chapter 45


It’s only been a week I guess or maybe a little over a week since I came back to America. Jungkook didn’t contact me. I knew he wouldn’t but I still wished he could. I decided to start my family business first, but then I thought, I have always wanted to do something different and simple. I was of course rich, I didn’t have to work at all, but then I wasn’t the one to sit idle. 

I was thinking of starting my own company, but what company? And what would I like to do? I haven’t thought of it yet. My train of thoughts was broken by my phone ringing continuously. And I was really shocked to see Uncle calling me. I quickly received the call.

“Hello uncle, How is Jungkook?” was my first question.

“Yugyeom, I want you to come back. I know, Jungkook won’t call you, but he is unaware of what is waiting for him.” Uncle said to sighing.

“What is wrong? Is he fine? Any problems?”

“We did his few reports. And according to it, Jungkook…” Uncle’s voice broke at the last.

“Uncle, Jungkook what?” 

“He’s got only a month.” Uncle said and started crying.

“What?????” I almost yelled. 

I lost my balance and stumbled. I hurt my leg, but that didn’t matter right now. We strived so hard to keep him alive for what? in the end to lose him forever? To let him die for real at last? He almost died twice. I hit my chest for the pain was unbearable. He was all I had, my family, my everything. I wanted him to be with me when I would  fall in love, I wanted him to be there when I would propose the love of my life, I wanted to introduce him as my family, my brother, my best friend. I wanted him to be my best man when I would get married. I wanted to share my joy with him when I would become a dad for the first time. I wanted my kids to call him uncle. They would be so proud to have him as their uncle. What not did I think of in that moment??!!!!!!

“Yugyeom? Son, are you there?” Uncle called me over the call.

“Yes, yes. I heard it all uncle. But I won’t come. I can’t see him dying. I will try to come though, but I am not promising. I am sorry. Please understand me.” I pleaded to him.

“Ok son. I know and I can understand you. But don’t be too late. Or I am afraid you won’t to get say your last goodbyes to him like Jeongukk. Bye.” He reminded me and hung up.

He was right though. I was lucky to get to say my last goodbye to Jeongukk hyung. How can and will I forget it? The last moments of hyung. It was like he was waiting for me to promise him. And he left after I did…. 

“F*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cursed at myself and held my head and chest and cried aloud. 

“I am sorry hyung, I am sorry.” I said in between crying.

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“I couldn’t keep my promise to you. I didn’t take good care of him. I am sorry hyung. Please forgive me if possible. If I could I would really give my life to him. But unfortunately I don’t know how. I am sorry.” I lied on the floor and cried bringing my knees to my chest like a baby.

I was feeling so helpless right now. I thought about Uncle Aunty. It’s only been a year, hyung left and now if Jungkook leaves, they will be so heart-broken. Its’s not like I am not their son. I am their son too. But after all they gave birth to them and raised them, made sure both were loved and cared for, made every effort to keep Jungkook alive, but then now even he is about to leave. 

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Suddenly, I don’t know why, but I felt bad for Taehyung. My heart ached for him. Hyung left without saying a word to him. 10 years later, I just tell him that he’s dead. He must be heart-broken right now. I somehow felt that he loved Jungkook, whatever reason maybe, but his love was genuine and evident even if he didn’t say it loud. F*ck this life!!!!!

My eyelids were getting heavy, maybe because I was crying for I don’t know how long. I was unable to fight back now. So I let sleep take over.

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