chapter 43


We had finally decided on a family vacation with all the BTS members and my family. I made sure to leave a text to Yugyeom to come join us even though it was only a few days since he left. I wanted him to have a good life, fall in love, get married and have a small beautiful family of his own. Well, I missed him though.

One thing I noticed about everyone- all were being very careful and extra nice to me. Should I call it a good days or beginning of something bad? Forget. I only want to spend a good quality time with all. And I was thinking of proposing to Taehyung during this time of our vacation.

Evening arrived and we all reached our destined place. It was a huge villa covered with forest on all sides. The view was captivating. I unknowingly held Taehyung’s hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“It’s… I feel like I have entered heaven already. It’s beautiful, Tae. Isn’t it?” I said my eyes not leaving the view in front of me.

“Umm.. It is for sure. I am glad you liked it.” He replied.

“I don’t like it. I love it!!!” I replied to him.

“I know.” He said.

As we entered the villa, I took in every piece of the view there. There was a swing and a small porch at the right corner of the villa, with a very wide swimming pool in front of it. The open sky above the pool and the forests made it seem like the water in the pool was blue and green at the same time. My legs automatically took me in that direction.

“Jungkook where are you going?” Appa asked me.

“Dad, I will go sit there for a while. You guys settle down.” I replied and there was no reply.

“I will go with him, uncle.” It was Tae’s voice.

I went and sat on the  swing. It was big enough for 3 people to sit on. Tae came and sat besides me. I didn’t bother looking at him, because right now, my heart was really taking in the view in front of me. Maybe, hyung also liked such quite places. I felt very nice. Just then, I felt Tae’s hand slipped under my arm and hold my hand. I looked at him.

“Hey, let me ask you something.” Tae said and I nodded.

“What is love for you?” He asked me and I was, I don’t know what I felt in that moment.

“Love????” I said and paused.

“Love is letting go.” I said and he raised his eyebrow in confusion.

“Why do you think so?” Tae asked me.

“Tae, I will tell you a short story.” I said to him.

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“Um hm, go on.” He replied with a  smile.

“So, there was once this boy, let’s say A, who was loved by B, a girl for a really long time. But A, saw her as his only best friend. He loved her too, but as a friend. He never realized that B might love him. Everybody around them knew that B loved A, except for A. They were known as childhood sweethearts. One day, a new transfer student comes in.  A boy. Let’s say his name is C. Now C is a very handsome and at the same time a very cute boy. Without even realizing, A finds himself attracted to C, unknown to the fact that even C feels the same. A few days later, it is like planned by fate for them and they happen to be partners for a project. They get very close to each other and now it seems it’s impossible for them to not be together. On the other hand, the girl sees this all. She notices the change in the behaviour, the way of looking between these 2 boys. One day, she asks C to meet her and she asks him straightforward if he has any feelings for A, for which C admits. Now is the real test.” I said and looked at Tae who was listening very attentively.

“Then? What happens later? Does A have feelings for C too?” He asked and I nod at him saying yes.

“Umm.. Poor girl. What does she do then?” He asked and I smiled.

“What do you think she would do?” I asked him and he happened to ponder over a while before replying.

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“Does she confess to A?” Tae asked and I nodded to him.

“Well, she again asks C to meet her. C goes, but he is unaware that even A is asked to meet there. They both find each other, but that causes misunderstanding between them. They don’t say anything and wait for the person who called them. Upon arriving the girl goes directly to A and confesses to him. Now A is in a dilemma. He can’t lose his best friend even if she loves him, and he can’t lose the person whom he is madly in love with.  Seeing all these, C makes a decision and takes a step back. But, the girl is reluctant and threatens to end their friendship. Finally after a while, A takes a final say. He explains why he can’t lose both and he himself lets go of his love as well as his friend and then with a very heavy heart, changes school without any notice.” I said..

“Then what about C?” Does he give up? Doesn’t he look for A?” He asked me.

“Yes, he does find A. Exactly a week after, C sees A crossing the road, but he is in his own world. Doesn’t realize the change in traffic lights and gets hit. C rushes to and insists to go to the hospital, but A says he wants to say something first. A tells C, that he loved him, and he didn’t want to let go, but both were very important people and he didn’t want to lose either. He wanted to save both from getting hurt, C finally admits to A, that he loves him too. What A requests C is to let him go too. He asks him to remember him, but move on and not to blame the girl and then breathes his last.” I said and stood up and went upto the pool.

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