chapter 49


Jungkook was being very suspicious. Today was the second day of him ignoring me. Yes, he was clearly avoiding me at all costs. And whenever I saw him, he was with Yugyeom. They were talking and talking and talking. What in the hell were they talking so much about? I was getting irritated. I decided to confront him while we have dinner together. He will have no chance to run away or avoid me. 

It was almost 8pm. Everything was set at the big dinning table outside in the lawn. When I came down suddenly all lights went off and only one focus light was on me. What was happening? Everything went silent. And a video started playing and it was Jungkook. He was in his bedroom on his gaming chair. When did he do this? Is this why he was avoiding me? I had a lot of questions in my mind. He, then started to speak.

“Taehyung-ah, it’s almost a year since I met you, since I know you and since I felt this weird connection with you. Although it was because of my heart, I then, started to like it and even without realizing I started loving it. I don’t remember when I started to like you or when I fell for you, but I know one thing for sure. If I ever wanted to fall in love, I would always wat the person to be you and no one else.” He went on smiling and my heart was filled with happiness.

“Taehyung-ah, I know you were super-jealous because I was continuously with Yugyeom and ignored you.” He said and laughed.

Holy Moly!!!! His laugh was so soothing!!! And he did notice me frowning? Wow! You deserve to be my boyfriend very rightfully.

“My love, there are two things that will never be separated from Jungkook. My family and you. Because Jungkook will be just as dead with any one of these missing. Let me clear today. Yugyeom and me have been childhood friends, after his parents passed away, my parents wanted to adopt him but his grandma didn’t allow. But ever since then he is my brother. And yes, I don’t feel bad and even you shouldn’t if I say that he is more close to me than you. After all if not him, Taehyung would never find this Jungkook. He is a sweetheart. And even you should like him. Please don’t hate him. He is my brother and my only friend. And I wish even you become friends with him.” He noticed my insecurity regarding Yugyeom and thought it important to clear it.

“I know!!!! I know he is important!” I said with tears in my eyes and smile on my eyes.

“Aahhh!!! Look at me now. This was not what I wanted to say now. Sorry I forgot  what I wanted to say.” He said and made a cute face which made me smile like crazy. 

“Ahh!!! That smile. I fell for that smile of yours. Taehyung-ah, with everyone present here today, in front of all our families and friends, I want to tell you something. I know I have less time left.” 

Wait, did he just say he has very less time left? Does he know? I furrowed my eyebrows and started looking for Jungkook’s father and Yugyeom.

“Are you wondering how I know this? Well don’t. I will tell you. I over heard Dad speaking to doctor uncle and then you guys talking. Sorry I didn’t mean to, but I was surprised to see you 3 together and was coming to you when I heard it all and left after that. But that’s not important. What is important is what I wana tell you.” He said and then took a small box from his drawer. 

He opened the velvet covered box and there was a ring in it. I covered my face with my hands. Gosh!! Tears started falling from my eyes. I sobbed like a child.

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“You cheater!!!! I was suppose to propose you. Why did you have to do it first???” I yelled at the top of my voice.

“Well, you can now.” Came a voice from behind and all lights were on. Everybody cheered us and all were only smiles.

“I hate you, Jungkook-ah!!!” I said wiping my tears.

“I love you more, Taehyung-ah!!” Jungkook said and went on his knees and held the box in front of me.

“Will you be mine? I just want to spend whatever life I have with you. I have everything, I just need you. Nothing else. Will you be the love of my life?” Jungkook on his knees proposed me.

I could only smile even though my heart was breaking from inside. Yes I was greedy for his lifetime company, but I had, even less than a month. It was almost 2 weeks. Which meant it was high time now and anytime anywhere we would have to be strong-minded and ready to say goodbye to him. 

“What are you thinking? Say yes Taehyung-ah!!!” Everybody was trying to cheer me up even though they knew it was hard for me.

I held Jungkook’s shoulders and made him stand. I extended my left hand to him and he gladly put the ring on my finger.

“Gladly yours!!” I said to him and hugged him tight.

“I love you. I will till my last breath. I promise!!” Jungkook whispered in my ear and I felt the purpose of my life was finally achieved.

“Will you be mine as long as you live?” I asked him and he smiled.

“Do you even have to ask?” Jungkook questioned me back.

“Ehh, just formality, you know!” I said and we both cracked laughing along with everybody present.

“Yes. I will.” He said and then I took his hand and put my ring on his ring finger.

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We finally kissed each other in front of our families and there were only cheers erupting and our friends even managed to arrange for fireworks as well as rose petal shower which I guess even Jungkook wasn’t aware of, as he looked very surprised. We raised toast for all of us and for us and had a very beautiful ending of the day. A day which will be engraved in my heart forever!! The day when we officially became each other’s. The day we challenged life and death. The day we decide to write our own destiny.

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