Do you believe that, beyond this Planet Earth, even beyond this Milky Way Galaxy, another life on a remote, unknown planet is existing?

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And do you believe that, the kind of life on this unknown planet is not much different from our Planet Earth?

There is land and sea on that planet. As well as the sky and the soil. The planet possesses a very enchanting natural world, just like Planet Earth. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, forests, deserts, beaches, meadows, ice plains, and so on. The seasons always change from spring to summer to fall and finally to winter, then turn back to spring. Day and night come and go. Sunshine, rain, fog, rainbow, wind, and other changes in the weather do exist. Besides, this planet is inhabited by the same creatures the Planet Earth also owns – plants, animals, and humans. In short, everything here is almost the same as the condition on Planet Earth.

But of course, it will not be 100 percent identical. We assume that a mirror will always reflect the same motion of a creature, but actually, the motion it reflects is different, since the actual left and right are reversed with left and right in the mirror. Another example is the twin, we can always find the difference in them, at least in their respective nature.

When it comes to the difference, the human beings who live on this planet have the difference in the matter of race. Neptune people – Neptunians, with eyes in shades of orange, the girls have pink hair and the boys have violet hair. Jupiter people – Jupiterians, with their red hair and bright yellow eyes. Saturn people – Saturnians, whose hair is in a color range of shades of blue, and whose eyes are indigo or dark purple color. Ralara people – Ralarans, with their grey hair and black color eyes. And several other races whose colors of their hair and eyeballs are the result of the mixture of these three major races. On this unknown Planet, the most preferred races are those with the brightest hair and eyeball colors since the brighter the color, the more attractive the races seem; and the darker the color of their hair and eyeballs, the more disliked that races become, and the humiliations they received thence increase.

The people of Neptune and Jupiter races have similar facial and body postures, so people on this planet make the term ‘Jupitune’ – the Jupitunese, for the merge of both races. Meanwhile, Saturn people have similarities with other people from their nearby countries, such as Callisto, Io, Ganymede, and so on, the whole planet then calls all of them ‘Lismesa’ people – the Lismesan.

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The countries existing on this planet are also different from Planet Earth, and it is the same with the provinces, the districts, the cities, the street names, and so on. It leads to the difference in the system of government and politics, making it not the same as Planet Earth. Likewise, the political elite organizations and the upper-class institutions formed are also different. There are several continents on this planet, such as the Aurora Continent, the Nature Continent, and the Essence Continent. Jupiter is located in the Nature Continent, Neptune is located in the Aurora Continent, and Saturn is located in the Essence Continent. Pluto is a unique country located in both the Nature Continent as well as the Aurora Continent, only Pluto has qualifications that other countries don’t have.

In technology, the Planet is more advanced than Planet Earth. Some matters, like fashion, or some systems of health management or medical appliances, are still the same with Earth, but the different matters are much more than the same ones.

However, some problems and disasters that emerge on this planet are similar to the problems and disasters faced by human beings on Planet Earth. For instance, the uncontrolled spread of disease, which can harm people by letting them seriously ill. And those issues also exist – political conspiracies, even, victimization, and even wars between ethnic groups and among the countries. Which can easily transform a situation, from safe and peaceful, to warfare full of wounds and deaths, and cries and screams of suffering.

Then. The most crucial things. The mind and soul possessed by the people on the planet, are exactly the same as the humans of the Planet Earth possess. Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow, anger, anxiety, panic, frustration, disappointment, hatred, resentment – and love. As well as, the desire for a long and healthy life, fear of getting sick and infected with serious illnesses; the vanity of owning higher status, wealth, power, and privileges; racial discrimination, hatred between ethnic groups, confusion about their respective blood, ethnocentrism, and patriotism.

All of these kinds of emotions, are exactly the same as the emotions felt by the people from Planet Earth.

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The names of the fictional countries in this novel are inspired by the names of the planets in solar system, and the satellites that orbit them.

The citizens of most countries in this novel share the same traits with the planets and their accompanying satellites in the astrological zodiac, which are named after ancient gods. These planetary characteristics have an impact on the citizens’ way of thinking and behavior, and further, on the interactions and political relationships between countries, includes political alliances, tensions, and even war. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss the influence of these planetary characteristics in the novel’s plot.

Some of the fictional countries that will often be discussed here are:

1. Pluto, the motherland of our female lead, is portrayed differently from its representation in zodiac astrology. While Astrology describes Pluto as a tiny, dim, and chilly planet, in this novel, Pluto is depicted as a country that is neither a major power, nor excessively small or outdated nation.

2. Jupiter. The homeland of our male lead. Different from Pluto, the personality traits of Jupiterians (citizens of Juputer) resembles the Jupiter in the real astrological zodiac.

In ancient mythology, Jupiter is the King of Gods, and so is the country of Jupiter in this novel. Jupiter is recognized as the planet associated with abundance. It demonstrates tolerance and vastness. Jupiter is widely acknowledged as the planet of fortune, fostering opportunities and enhancing the advantages within the domain it influences. This auspicious celestial body also governs prosperity and substantial financial and material gains. Jupiter instills a sense of vision, hope, positivity, confidence, and smartness. It presents a broad perspective and inspires one to think on a grand scale.

In terms of size, Jupiter surpasses the combined dimensions of all other planets. Hence, it is referred to as the expansive planet, symbolizing its role as the Great Benefactor. However, it is important to note that Jupiter can also have negative traits such as excessive optimism, indulgence, and overabundance.

3. Neptune. The ancestral country of the female lead. Although Neptune in zodiac astrology and the Nation Neptune in this novel have some common characteristics, there are also notable distinctions between them. Neptune is known as a planet that inspires creativity, imagination, and sensitivity. It governs spiritual matters and subtle aspects of life. On a positive note, Neptune is linked to intuition, enlightenment, and empathy. It is also associated with mercy and compassion.

4. Saturn. The ancestral country of the male lead. Saturn Country is almost similar to Saturn in astrological zodiac.

At first sight, the concepts associated with Saturn may appear gloomy, but in reality, this planet plays a vital role in providing order and significance to our existence. Saturn is often linked with traits such as concentration, persistence, tangible benefits, determination, ambition, and efficiency. However, this planet is also known for governing aspects such as caution, postponement, restriction, responsibility, obligation, regulations, suffering, apprehension, power, self-restraint, and negation.

Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. Jupiter encourages you to have self-assurance and to aim for ambitious goals. On the other hand, Saturn helps you stay organized and focused on the present task. Saturn is associated with qualities such as discipline, restriction, obligation, and ambition, which set high expectations. However, these standards are necessary for achieving success. Saturn believes that success comes from dedication, hard work, and even sacrifice. Therefore, it instills a sense of commitment in you to attain your objectives. Saturn is a symbol of diligence and hard work.

Hence, in this novel, since Saturn and Jupiter have different views on how to achieve success, frequently have disagreements. Jupiter believes that success can only be attained by being open, flexible, and expanding, while Saturn may view that ones must take more rigid and even suffering paths to achieve success. But, it is only one of numerous causes of the disagreements.

Numerous other countries exist, with many of them bearing names inspired by the companion satellites of the four primary fictional nations’ planets described above. However, their impact is not substantial enough to warrant specific discussion within this context.

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