In a small room with dim lighting, a young man was being slapped multiple times by his stocky fellow. The slap was very hard, causing the young man’s lips to tear. Blood is poured from the torn lips. However, the stocky man is still eager to make him suffer, by beating him again, thus letting the young man lose his balance and then fall to the ground.

“Actually it’s still not enough for you, you loser Lismesan! So don’t lie down like a lump of filth, it makes me sick. Get up!”

The stocky man kicked his bullied fellow. Trying to ignore the pain he suffers, the young Lismesan man whose posture is much smaller than the stocky Jupitune man who bullied him now supports himself with great difficulty, then changes his position to kneel on all fours like a dog.

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“We have entered into this agreement, how dare you make a dispute right now! Sh*t, all words coming from the Lismesan people are all no more than a lie! But why do they send a such person like you to attend this crucial operation… sh*t!” The Jupitune man groaned.

Clenching his teeth against the pain, the young Lismesan man bites his lip in silence.

The stocky Jupitune man then spits, his splatter of saliva falls right on top of the young man’s head. And besides, it also splashes onto a laser pen which was still displaying the electric screen in the air, while the Lismesan man continues to observe it with a stiff expression like a statue.

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