1st Story 1

Ch. 001) 1st Story 1

Let’s break up! You are now admitted to university, and I… I’m no longer worthy of you!”

Li Yueran just reacted when she heard the man standing opposite him with red lips and white teeth, just a little white face He spoke in pain, and if you looked at his eyes carefully it contained various complex emotions such as pain, reluctance, love, and unrestraineness. Li Yueran admires from the bottom of her heart, he really is the biggest acting emperor in the whole book, and his acting skills are great!

Yes, she has traveled through. This is a book she has read before. The name of the book is “Love in Turbulent Times.” In fact, the content is very cliché. The man opposite, Qiao Zhi, is an educated youth who went to the countryside and was assigned to the village where the heroine Gao Ran lives. Gao Ran’s grandfather was a martyr, and his father was the secretary of the village branch. Qiao Zhi couldn’t lift his hands or shoulders, except that he could write a few crooked poems plus  his face. But based on these two points, he successfully attracted the attention of the village flower Gao Ran.

Gao Ran is a veritable village flower. Because of her grandfather’s status as a martyr, her family is well respected in the local area. She also has an aunt who is said to be married in Beijing. The reason why Gao Ran insisted on studying was also because of her aunt’s instructions.

After Qiao Zhi and Gao Ran got together, under the banner of tutoring Gao Ran in reading, he justly escaped from his original job. Later with the help of Gao’s father, he took part in the college entrance examination. But what is surprising is that Qiao Zhi fell off the list but Gao Ran was admitted to the university in Beijing.

So the scene of the beginning happened, Qiao Zhi broke up with Gao Ran with a painful face.

The original owner was a silly woman with only love in her eyes, but Li Yueran was not. Thinking of the ending of Gao Ran in the book, she could not wait to tear off the face of this painful hypocrite in front of her. In the book, Qiao Zhi knew that it was hard to get hold and asked Gao Ran for break up. No matter how unwilling Gao Ran was, it happened that the indicator for the educated youth to return home had come down, so Dad Gao wanted to separate the two, so he gave Qiao Zhi release letter. Gao Ran was reluctant to break up with Qiao Zhi, so she simply gave up the opportunity to study at university and returned to his hometown, Magic Capital. Qiao Zhi also hide from Gao Ran regarding his private money he had hidden over the years.

Gao Ran thought this would be the beginning of a happy life. Qiao Zhi is a talented person and will definitely go to university, giving her a bright future. So after returning to the magic capital, Gao Ran started a small business with her own private money and got up early in the dark to support Qiao Zhi to study. In addition, she also took on the task of supporting the Qiao family. Fortunately, Qiao Zhi was very kind to her so did Qiao’s family. Qiao’s mom took her hand and called her daughter-in-law and the two sisters-in-law called her sister-in-law very affectionately. Although Gao Ran worked hard and was a little tired but her heart feels so sweet.

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Qiao Zhi repeated his studies for a year before finally entered the university. Gao Ran and Qiao’s family were overjoyed. But what makes Gao Ran even more happy is that Qiao Zhi actually proposed to marry Gao Ran at this time. Although in the end, because the certificate could not be issued, the two did not get the certificate, and the family only got together after a meal. But anyway, she was given a name, which also made Gao Ran’s uneasy heart settle down. Since then, she has worked harder and harder, going through wind and rain.

Ten years later, Gao Ran’s business is getting bigger and bigger, and after Qiao Zhi graduated from university, he stayed on as a teacher and became a respected professor. Her sister-in-laws were also successfully admitted to the university and graduated from the university. After that, they went directly to work in Gao Ran’s company. With Gao Ran’s efforts, the Qiao family successfully entered the upper class of society and became a rich man. But Gao Ran looks much older compare to Qiao’s. Moreover after for so many years, she has not been pregnant but Qiao Zhi and Qiao’s family did not dislike her because of this. This made Gao Ran feel that her choice was the right one.

Until later, Qiao Zhi said that she had worked hard all these years, and signed her up for a one-month tour group to travel abroad. Gao Ran went away happily, but when she came back, she found a woman with a big belly appeared in her house, holding her man and using her things. Only then did Gao Ran realize that everything had changed. The original affectionate husband has changed. He embraced the woman and kept talking about their love, begging her to fulfill them. Qiao’s mother also changed her face, saying that she could not give birth to a child and should have asked herself to go down. Gao Ran was heartbroken, and friends around her gave her an idea to control the company. In this case, the Qiao family would not dare to let her divorce. However, after Gao Ran returned to the company, she found out that the sister-in-laws had already transferred the company’s assets during the month she was away, and now what’s left is just an empty shell.

In other words, she has nothing.

In the end, Gao Ran was kicked out of the Qiao family. Because there is no certificate, the two even saved from the divorce. Qiao Zhi came over and handed her 10,000 yuan. When Gao Ran came to Shanghai, he brought 1,000 yuan with him. Gao Ran looked at Qiao Zhi in despair and asked him why he treated her like this.

