Chapter 136: The Stallion Male Who Had Seized The Opportunity 8

When the two children were fighting in jest, the four adults finally decided on the ownership of the 180,000 yuan money. The two families shared the money equally, each accounting for 90,000 yuan. The money was invested in the Yan family to open the braised food shop.

“I think the flavor of this braised food is so good that we can’t lower the style at the beginning.” Jiang Yahong spoke first.

“Zhonghua, Xiujuan, you guys sell breakfast. You also know the influence of the decoration and brand on food pricing. Why are the meat buns on your breakfast cart only selling for one yuan, one yuan five for one, while those well-decorated breakfast shops can sell buns for three yuan or more? Isn’t it because people have made different packages for the same meat buns?”

Jiang Yahong felt that her enterprising spirit of opening a small supermarket in the past got reactivated after tasting the braised meat made by the Yan family, which suddenly gave her a new lease on life.

“The flavor of your braised food is ten times better than that sold outside. It doesn’t make sense to sell it at the same price as others. Jiandong and I have traveled to many places over the years. We have eaten a lot in the braised food shops with a long-established reputation. I can assure you that none of them tastes as good as yours.”

“Since we are planning to open a shop, we should not let others think that the things in our shop are of the same grade as those in the deli shops in the food market since the beginning. First, the decoration of our shop should be better. Second, the price of braised food should be higher. In the beginning, we should make people feel we are Hermes in the braised food and have the impression of Rolls Royce in the braised food.”

Jiang Yahong’s spittle was flying all over the place, her eyes were shining, and she almost slapped the table to express her passion.

“The price is too pricey. Will anyone buy it?”

Jin Xiujuan opened her mouth and asked worriedly.

“What are you afraid of?” Jiang Yahong said confidently: “Look at the prices of 300 or 400 yuan for a plate of vegetables in the top restaurants. Don’t the spendthrift and foolish still take advantage of them to eat them? How can we taste worse than those things? On the shop’s opening day, we will try our best to fan out the smell of braised food. There may be few other things in Huai City, but there is no shortage of rich people. Over the years, many people have spent a lot of money to run to Huai City. Will there be a shortage of people willing to spend money to buy enjoyment?”

Besides, Jiang Yahong did not plan to price the braised food as gold, just two or three times higher than the market price. If the taste is truly delicious, many people would be willing to buy it.

“However, if I truly planned like that, the initial investment of 180,000 yuan is definitely not enough. My family still has some savings. Old Bai and I will add another 300,000 yuan. We will do it in one step and clean up the shop.”

Jiang Yahong thought that this business was still very prospective. At worst, if the trade was not good, they could cut the price. Anyway, the taste of braised food was there. It was absolutely impossible not to sell it. She had not seen that the owners of the cooked food stalls in the food market were all worth three or four suites. This thing was hugely profitable.

Jiang Yahong’s aura overwhelms the whole situation. Yan Zhonghua and Jin Xiujuan did not care much at first. Bai Jiandong was very proud to see his wife full of vim, even more so because what she said was right.

“480,000 yuan is almost enough. You provide the recipe, which is the soul of the braised food shop. Although Jiandong and I pay a lot, we also take advantage of you. We will take 10% of the profits of this shop.”

Jiang Yahong felt that asking for 10% seemed quite a lot. She was very optimistic about the future of the braised food shop. Although she spent nearly 400,000 yuan in the early stage, if the shop developed well, it would be enough to pay back its capital in a few years.

“How can we do this?”

The Yan family naturally objected, and the two honest people felt sorry to see that the Bai family paid so much money and only wanted 10% of the dividends, so they had to divide it again.

Finally, they settled at 3:7. The Jiang family would get the 3, which was already the result of repeated requests from the Yan family.

“Actually, it’s the same no matter how they are divided. Anyway, in the end, it’s for the two children. It’s just that Lingling and Little Chu are very enthusiastic. Who should be with whom?”

Jiang Yahong felt that she had to manage this braised meat shop well. This shop was her daughter’s future dowry and her son-in-law’s family property, and it depended on him to live a happy life.

“That’s a good point. No matter how much money we make, it’s for our children. This family property will be for our grandchildren and yours.”

Jin Xiujuan also turned this corner. No matter how to divide it into the left hand and right hand, in the end, they belong to the same family.

The four adults were cheerful as if they had seen the scene of their children’s graduation and wedding ceremony and imagined their lovely grandchildren. By the time Yan Chu and Bai Ling came out of the room, the four adults had already called each other parents-in-law, but the thin-skinned Bai Ling was ashamed.

The braised food restaurant that Yan and Bai’s families invested in together successfully opened three months later and soon opened up in Huai City.

Because they were picky about every furnishing and decoration in the store, the cost exceeded the original 400,000 yuan estimated budget. The Bai family paid for the goods, and the Yan family took out the 50,000 yuan they had saved for their son’s college education.

This braised food shop did not disappoint the expectations of the two families. All the braised food in it was top-selling. Even if the price was much higher than the ordinary braised food on the market, they did not scare people away.

In particular, after opening another specialized area in the store that sold braised pork noodles and braised chicken rice. The rich, salty, and savory new dishes attracted more white collars working nearby. Although the lowest price of each order was 128 and the highest was 188, the supply still did not meet demand. Especially during holidays, there was a long line outside the braised meat window and a vast crowd inside the restaurant.

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In a short time, neither of the two families intended to expand the scale. They planned to wait for the popularity to be higher before considering other options.

