chapter 51


Jungkook was with Taehyung and the other members at the BTS’ house. Yugyeom drove him there because Jungkook wasn’t feeling quiet well. He had become very weak and he easily got tired even after speaking 2 words he would stop and breathe. People around him took great care of him. They made sure he was comfortable. Today they were about to watch the videos of everybody saying their last farewell to him..

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“Hobi hyung, play the video. Everybody sit back quick.” Jimin said and came back and sat besides Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah, remember one thing, since we are all aware of the situation, everybody decided to say their farewells in a good way, happily. So if you, at all, feel uncomfortable, even a bit, you should tell us. Promise?” Jimin asked Jungkook to promise and Jungkook agreed.

Taehyung sat on the other side of Jungkook. Yugyeom was right behind him. Jin, Namjoon sat on Jimin’s side and Suga and Hobi sat on Taehyung’s side. The video finally played. And the first one was Jin.

“Hie… my cutie-pie. Where do I start from? Okay I know exactly what you will like to hear… Jeongukk? Isn’t it?” Jin said in the video.

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“Yes, of course.” Jungkook said looking at Jin.

“I know you will. So Jeongukk just came over for lunch once. And he loved my cooking. So he started coming here for breakfast, lunch and dinner too (laughs). Even your mom worked with me as a Chef. She taught me a lot of dishes. Oh my mouth still waters even at the memory. Your mom’s cooking is the best. But what’s important right now is saying this stupid farewell.” Jin said and everybody started laughing.

And as if Jin already knew, these boys would laugh at him…

“Laugh, laugh… how I know? Ahh telepathy you know I know You know. (laughs again). But on a serious note,  Jungkook-ah, I don’t really know how to do this s***, but I will try. Because we are never taught to say goodbye to someone you really love. Isn’t it? But still, I guess this is still the best way, because I would never be able to do this in person. So yeah, have a safe journey there and don’t worry about your parents because they still have 7 sons to care of them. My only regret is that I could not pamper you with lot of delicious food like I did for Jeongukk. I will always be your hyung and yeah…. I love you. Will miss you, dongsaeng-ah.” With that he waved bye and then left.

“Hyung, I love you too. I will miss you too. But you have to keep your promise and you have to live well for me.” Jungkook said with a smile and Jin ruffled his hairs while smiling.

“Hello, my friend, my kookie, aren’t you being  very selfish? I mean how can you just decide to leave? Well, I am just kidding. Don’t take it to heart. I love you bro.” Jimin’s turn to say his part now.

“I won’t take it to heart and I know you love me chimmy.” Jungkook said to Jimin who was sitting beside him. 

“Kookie, ah! that day on the flight.. I was so happy to see you, I mean your hyung. But I was really disappointed to know that it wasn’t your brother, our friend. Well, when your so called manager-nim gave us the biggest shock of our life, even though nobody noticed, I was very heart-broken. I cried whole night that day. I miss Jeongukk even today. But who knew, he would leave us his only brother whom he loved even more than us that he didn’t even say bye to us.. But also who knew, that the only brother would also leave and we might have to prepare a goodbye speech for him. But I am grateful Jungkook-ah, that you came here, you became friends with us, we became best buddies, brothers now.  Thank you. I love you. And it’s difficult but, stay happy and live well on the other side. We will join you later okay. Say hi to Jeongukk for me and tell him I miss him.” With that he ended his farewell.

“Chimmy” Jungkook hugged him when he saw he was already crying besides him.

“I don’t want you to leave. Can’t you stay a little longer?” Jimin asked and that was it.

Jungkook was getting uncomfortable, but he hid it and patted Jimin’s back till he calmed down.

“I am sorry, chimmy.” Jungkook said and smiled sadly at Jimin who wiped his tears and smiled back.

“Guys, let’s take a break. Should we get some drinks and something to eat for now and then continue?” Jin asked and everybody agreed.

“Taehyung, walk with me out? I am feeling stuffy.” Jungkook said and Taehyung quickly agreed.

 “Yugyeom, walk along, come.” Taehyung called Yugyeom along which surprised everyone.

“Okay. Let’s go.” He replied and he helped Jungkook stand up and the trio walked out.

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