Chapter 9

“What just happened?”

Asked Cyos as he finally pushed herself up after being nearly knocked out. She stood up, and what she saw stunned her. Nolin, without his shirt, was sitting on the ground while holding his cane and was looking at her; and Morni was kneeling not far from him and was shaking. In front of him was a large amount of blood, and Mori was sweating intensively.

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“What did you do to him?! Why is he like this? You monster!”

“HE attacked me first, and not ME! So I believe I gave him what he deserved. But don’t worry, you are just as guilty as him, but since you were not the one who purposely attacked me head-on, I will be gentler a bit.”

“Previously, you were only lucky! You caught me off guard; that is why you were able to land a critical blow on me! But I won’t let that happen ever again! Also, even if you have defeated Mori somehow, that doesn’t matter; he is the brain of our team! You are just a student while I am a trained second-tier magician!”

“We will see about what your so-called tier two means; because, as I have witnessed, your tier two couldn’t even be called a tier one in my book!”

Said Nolin and pushed himself up, and with his cane in his left hand, he started walking closer to Cyos, who shook her head and then pointed her wand at him and moved it slightly to the side, creating a wave of fire. The spell darted at Nolin; however, he wasn’t even phased; he extended his right hand and grabbed the air.
Instantly green energy started flowing from his grip, which turned into a long whip. With the green whip, Nolin slashed the wave of fire, and the flames turned green and then were consumed by the whip. Before the girl could react, Nolin counterattacked and slashed her shoulder, leaving a deep wound on it.


Shouted the girl and was about to cast another spell, but Nolin was faster. He delivered another attack to the girl’s stomach, and with it, he pushed her back slightly and had her lose balance, but before he could fall, Nolin’s whip twisted itself around her leg, and the girl was suddenly pulled towards Nolin. Nolin spun her around in a circle and slammed her into the wall next to him. The girl received serious damage to her head, and she stopped moving.

“Tier two? This is tier two? This mediocre level of power, this neglectable reaction time, and this non-existent magic control? Whoever taught you this should be punished; you can’t even be considered a tier one, let alone tier two! Trash!”

Said Nolin as his green whip dissipated.

“And you should consider lucky that my body is still getting used to my level, and I am still unable to unleash most of my power!”

Though Nolin, and then turned around, before him stood an older man in robes.

“Good afternoon, Nolin. My name is Loprus Olih. And I would like to apologise in the name of my pupils! Unfortunately, we have received the message that a vampire has escaped, and we have learned that said entity entered your house; thus, they thought that you had been infected. They disregarded my instructions, so they will face serious consequences!”

“So these mediocre jokes were your students… You should pay more attention to their abilities! The two of them would have been a bit more challenging to face head-on, but as they lacked coordination and basic knowledge, separating the two was easy! Also, I hope you will not forget my compensation. I lost quite a bit of my precious time; they destroyed my wand and my favourite shirt, which, although it was not very expensive, had quite a strong sentimental value!”

“Of course, We will compensate you… But young man, please, do you have a few minutes to spare? I wish to talk to you about something very important!”

“Talk like they wanted?”

“No… No, not like that. I wish to establish friendly relations with you!”

“Friendly, after you failed to educate your students properly? Unfortunately, although I seem way too green, I have to tell you something, I am nowhere near green. I can see right through you, so just drop the act. You could have stopped them, but you didn’t do that because you were also convinced that I was not human. You were well aware of the fact that they brought me here and what they wanted to do, but you decided to do nothing because if they killed me, then it would have been only an accident and if I emerged victorious, then plan B; being nice and deceitful! I can see in your eyes. You still can’t tell whether to believe me or not. Whether I am a vampire or not. The only reason you didn’t attack me is that you realised that although you are quite knowledgeable, you couldn’t judge my power; I can see that you are still thinking. “Can I beat him, should the time arise? Am I strong enough? I have been in more fights than this brat, but still, what if I am wrong?” Let me tell you one thing. You dare to cross me; I will be very f****** angry!”

