Chapter 10

Sometime later, Nolin was already in front of his house. The sun was already setting down. He took a deep breath and opened the door, and as the door opened, he could see Kaisa kneeling at the door. Nolin looked at her, and before he could have said anything, the girl spoke up.

“P-please… I am begging you… please… teach me! I am willing to do everything and anything!”

Uttered the girl; Nolin didn’t reply, only walked past her and walked into the kitchen, where he could find a sandwich prepared on the table along with a glass of milk. Nolin dropped down on the chair and just stared at the ceiling.

“My leg hurts… f***…”

Said Nolin, and then the girl timidly walked next to him and started looking at Nolin.

“Erm… S…”


Said Nolin coldly, and the girl obeyed; once she was seated, Nolin glared into the girl’s eyes.

“Teach you, you say… And in what way? Educate you about the things unique to this world? Educate you about how to behave like a human? Teach you what exactly, being concrete is a great aspect to have; beating around the bush is not my style… I am a straightforward guy.”

“Sir…Right, I am sorry… I would like to learn how to use magic properly…”

“I wanted to have a relatively calm life… It seems it will be harder than I anticipated…”

“Please… I am begging you… You are the first being who was ever kind to me… and the first human who didn’t want to kill me. I am willing to do everything within my power!”

“That is one of the main reasons you are weak… You are naive. Just because someone was kind to you, it doesn’t mean they are kind. But fine… I will teach you, but it won’t be cheap… Also, I should tell you that I am living with my mother, and she is the boss of the house. If she comes home and tells you that you leave, you leave… She already works way too much; I don’t want to make things difficult for her!”

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“O-of course… And thank you, sir!”

“I had a very long and tiring day… and my leg hurts, so I will take a shower and then go to sleep. If you want to start learning, follow my instructions. Since you are a vampire, you need less sleep than humans, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You will stay awake throughout the night. Sit down somewhere and just breathe and try to listen to the world around you. Don’t think about anything; clear your mind and try to stay as calm and focused as possible. Next morning, I will give you some more instructions. I have been told that my methods are unorthodox, but if it works, it works.”

“Y-yes… I will do that. Thank you!”

Nolin took a deep breath and was about to stand up, but Kaisa quickly rushed over to him and tried to push him back down.

“Sir. You haven’t even eaten your food… I know it is not much, but you should eat.”

“Yeah. I guess you are right. Thanks.”

“You are welcome!”

Said the girl delightedly, and she smiled. After Nolin finished eating and was about to stand up, the girl quickly grabbed his hand and helped him stand up.

“F***… My leg is getting worse… I must heal it…”

Thought Nolin, while the girl helped him get into the bathroom. The girl wanted to enter there as well, but Nolin grabbed the door and closed the door.

“He looks quite skinny, but he does have great power…I should find him some clothes; he only has three shirts left; since today he came home wearing no shirt, I presume he lost it…”

Thought the girl as she walked away, back to the kitchen, and sat down.

“What could have happened to him? I have a bad feeling about it.”

Kaisa continued thinking, and she started staring at her hand. Minutes went by and soo the door of the bathroom opened. The girl could hear Nolin’s steps, and she turned to see him, but the moment she glanced at him, she instantly turned around and started staring at her hand once again. Her face turned red, and her left eye started twitching slightly.

“Crap… he is naked; I forgot to bring him his pyjama…I soo want to stare, but I don’t know what he will do to me. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cut… But in my case, I think I will be turned into wallpaper if I am lucky…He has a great appearance, but… wait… what the hell am I thinking?! This is not right! He just forgot his pyjama and had to go and get them. At least he should have used his towel! It was just hanging on his shoulder! Or was it just a test? Maybe he wanted to see how I would react… I should be prepared; he is way too unpredictable.”

Though Kaisa, while she was still staring at her hands, meanwhile back in Nolin’s room.

“Crap… I forgot I was no longer alone… At least she was not paying attention… I will have to bring my clothes next time… I am so used to walking to my home naked that it will be quite difficult to get rid of that habit of mine…”

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Thought Nolin as he sat down by his table and just started at the table.

“Those SAFU members ruined my day. And I had to forcefully use my injured leg, so it will have a serious impact on it, unfortunately… At least they provided me with a lot of valuable information and gave me a brand new idea… If I start focusing on strengthening my body, I should be done with it in a few days if nothing comes up. As for purifying it… I would say maybe by next week… My body is wrecked! I can’t remember properly how it happened, but I would have most likely died within a year, if not sooner…”

Mumbled Nolin, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

“I will create something that no one has ever created before… But even if I have ideas of how it would work, I still need to lay the foundation first!”

Said Nolin, grabbed an exercise book, a pencil and an eraser, and started drawing.

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