Chapter 1

“I am not finished yet!”

Shouted Nolin and opened his eyes. Much to his surprise, he was lying in bed, and he was inside a room. The room looked quite plain. It had a bed; next to it, a table and a chair, both made of wood. On the other side of the bed, a cane was placed. On the other side of the room, there was a wardrobe, and next to it, a large bookshelf filled with books.

“What the?! This is my room… But how? I thought I was taken from here; I thought I was dead here! I can’t even remember how long it has been since I was summoned… I know one thing; I have been fighting tirelessly; thus, I was respected. I ceased to age after I was summoned, so I was able to fool my opponents; hah, great old times… but here?! Here I am, no one! A failure!”

Mumbled Nolin and sat up, then stood up but soon sat back down on his bed.

“Yes.. this is me… My leg is just as weak as it used to be… Hah… Now that I think about it, in this world, magic exists, but if my memory is correct, it is quite primitive due to technological improvements. My past self was bad at magic, but I am not my past self; I am me with a knowledge of a different world! I will get strong and defeat that f****** self-proclaimed god! But I don’t know how that would be possible…”

Continued mumbling Nolin but paused for a moment, and then he grabbed his cane and stood up. He then walked over to his table and sat down.

“As far as I know, the highest rank recorded in history was tier ten… I only managed to reach tier nine, I was almost able to reach the tenth tier, but even then, I don’t think I would stand a chance. No matter, I will find a level which will allow me to defeat that f*****; I will not die until I get him!”

Said Nolin, and then he stared at his table. On it, there were a few books and his phone. After a few minutes of staring, Nolin grabbed his phone and looked at the time. It was five in the morning.

“I think I will have to go to school, and since I am still at home, it should mean that time didn’t really pass while I was in that another world. But it does mean that I will have to go to school and learn again… I still have some time before I have to go, so I might as well go for a walk… judging by my leg’s condition, I will have to climb the tier list once again, but this time it will be faster!”

Monologued Nolin, and then walked over to his wardrobe and got dressed. He didn’t have many clothes, so he quickly grabbed the first shirt and trousers he could find and got it over with.

“Maybe I should bring my bag… I might not be able to come back and then go to school in time… not that I would like to go…”

Mumbled Nolin and grabbed his bag, which was also in his wardrobe. Then he walked over to his table, grabbed his phone and left his house. The streets were mostly empty since it still quite dark outside.

“It is great… the fresh air feels so great. It is not mixed with the blood of others, or smoke, or anything else. It is quite pleasant. Also, it will make my things easier; somehow, the mana here is a bit denser and purer.”

Said Nolin while he was walking, and as he was walking, a slight smile appeared on his face, but it soon faded. Nolin was walking for quite some time before he spotted a park. He decided to head there and sat down on a bench.

“I need to cure my leg, I didn’t even walk for 30 minutes, yet my leg is shaking and hurts.”

Said Nolin, and he rubbed his right leg. Then he closed his eyes and stayed like that for a few minutes, then finally he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

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“Maybe I should progress this time slowly instead of rushing things… Maybe with a stronger foundation… things would have been different.”

Said Nolin, and he quickly looked at his phone.

“I still have plenty of time before school; maybe I should start laying the foundation down and finish it during classes.”

Thought Nolin and once again closed his eyes. For an outsider, it would have seemed like he was sleeping. But in reality, he was concentrating and focusing. Meanwhile, time flew by quickly; soon, the city woke up, and more and more people went outside. More and more people visited the park, but most of them were only walking through it; however, some sat down and just enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air. Time flew by, but Nolin was suddenly interrupted. A girl around his age grabbed his shoulders and shook him. Nolin opened his eyes and coldly glared at the girl.

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The girl had very long blond hair and light blue eyes and was wearing a fancy, glimmering outfit. And she had sunglasses in her right hand.

“I don’t know who taught you this crapy technique but stop it this instant! You will hurt yourself! You should be more careful!”

Shouted the girl and glared back at Nolin.

“Hurt myself!? I don’t think so; also, who are you? Also, I am not in the mood right now, so please leave me alone.”

“What you are doing is not right! It is not the usual technique that is being taught at school! It was most likely…”

“Look, I said I am not in the mood. Also, why do you care about me? Who am I to you? So please leave me alone.”

“Fine, do as you wish, but don’t blame me if you end up dying!”

Said the girl and left. As she left, Nolin took another deep breath and looked at his phone.

“I still have some time before school starts, but I guess I should get there before time, just in case something happens.”

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