Chapter 3

After the class was dismissed, Nolin walked back to the park and sat down on one of the benches.

“How dare that teacher tell me off on topics I am sure I am leagues above him! He is lucky I had a good mood, but the next time, I will not be this kind.”

Said Nolin and once again closed his eyes and started focusing. Minutes went by, and the same blond girl came up to him, who had previously interrupted him. The girl, this time, looked at him and sat down next to him, and opened her mouth to speak up, but Nolin was faster.

“So we meet again…  You came again to stop me?”

Said Nolin without even opening his eyes.

“No… I… You are strange… I don’t know how you are doing it, but people shouldn’t train like you because they would most likely die, yet you are still alive.”

“You see, many can copy me, but that doesn’t mean that they are doing the same as me; you can only see the surface of what I am doing, nothing more. “

“Y-yes… I want to apologise for earlier… I shouldn’t put my nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“I didn’t mind; not many people would try to help others… But you, you are not that ordinary; few would be able to notice that what I am doing is not sleeping but practising! “

Said Nolin and opened his eyes and looked at the girl, who seemed to be focused on his face.

“Also, if I were you, I’d give up… you’d hurt yourself if you kept that up.”

“How did you…”

“Didn’t you say “I shouldn’t put my nose where it doesn’t belong”? Did you really think I wouldn’t notice it?”

“I-I am sorry… I am just curious! You are the very first person who not only prevented me from reading your mind but also noticed it! Just who are you?”

“Me? I am a nobody! I am a failure. I can’t walk properly and has to depend on my mother only in order to survive. But at least I like reading… Anything else?”

“i-I am sorry, I- I didn’t mean to…”

Uttered the girl but was interrupted because two men wearing smiley masks, black suits, and trousers approached them. One of them grabbed the girl’s shoulders while the other grabbed Nolin’s shoulders.

“Are they your friends? Not that it matters; let go of my shoulders.”

Asked Nolin calmly and looked at the man who stood behind him. The two men looked at one another.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

Shouted the girl next to the perfectly calm Nolin. And at that moment, the two men brought forth their wands and pointed them at Nolin. Both of them slashed the air with their wands, creating a wave of wind aimed at Nolin, who was almost instantly blasted away and fell.

“You bastards! Can’t you see he is defenceless?! He doesn’t even have a wand to protect himself!”

Shouted the girl, and much to her surprise Nolin stood up with the help of his cane and dusted himself.

“You should have used more power when you hit him! You should have knocked him out!”

Said one of the men, and they once again pointed their wands at Nolin.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

Said Nolin while he was slowly walking towards the men and the girl.

“I don’t care; kill him!”

Shouted one of the men, and the two of them swung their wands once again; however, it exploded in their hands, and they fell. Their hands were severely injured after the explosion.

“There is one thing I know I am good at… And unfortunately for you, that is magic. I don’t know, and I don’t care who sent you! But you dirted my shirt, so you will pay the price for that!”

Declared Nolin and his eyes started emitting light once again. As for the men, they jumped up and rushed towards Nolin.

“It seems I was too kind.”

Said Nolin and the men fell to their knees and couldn’t move.

“From her reaction, I presume you either wanted to rob us or abduct us; unfortunately, you messed with the wrong guy. I had such a great day today, and you ruined it… thanks”

Declared Nolin; he walked back to the bench and sat back down next to the stunned girl.

“E…A…How did you do that?”


“How did you immobilise them? You shouldn’t have psychic powers!”

“Who said I had psychic powers?”

“B-but what you did could only be done with psychic powers! I have never seen anyone do that, not even with a spell, let alone without anything!”

“Although I am not very powerful, I do have the ability to control magical power… So I simply shut down some of their abilities, maybe a bit too much, judging by the state they are in; look, one of them started drooling!”

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“But that is impossible! You don’t even have a wand!”


“You know what… let’s drop it; it is too surreal for me… Anyway, thanks for saving me.”

“The usage of wands is not a prerequisite to using spells. That is only a medium to help one concentrate and increase one’s abilities. In fact, the usage of wands will only deteriorate one’s abilities over time since every medium has a limitation after which they will break. If they can’t cast spells without a wand, then they are most likely wasting their potential!”

“A-are you sure that you are just a teenager, just like me? You sound like someone with much, much more experience!”

“Who knows, maybe I am from a different world. Anyway, I have to go now… I still have things to do, and these thugs will soon wake, and I am sure they will try something stupid again, and if I paralyse them once again, they might get seriously injured, so… Yeah.”

Nolin ended the conversation, stood up and started walking away.

“Wait! Please, tell me your name!”

Shouted the girl after Nolin, who only looked behind over his shoulders.

“Call me Nolin, but I am no one important, so I am sure you will forget me soon. Now, have a nice day… Goodbye!”

Said Nolin and waved back at the girl, who remained sitting on the bench. A few minutes went by, and a few armoured black cars stopped around the park. From the cars, many armed men and a butler stormed the park. The men surrounded the two thugs, and the butler walked over to the girl.

“Young lady, I hope you are alright. It seems you have improved quite a bit since last time… You took out two men all by yourself!”

“It was not me… It was a fascinating boy! He took two blows head-on and was unscathed, and defeated them without even touching them… also, without a wand.”

Said the girl but was interrupted as one of the armed men approached them.

“Sir, we have investigated them… I don’t know what happened, but… they have been paralysed to such an extent that their heart is barely beating, and when it does, they beat irregularly… Sir, I don’t know who did it, but they are very well-trained! Beating two thugs would not be that big of an achievement, but beating them like this, to this extent… it must have been the work of someone who has been killing for years and mastered the way of killing!”

“Wait, what?!”

Asked the girl, and she was so surprised that her face fell. Only after a moment did she realise and close her mouth.

“Does that mean that that is the reason he was able to make their wands explode?!”

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“Sir… are you sure that did happen? I have never heard of anyone being able to explode other people’s wand; I thought that their hands were injured because of that someone’s spell.”

“No… he only looked at them, and the wands just combusted and exploded! Just as if it was overstrained!”

Added the girl; she looked at the thugs who were being transported into one of the cars.

“I want every possible information about a person called… Nolin! Relatively long silver hair, green eyes, a bit taller than me.”

“Are you s…”

“No matter what! Do it as fast as possible. I want to read his info within the hour! Now go, and someone take me home! “

“As you wish, young lady!”

Said the butler, and he bowed. The girl and the butler got into the nearest car.

“Nolin, hah? Just who are you? You are way too strange and mysterious! People who had skills like you would be arrogant, but you…”

Thought the girl while she was looking out the window.

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