Chapter 42



All of us, members were having our breakfast and everybody’s phone pinged. All received a text. After reading we looked at each other. 

“Jungkook’s father.” Hobi hyung said. 

“Yes, same.” Suga hyung replied.

“But, why does he want to meet us?” RM asked.

“It’s only time and place. Nothing else though.” Jin hyung replied to all.

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“Okay, let’s get going then. Maybe something important.” Jimin said this time and all agreed.

All of us, 6 members left after  we finished with our breakfast. Upon reaching the destination, we saw Jungkook’s father waving at us.

“Hello Uncle, are you well?”

“Good morning Uncle, all well?”

“I hope all is fine. How is everyone at home?” 

We all greeted him but he didn’t reply instead showed us the way inside. We all found it very suspicious. What is he trying to do. We were all on our guards. We saw a few men in black standing around in the house. We all looked around and sat on the couch.

“Don’t worry, they are my bodyguards. They won’t harm you. I am sorry if you feel intimidated. actually they are always around in plain clothes, so you must have never noticed them.  I got work after this today, so they are in uniform.” He said and we were all relaxed.

“Uncle, there is probably something wrong, and that is why you asked us to meet here. Isn’t it?” Jin hyung asked him and he nodded.

“I visited Jungkook’s doctor yesterday for collecting some reports.” Uncle said and looked down at his feet.

“I thought I should let you know, because I want his last days to be happy and peaceful. And I have called Yugyeom back. But he said he can’t come. I can understand his feelings. It isn’t easy to experience the same thing twice.” Uncle said and my world came crushing down.

“What are you saying?” I stood up and asked him.

“He has only a month at max. Although it had been a year with no problems, he still started experiencing things 3 months back, but he ignored. And now this.. We can’t blame him too. Even though we were told of all of these before the transplant, we still were preparing for this day since he was 5 years old. What we didn’t expect was Jeongukk leaving us so early. But even after that I didn’t think in my dreams, that we would still have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to him in the end. Very rarely people live for more than 10 years atleast after the transplant. But there are even cases where they haven’t lived even for a day.” His father explained.

“Does he know this yet?” Jin hyung asked, but uncle didn’t respond, so Jungkook isn’t aware of this yet.

Why did I have to experience this again? I had to go through the pain of Jeongukk disappearing so suddenly. And as I had started giving up on him returning back, I was struck with his death news. But I had gotten so used to his absence, that his death news didn’t affect me much. Hearing that he donated his heart to his brother, Jungkook, I started feeling this feeling of him being around. Also, I was feeling something very different for Jungkook. I had started liking him. While we were working together on our album, I got to know him and got so close to him. I had developed feelings for him even without me realising about it.

Now suddenly today, his father asks us to meet and says Jungkook has got only a month at max? How do I get through it. Here I was preparing myself to propose him and make him mine. Here I was wanting desperately to announce to the world that Jungkook was mine alone. Here I was planning to spend my life with him peacefully, making music while taking care of Jeongukk’s Art Gallery. and now I have to prepare myself for his death?? I have to start preparing to say goodbye to him?? Should I sacrifice my dreams again? Won’t I get a chance to tell him that I love him? And even if I get a chance, I have to say it while I will be breaking from inside?? No this wasn’t acceptable at all.

“I’m leaving. Don’t come after me.” I said and left from there..

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“Let him go.” I heard Jin hyung say.

“He has to…. again…” Jin hyung sighed.

“What do you mean?” I heard uncle ask.

“He loved Jeongukk. The day he was about to confess, we came to that Jeongukk has left Korea and dropped out of school. Only to hear about his death 6 months ago from Yugyeom, a few months back when Taehyung forced Jungkook to stop pretending, because Taehyung thought Jungkook is Jeongukk and he is putting up an act of not knowing us. And now, he’s in love again after 10 years, with the very own brother of his lover. But poor boy, why does it have to be him again? He was preparing to propose him, and we get this news now.” Jin hyung explained to him.

That was the last thing I heard. After that I left. I, myself wasn’t clear about what I should be feeling now. All I had were mixed feelings in my heart. But I was sure of one thing…..


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