Chapter 49

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It was almost a week now. Jungkook was feeling a  bit lively after Yugyeom had arrived. I did find time to speak to Yugyeom of our purpose for this vacation here. I asked him to prepare himself. I could not console him after he broke down. So I called for my wife. She was the next closest person to him after his two brothers. Luckily, she succeeded.

“Let’s brace ourselves, and give him a good farewell for one last time. Okay? Let’s be strong together. It’s only us 3 now. These people, they will leave, but it will be us who will be with him till his last moment. So we can’t cry or fall weak. Promise me.” And like that he promised her.

Today morning, when I was going through some of my work, I got a call from the doctor. I didn’t receive for the first time. But he called again. I had to answer now. I looked around before answering.

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“Hello, is everything alright? How is Jungkook doing?” He asked me.

“Well, he is doing fine. He is in good spirits ever since Yugyeom has come around. And I guess even Taehyung and him are close. Guess they both are in love.” I said with a sad smile.

“That’s great then. I actually didn’t want to call. But there are a certain things which you should be looking out for in these last few days.” The doctor said and I agreed with him. 

I felt someone’s presence around so I turned around to see Taehyung and Yugyeom standing there. I just let my tears flow. They say, Dads are the strongest and they never cry. Who would tell the world how it is to lose 2 grown sons in a short time. Who will tell them how hard it is to prepare ourselves for this one specific day that too since the son is only 5 or 6. Both boys walked quickly to me and hugged me.

“Uncle, is all okay?” Taehyung asked.

“Paa, who was it?” Yugyeom asked.

“The doctor called. Just to look out for some things in these last days. That’s it.” I said and wiped  my tears.

“Do you wana talk about it? About Jungkook?” Taehyung asked me.

“Yes, what Taehyung means is, even though you are a Dad, you too have the right to be sad, to feel the pain, to cry. You comfort everyone, it’s not necessary. We are here for you too. Paa, please. You have us. You have me and aunty still. Don’t you? Ha? Paa….” Yugyeom said and, if I didn’t hear him say this words myself, I would never believe it.

“You have grown up, my boy.” I said patting his head.

“Of course I have to be. I have to look after you both now. Who else do I have left?” He asked and we both felt his pain. 

But there was one thing I observed. Taehyung and Yugyeom had one thing in common. They had lots on their minds, but they spoke very little. And that very little was enough to break everybody’s hearts.

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