chapter 48


As suggested, we all went up. Jimin slowly opened Jungkook’s bedroom door. But to our surprise, Yugyeom wasn’t in. 

“Wait, didn’t Yugyeom come up to wake him?” I asked Jimin and he nodded.

“He did, but… where is he?” He asked me in return and we all looked at each other.

“I am here….” There came a reply from behind we all turned back.

Yugyeom was behind us. He had a cup of coffee and Jungkook’s favourite steamed bun. It as hot, we could see the steam. The smell of the coffee was very intoxicating. It was very strong. We all looked at him and the tray in his hand.

“What? I went to get this. Why are all of you here?” Yugyeom asked looking at us.

“Nothing, they were just worried.” Jimin replied pointing to everyone.

“Worried or jealous?” Yugyeom asked pretending to sniff around.

“I can smell something burning. But don’t worry. If I had to, I would never let him meet you.” Yugyeom said and everybody’s eyes went wide at the sentence.

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“Well, I am sorry, but I know you don’t like me and Jungkook being very close. Well, we are brothers. And I have been through life and death situations with him. I have seen him grow into what he’s  today. I have seen him falling madly in love with someone who is so stupid to see that for the first time. Jungkook? And love someone other than his hyung? IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Yugyeom replied and he went in.

“It’s okay Tae. He was purposely trying to provoke you. He knows you love Jungkook too. He was the first one to know that and he even told us. This was one of the reasons why he left for America last time.” Jungkook’s mom told me and I was very much shocked.

“Aunty, I am sorry. Actually , I did misunderstand them first. But later I understood them. I am not jealous as a lover should be, I just…. I just envy him as a person. He’s so close to him. I mean I have seen them. If I didn’t know they were brothers, I would mistake them as a couple. I envy him that he’s had so much time to spend with him. And look at me. It’s been like what half a year? I fell for Jungkook. And now I have to prepare myself to say bye to him.” I said the last line and my tears flowed down and all I could do was walk away.

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