Declared Nolin as he walked past the man, who was shocked and was sweating seriously. The man started slightly shaking, and after he cleared his throat, he replied.

“Young man, please forgive me for not noticing your greatness… I have to admit; what you said was mostly true, but there is one more thing that I must tell you about… or rather ask you about. Would you be willing to work as a SAUF agent, or to be more precise, a SAUF instructor… lately we have had some minor accidents, and our main force was severely weakened, and only we, such as myself, third or even fourth-rate magicians were asked to be teachers.”

“Not gonna happen. I already have a part-time job, and also, I have no intention of walking more than it is necessary!”

“Please don’t jump to a conclusion just yet! It, of course, comes with a lot of benefits and privileges! Of course, it pays quite a lot, and you wouldn’t need to walk that much; since we are desperate, we can’t afford to lose out on someone as talented as you!”

“The term “pays quite well” What exactly does it mean? Also, do YOU have the authority to make such a decision?! You just said you are a third or fourth-rate teacher! If you have a concrete proposer, with the approval of someone in power, then, and THEN only will I hear you or the messenger out! Also, if anyone learns about what happened here. I swear I will show you the real meaning of hell. I will slaughter your family before your eyes and torture you till I am bored of it… You were lucky today that I always warn people! Now, if you don’t mind, I will be taking my leave, and I do hope you didn’t forget what you and your dear students promised!”

Declared Nolin while he was glaring at the man before him, and his eyes were glowing, and as he finished his declaration, he left. The man was looking at the ground, and only after Nolin left did he walk closer to his students. He first walked over to Cyos; he kneeled down next to her and gently touched her wrist, but instantly let go of it and shook his hand. The girl weakly pushed herself up.

“Teach… what just happened?”

“We have messed up, big time! At least we have found a suitable teacher… But he will be a difficult task to persuade! He is very cunning; he saw right through even me; I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew our plan the moment you two met!”

“What are we going to do now…”

“Child, we can only do one thing. We have to gain his trust, no matter what! After the last accident, you do know how few masters we have! He is so young, yet he is already more knowledgeable than me, and I presume he is stronger as well.”

“Teach… do you know what happened? It happened way too quickly; I wasn’t able to keep up with him!”

“Child… He wiped the floor up with you! You played just as he anticipated. He defeated you without using any kind of spell; he only condensed the magical power into a whip and used it… It was intriguing to watch, I have to admit… I have never seen anyone with such an unorthodox way of using magical power!”

“Have I really offended someone this powerful?! Did I screw up everything again?! Why am I such a disappointment and stupid? I am only good at one thing, but even then, it was still used to cause more trouble…”

Cried the girl as the man kindly helped her stand up, and at that time, the old man’s right shoulder was grabbed suddenly, and he instantly turned around. It was Morni, and his eyes were closed.

“It is not your fault. Don’t cry; Nolin is not angry at you. He only stopped you, that’s all. Should he be angry at you, you would have been given a vacation to a hell of a lot of pain and nightmare!”

“Young man, how do you know that? How can you be so sure about that? You were instantly knocked out! You wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“Oh yes… that would be true…”

“Morni, You must be…”

“…If I was who you think I am…Loprus”

Said Morni and opened his eyes and started smiling sadistically. His eyes had a greenish glow, and he started at the old man.

“I don’t understand what is going on with you?”

Asked the girl curiously, and moments later, the old man next to her collapsed and slightly pushed himself away from Morni.

“H-h-how??!!… W-why??!!”

Uttered the old man, and he started shaking and sweating and pushed himself further away from Morni.

“You have already forgotten one thing… that is… taking me home; I am not very happy… so it seems I have no choice but to do it myself, don’t worry, after I am home, the driver will come back without any more injuries and harm that it was already done to him… But just to be sure, I would prepare medic to check on him when he returns.”

Said Morni, and he left.

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“He is a real beast… A wolf in sheepish clothing… or rather, a real beast in human clothing…”

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