High pricing meant greater profits. Apart from the first month of opening, every month after that, the store can have a net profit of 700,000-800,000 yuan every month. The cost recovery was faster than the two families imagined. After their wallets got bulging, the two families would have different mental outlooks and naturally treated their children more generously.

The location of the braised food shop was far away from the community where they lived. At first, they chose a neighborhood with high-end residential areas and dense office buildings nearby. Now the store was swamped every day. It had only been open for less than half a year, and the two families dared to let go of the subordinates, especially in finance. They kept focused on everything themselves. Therefore, Yan Chu and Bai Ling had settled their lunch at school every day since the start of term, and weekends were the busiest time for business in the store, so naturally, it was even more so.

Initially, since the family was already well-off, the parents of both sides agreed to find a nanny who could cook for their son and daughter. But Yan Chu refused and took the initiative to feed Bai Ling on weekends.

Yan Chu was not the same person now. In the past six months, he had successfully completed the tasks assigned to him by the system one after another and learned a lot of recipes. But Yan Chu felt it was not a good idea to take too many steps in a short while. Therefore, he had only gradually improved the braised recipe in the past six months and had not shown his ability in other dishes in front of his family.

He only used 20 to 30% of his level in cooking on weekdays. Just from this, Bai Ling often felt she was enjoying a lot of food. In just six months, she gained several pounds. It was still the result of Yan Chu’s daily morning running exercise with her.

“Carrots can benefit the liver and improve eyesight. If you rub your eyes every day these days, you should eat more.”

Yan Chu watched Bai Ling pick the carrots from her lunch box into his. He frowned and said, “Look at me. I’ve never been picky eaters.”

Yan Chu took a bite of the carrot in his lunch box as an example as he spoke.

Since a large-scale food poisoning incident occurred in the school cafeteria, Yan Chu and Bai Ling’s lunch had become a box lunch they brought from home. Yan Chu made it after his morning exercises, and Bai Ling was responsible for setting them up.

Some students in the school did the same thing as them, especially the third-year students, who had developed the habit of bringing lunch boxes. Although the canteen’s contractor had changed because of the food poisoning incident, everyone was worried that such a thing would happen next time. The parents were unhappy to see courses being delayed a day at such a critical time.

The school also knew they had made a mistake, so they specially placed several microwave ovens in the canteen. There was a full line of students heating their lunch boxes every mealtime.

“What you don’t like to eat, you won’t cook it.”

Bai Ling muttered in a low voice, looked at Yan Chu’s expression, shrunk her neck, and obediently put the picked carrot back into her lunch box, like swallowing poison.

In addition to coriander, carrots were her worst enemy in this world.


Looking at the deflated Bai Ling, Zhang Zhi could not help laughing.

The couple’s existence was also a wonder in the third year of high school. So much puppy love got eliminated in the bud by the head teacher and the teaching director. But this pair had been strong until now.

The school called both parents too. As a result, they were happy to see their children dating. They also said this was an arranged engagement, and they could not be broken up. It made the head teacher speechless.

Especially in the past half-semester, their scores had gotten a lot in every monthly exam, and the head teacher had turned a blind eye to them.

In the past, the most feared thing about puppy love was delaying study, and the first taste of forbidden fruit in a moment of impulse, resulting in somebody’s death, and the school would be held accountable for it. Now the two people’s grades were getting better and better, and their parents were also allowed their relationship, not involving the school. Why should they stop it?

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Zhang Zhi was very envious of such childhood sweethearts, but it was a pity that her childhood sweetheart ran away during the growing-up process.

“Have you ever heard of stone gambling?”

Zhang Zhi, an 800-watt light bulb65light bulbunwanted third guest; the third wheel, was full of public displays of affection, covered her lunch box, and asked Bai Ling and Yan Chu mysteriously.

“My little uncle is doing*24doing*from 干 [gàn] that can mean as to do or to f*ck (vulgar) this. On New Year’s Day, he will bring a batch of goods from Myanmar. Why don’t we have a day off in our third year of high school? Let’s go and broaden our horizons.”

The conditions of Zhang Zhi’s family were still pretty good. No one knew what her family did, but it was obviously unusual for the car to pick up and drop off her every day, and there was also a full-time driver.

She did not have the wealthy lady’s finicky. She also wore jewelry worth more than tens of thousands, but she also liked the jewelry she bought from the stalls for more than ten yuan. She often invited Bai Ling to buy clothes in small clothing stores and enjoyed bargaining. She was the most ordinary and unassuming rich person.

It was also the first time that she knew about stone gambling. Zhang Zhi still liked jade ornaments. In addition, she did well in the mock test. Her maternal little uncle said she could choose a stone for fun. If jade came out, it would belong to her.

Zhang Zhi was totally eager to try and impatient to share this interesting story with her good sister.

This time, not everyone could enter the stone gambling. All the materials were of good quality. Those who could enter the venue had to pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan in advance, and there was no introducer. Money did not necessarily lead to invitations.

Zhang Zhi asked her little uncle for two more spots. She wanted to take Bai Ling with her, and Bai Ling and Yan Chu were conjoined twins. Now that she had asked for more places, she asked straightforwardly for one more from her little uncle.

Zhang Zhi’s little uncle had two sons. And for this most precious niece, he almost responded to her every request. After chatting with his niece not to run around that day, he agreed. After Zhang Zhi got through to her little uncle, she began to tell Bai Ling about it.

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