 

“If Gao Yan do not know, maybe there are ways to save. but now Gao Yan know! you forget what he just say? If we are not return the gift back then the return home letter. . . . Don’t think about it, do you want to stay in this backcountry,I don’t want to! My parents and sisters are still waiting for me in the magic capital!” Qiao Zhi roared excitedly. Speaking of his excitement, he stretched out his hand and slammed the tree trunk next to him. Suddenly his movements stopped, his face turned hideous, his left hand covered his right hand, it hurt! Anya immediately held his hand distressedly, “What are you doing by so impulsive! Does it hurt, does it hurt?” As she said that, she lowered her head and blew on Qiao Zhi’s wound.

Seeing this, Qiao Zhi’s expression softened. When they were a child, wherever he was injured, she also held his hand like this, blowing gently as if she could blow away the pain. Qiao Zhi took Anya in his arms, “Anya, even if we don’t have Gao Ran’s money, I will let you and our children live a good life.  You know how much my parents look forward to my child. Don’t worry! Our home is in the magic capital, as long as we can go back, everything will be fine.”

Anya was lying in Qiao Zhi’s arms, the happiness at the moment made her temporarily forget her jealousy towards Gao Ran, yes , I am a native of the magic capital, and I will go back to the magic capital. Gao Ran is just a passer-by in her and Azhi’s life. Even without her, she and Azhi will live a happy life. She didn’t believe that she was really worse than Gao Ran! It’s just a pity that I couldn’t coax Gao Ran into not going to college. This is the most unfortunate for Anya.

“Azhi, we will be happy.” Anya said in Qiao Zhi’s arms. Gao Ran, she will regret it! She will definitely regret it!

Gao Yan hugged Li Yueran and went home. Gao’s father and Gao’s mother were talking to the people in the main room. Seeing them come back, especially when Li Yueran was still crying, Gao’s mother suddenly felt bad and hammered her son, “Shunkou, how did you provoke your sister! She just likes that Qiao Zhi. What’s the big deal? You don’t care what she do as long as Yaomei is happy!”

Gao Dad rolled his eyes at Gao Mom, “What nonsense! What do you know, Qiao Zhi is not a good thing, Yaomei! You listen to your father, you have been admitted to Beijing University now, your aunt, uncle and cousins ​​are still waiting for you in Beijing! That Qiao Zhi’s return home letter has also come down. You guys are not going to the same route, you know? When you arrive in Beijing, ask your aunt to find you a better one, which is a thousand times better than Qiao Zhi. Ahhh! Don’t contact that Qiao Zhi again, you know?”

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Li Yueran sighed inwardly when she heard the words of Gao’s father and Gao’s mother, this Gao Ran, do you know what she missed? Indulging her with unconditionally love by her loving family, how could she believe the scumbag’s nonsense and run away with him! Thinking of the book, after Gao Ran’s death, Gao’s father and Gao’s mother rushed over from their hometown with an old body, and Gao Yan also came with a crippled leg to fight a lawsuit with the Qiao family, wanting to get justice for Gao Ran, In the end, he was beaten down by the Qiao family, lost the lawsuit only then finally returned to their hometown.

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