chapter 47


Today as informed by Jungkook, Yugyeom, his brother, was coming back to South Korea. They talked about it last night. And ever since then, Jungkook was a different person. Like wow!!! A single person can change you totally, the impact he had on Jungkook’s life was unbelievable! But well, since they were together since childhood, they were more attached to each other. But it was really a sight to see their bond. 

It was almost 12 Noon, but Jungkook wasn’t up. Everybody were in the dinning hall for brunch except him. I am not sure if anyone noticed that Jungkook wasn’t down. Everybody was busy planning a surprise for him. This was going to be our last goodbye to him. We decided to shoot a video separately saying things that we wanted to say to him. Our discussions were stopped at the car stopping in front of the villa.

“Hi..” Yugyeom entered but….

He was covered in blood. What had happened to him? We all rushed to him and Jin hyung and Namjoon hyung helped him sit on the couch.

“Yugyeom, are you ok? What happened to you?” Taehyung asked him sitting next to him.

“Taehyung-ah, where’s Jungkook? I wanted to se him first.” He replied.

That’s when it hit everyone, Jungkook wasn’t down yet. Ever since we came here. Jungkook has always been the first to wake up. And today he wasn’t even down yet. It was unlike him.

“Ah, now that you asked, he must be sleeping in. It’s ok. He needs rest. Let him rest.” Taehyung replied to him.

“Okay. Ah and this? Actually there was a accident on the way here. I just helped them. It was a couple with a small kid with them. They are fine. I took them to hospital and even called their relatives. It’s just that I am tired and hungry. Maa, is there anything to eat? I’ll go have a quick shower.” Yugyeom replied with a smile and everybody sighed with relief.

“Oh my, you really scared me. What will I do if everybody leaves me? Come here. Let me give you a hug.” Jungkook’s mom hugged him and he did the same.

“Don’t worry. I am not leaving even if you ask me to. Now since they have decided to leave you to me, I can only happily accept you. Isn’t it? Excuse me. Will be back in 10.” Yugyeom said and he left.

Everybody felt his pain. Especially Taehyung, his face immediately fell. I saw him like this when Jeongukk had disappeared. And this was the second time I am seeing him. I already feel bad for him.

After about 15 minutes, Yugyeom came down and everybody had their brunch. Jungkook was still not up.

“Jungkook is still sleeping?” Yugyeom asked after an hour. 

“Yes, I checked on him. He’s still on bed. So I didn’t disturb him.” Jimin said.

“Well, I am not you. I am born to disturb him. Let me go see him. You guys have made him lazy with all the pampering and care.” Yugyeom said and he went upstairs.

“Is it okay to let him do that?” Jimin asked looking at everyone especially Taehyung, who looked…. jealous?!

“Actually, there’s only two people who can do that. Jeongukk and Yugyeom. Let him do it for a last time.” Jungkook’s dad said.

“Should we go check on them?” Jin hyung’s mom asked.

“I guess we should, just because I am worried. I never saw Jungkook be in bed so late since we have come here.” This time it was Suga’s father.

“I agree, he is the only one who walks with me in the morning everyday. Even though he gets tired and then we stop and sit and talk. Today even I was shocked that he didn’t show up. I even tried calling him. He didn’t receive.” Jin hyung’s brother said shocking everyone.

“He goes walking with you? Wow that’s unlike him.” All 6 boys said in unison.

“Yes, I mean I go running. But even I did some research and it’s not good for him to run, so I started walking. But I can make out he’s getting tired from his breathing and the way he speaks. Then I force him to stop and have rest.” He replied.

“Anyways, rather than running later, let’s go up.” Jungkook’s father said and we all went upstairs.

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