In the end, the xiaosan came out and gave her the answer. It turns out that Qiao Zhi has always been on two boats, and they were together when they went to the countryside. The reason why Qiao Zhi was with Gao Ran was to get Gao Ran’s protection. Under the cover of Qiao Zhi, the junior also took the college entrance examination and obtained the return home letter. However, because the two were tired of being together, they failed to get into college. Everything that happened after that was Xiaosan’s idea. Because Xiaosan’s parents died in the turmoil, Xiaosan and Qiao Zhi alone were unable to survive. So they planned these things together. And these were known by Qiao family. These people sucked Gao Ran’s blood, spent Gao Ran’s money, and completely cleaned up Gao Ran’s useful and then swept Gao Ran out of the house. During this period, Gao Ran’s parents wrote letters countless times, but they were all torn by Qiao Zhi and Xiaosan. Therefore, Gao Ran always thought that her family had completely abandoned her, so she would rely on the Qiao family as their only relatives.

Gao Ran was killed by the love and affection she was expecting. In desperation, Gao Ran chose to commit suicide. And Qiao Zhi and Xiaosan gave birth to twin sons, and the family lived happily together. Qiao Zhi also told his students about his love experience with Xiaosan, which was widely praised.

Thinking of this, Li Yueran took a deep breath and resisted the urge to tear apart the man opposite him! Nima! Why did the old lady travel to the feudal society, it would be fine if you don’t need to be responsible for killing people.

“Are you listening to me!?” Seeing that his words did not impress the other party, Qiao Zhi frowned slightly and asked with a look of endless pain.

“I heard! Didn’t you say break up? Then break up!” Li Yueran didn’t have the patience to continue fighting with him.

“Ran Ran!” Qiao Zhi was a little panicked when he saw that the development exceeded his expectations, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong with you? Did you misunderstand something?” Could it be that she knew about him and Anya? No no, I have already made a fore play saying that Anya is his god-sister, and she is the only one in my heart, and others will gossip because they are jealous of her.

“No misunderstanding!” Li Yueran didn’t have the patience to continue entanglement with him, “Didn’t you say you want to break up? Then break up. Anyway, yours and Anya’s return home letter has come down.  This is the poem you gave me, and I’ll give it back to you now. What I gave you, you can pack it up when you go back, and I’ll ask my brother to pick it up at night. Let’s get together and break up!” However, she is really a fool. She gave Qiao Zhi a lot of good things, a hero brand pen and a watch, which my aunt sent back to her brother during the Chinese New Year. 

Seeing that Li Yueran was about to leave, Qiao Zhi panicked, what should I do? It’s not the right plot that has developed here, shouldn’t she be crying and begging him not to break up! What should I do now? Qiao Zhi couldn’t help looking at the person behind the big tree by the roadside.

Seeing this, Anya couldn’t care less. She walked out in a hurry and grabbed Li Yueran who was about to leave, “Gao Ran, are there any misunderstandings between you and my brother? It’s fine, just talk about it.”

Li Yueran let go of Anya’s hand, “Okay. Stop pretending, you two!. Now that the letter for returning home has come down, what else do you want to use me for? I used to be stupid, and I was deceived by you in the dark. Now I understand, how are you going to use me? Me? Qiao Zhi, Anya, you two have been together for a long time, right? Anya, aren’t you pregnant right now? Are you still trying to lie to me? Don’t push yourself too far!” Li Yueran pointed at Anya’s stomach and said.

She remembered that Anya once said resentfully in the book that she once had a child, but she aborted because of Gao Ran. As a result, after ten years, she was unable to conceive and finally went to Hong Kong for an operation before she became pregnant.  Count the time, it should be this time!

Hearing Li Yueran say this, Qiao Zhi looked at Anya with a look of surprise. My parents always hoped that they could have it as soon as possible. If they found out that Anya was pregnant, they would be very happy. However, if Gao Ran didn’t go with him then his and Anya’s plans would all be disrupted. Anya’s parents are no longer there, and his parents are not in good health. There are two younger sisters to support, and he still has to study. Where does the money come from!

For a moment, Qiao Zhi hesitated.

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Anya also knew this, so she didn’t want to tell Qiao Zhi. In her opinion, a child can be born at any time. The most important thing now is to hold Gao Ran in the palm of your own hand. To be honest, since she was born the one she hates most is Gao Ran. Why is she, a country girl, living a better life than the one from a big city like herself, even if she was in the city before, her quality of life was not as good as that of Gao Ran. Perhaps because of jealousy, Anya has been paying close attention to Gao Ran’s situation, knowing that Gao Ran has an aunt in Beijing who sends Gao Ran a lot of things and lucky money every year. Anya thought of her and Qiao Zhi’s future feeling moved in her heart that why they came up with that idea. All along, things went according to her plan. Seeing that Gao Ran stepped into the trap she arranged step by step, she and Qiao Zhi could rely on Gao Ran to live to the life of their dreams. Anya was both proud and happy in her heart.

But how can things change! What went wrong?

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