Chapter 8

“From the sudden change in your magical power, I presume you think we are hostile, but in reality, we are actually friendly!”

Said the man while driving. Nolin, on the other hand, was glaring at the man from behind. His eyes were glowing green. After a few minutes of driving, the man started sweating visibly.

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“Wow, I have to admit, you are quite formidable, considering your age! But don’t worry, it will be over quickly! So would you mind telling me something? What are you exactly?!”

Questioned the man and looked into the mirror. His eyes were glowing red, with similar power as Nolin’s did.

“You are way too complicated… I am specialised in reading people… but you… every people are full of holes, almost like a mesh, through which I can learn many things about that individual… But you… compared to them, you are like a fortified fortress filled with traps. It is the first time that I couldn’t read someone, but I was read by that someone.”

“You are the first one to notice that you are being read! Congratulation!”

Said Nolin with a cold lingo.

“Thanks… I guess!”

Said the man, and he pulled over. A young woman wearing a training set got into the car next to Nolin, and the woman instantly shook Nolin’s hand. The woman had long black hair. She was quite sweaty and very well-built. She was wearing sunglasses, which she didn’t take off.

“The name’s Cyos Brouno. Now then, shall we test your strength, Nolin?”

“Is it really that important? I want to get it over with as fast as possible! Also, how the hell do you know my name? Well, I guess your friend, Monir, found me relatively easily, so I have ideas about how you did it.”

“Heh! It seems you are smart, and yes, it is important for your strength to be tested! Monri, take us to you know where!”

“I hope you do realise that I have problems with walking, right? And also, I am just a student!”

“Oh, no, you are not! You are more than that, and that is why we will test your strength.”

“Great… I absolutely had no f****** plans for the afternoon!”

“I am happy to hear that, so I guess, in that case, you won’t mind if it takes a bit longer.”

Said the girl with a wide smile, but Nolin, next to her, slightly lowered his head, touched his forehead and closed his eyes.

“Are you feeling bad? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing much; I just realised that I will have a long day today!”

Replied Nolin, and he sat back and looked out the window after a deep sight. After a few minutes of driving, they arrived at a large, towering building. Monri quickly got out and opened the door for Nolin, and the three of them walked to the entrance of the building. The building was a huge circular building with almost no windows. Only the top part had windows; everything below it was plain white. Above the door, there were two cameras installed, which kept on monitoring Nolin. Monri rushed ahead to open the door. First, he had to swipe a card on the side of the door, and then after a few seconds, the door opened automatically. And behind the door, a man stood, and the moment he noticed the trio, he looked at Monri.


“Yes, please!”

Replied Monri and nodded slightly.

The man stepped to the side, and the trio entered. Beyond the door, everything was shining white, and a few meters after, there was a three-way junction. Monri walked forward towards an elevator. The elevator took them down to an underground arena. The arena was massive, and just like everything above it, it was also only white.

“Does the owner like the colour white or what?”

“No, this is colour coded; every rank has its designated colour; of course, a higher ranking officer can go into lower level areas, but a lower level agent can’t go into higher levelled areas. That is why everything is painted the same colour. You could say that it is almost a free zone; that is why you could enter without being stopped.”

Replied Monri, and they walked to the arena.

“Alright! Enough chit-chat! We came here to test your strength, and that is what we will do! Don’t worry; I do know what I am capable of, so I will not hit you directly, but you shouldn’t hold back!”

Said Cyos excitedly, who had a wide smile on her face once again.

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“Now, take out your wand, and get ready!”

“Oh, great, I can’t wait…”

“So do I!”

Siad, the girl, and Nolin looked at Monri as Nolin’s right eye was slightly twitching. Monri only nodded, then closed his eyes and then walked away while shaking his head. Seeing Monri’s reaction Nolin sighted, then from his bag, he grabbed his wand, put it down, then pointed his wand at the girl, who also had her wand ready.

“Ready? GO!”

Shouted the girl, and from her wand, a tiny red orb blasted towards Nolin and barely missed Nolin, who didn’t even flinch.

“Why did you not do anything?! I thought you were ready! Are you nervous?! Don’t be; I won’t hurt you; at most, you will have some minor bruises!”

“Hah, thanks… but that was not the reason I didn’t react. The reason is that I have no intention to fight!”

“But why? I must assess your strength! Also, didn’t you say you were excited?”

“Look, judging by the fact that you didn’t understand what I meant in the first place, it means that you are the fighter, and Monri is the “strategist”, right?”

“Emr… Yeah… I am usually the frontman; he is usually the supporter; why?”

“Nothing special; it was just an assumption.”

“Now take it seriously, and don’t worry. Although I am a second tier magician, I can control my strength.”

“I am still not interested in a meaningless fight! I was invited to talk, not fight!”

“If you don’t take it seriously, I will have to resort to more drastic measures!”

“Do you think you can frighten me?”

“If you are not willing to show your power, we will just have to push you a bit… what do you think would happen if your mother…”

Declared the girl; however, she was suddenly blasted backwards while she was coughing blood. Nolin was pointing his wand at her, and she was enraged. The girl rolled all the way to the wall and then kneeled up while still coughing blood. Nolin wanted to swing his wand, but before he could cast his spell, it exploded. And he quickly brought his cane behind his back and leaned back while using his cane to not fall as a bolt of fire darted above his head. Nolin quickly stood back up and let go of his cane. His entire body gained a very slight green aura.

“It seems I have walked into your trap, am I right?”

“Indeed! You have been infected by that vampire! We will purify you and then eradicate that monster to provide a happier and safer life for everyone!”

“You truly underestimate me!”

“An average student wouldn’t have powers like yours! I have been learning from great masters, but I still didn’t reach your level of observation! Also, I know what you are trying to do! You are buying time to think of how to fight against us! Even monsters are limited to wands! You are defeated!”

Shouted Monir, and with a swing of his wand, he cast another bolt of fire aimed at Nolin.

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