chapter 46


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Taehyung and me finally confessed over love to each other. I was very happy and my joy knew no bounds. That day we all grilled meat and had barbeque party. All Moms cooked food, while our Dads decided to arrange all cutting, mixing and other things. As for us boys, we sang songs, danced. I felt tired more often. But Taehyung was being more attentive towards me. He fed me, made me drink juices.  Overall, everybody made sure I was fine. Every one was being over-protective of me.

When everybody went to bed, I went out without anyone noticing and sat on the swing on the porch. I was in between deciding whether or not to call Yugyeom. I missed him a lot. Finally I decided to toss a coin. Heads-call, Tail-no call. When I tossed the coin, it went up high. While the coin was in air, I knew what my heart wanted, so I didn’t wait for the result of the toss. I would still do what I wanted. I dialled his number. My heart was racing as I waited for him to receive my call. He finally did.

“Yugyeom, how are you?” I asked upon receiving the call.

“I miss you, Jungkook-ah. I really miss you.” He replied.

Wait! Was he crying? What is wrong with him?

“Yugy, are you not well? Are you crying? I miss you too. Can you come here? I need you by my side.” I told him.

“I know, I am leaving tomorrow. I am coming there. How can I not? You are my only brother.” Yugyeom said and that made me smile.

“Okay, listen. I confessed to Taehyung today. He did too. Wah!!!!! I am so happy. First I wanted was to tell you. So I sneaked out after everybody slept.” I told him very excitedly.

“Wow!! That’s great Jungkook-ah. I am happy for you. Really!! But why did you sneak out? It must be cold outside. Go in. Don’t catch cold.” Yugyeom started his typical brother role and trust me, I missed this side of his.

“Yeah yeah okay. Don’t worry I will go in. And what time will you reach here?” I asked him.

“Umm.. let’s say I will come very soon. But now you go on sleep. It’s late already.” Yugyeom told me to go in again.

“Okay okay. Fine. Good night. See you tomorrow.” 

“Good night.” And then we hung up.

I was very happy and excited. Tomorrow when Yugyeom comes I will ask him to tell me what to do. I officially wanted to propose Taehyung. With Yugyeom here with, everything will be fine. I know that for sure.

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