chapter 57


“He was my twin brother. My hyung. He was acting like my manager. Wah!! It’s been more than a year. It’s unbelievable how fast the days went by. Well, the main reason today I am here is to give you, my dear fans a chance to say their goodbyes just like how I am here today. I don’t have much time my lovely fans. And it hurts to say goodbye. I will be gone anytime. Yes. I will be gone anytime.” I said and lowered my head down sobbing.

“Jungkook, are you alright? Do you need a break?” My CEO asked patting my back.

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The whole room went dead again. The only sound that was heard were my sobs. My breathing was becoming ragged. I couldn’t breathe properly. Suddenly somebody sat besides me and held my back. A familiar feeling, a familiar touch and a familiar warmth, I knew who it was. So he finally decided to come. I looked up and he handed me a couple of tissues.

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“You’re here!” I said while wiping my tears.

“What would you do without me, you clumsy kid.” Yugyeom said smiling.

He looked up and adjusted the mic.

“Okay, so I will continue this further. I am Yugyeom, Jungkook’s manager since American Music Label. Well, it wasn’t until last month that we came to know that had only a month at most. This conference was his idea. He thought, he shouldn’t leave his fans without giving them a  chance after all, you fans, are his second family. Trust me when I say this, I absolutely hate him. Why? Because probably I have spend whole childhood, teenage years, his trainee days, after becoming an idol the whole journey upto here. And now I have to let him go alone. It’s not like I can go with him too.” Yugyeom said with a laughter and he lightened up the tensed room.

“Jungkook-shi, this might completely sound very weird, but any last wishes that you have and would like your fans to do it for you?” One of the reporter asked.

“Last wishes? Well, nothing in specific. Write to me on my timeline, or inbox me. It’s true that I absolutely loved reading the hand written letters my fans sent me. There were very heart-touching. I could see the tear stains the letters had, which probably were my fans who cried like fools while writing to me. But if you write to me now, I might not have the time to read it, or maybe I will be gone by the time it reaches me. So write to me on my social accounts. I will try to read as many as time allows me. Also, I have a friend, whom I love. Well, most of my fans supported me when I came out as gay. I just want to tell him that I love him a lot. Also, I want to give  a shout out to another very dear friend of mine, Taehyung from BTS. If not for him, I won’t be able to complete a tribute song to my hyung.” I replied and took a breath.

“Well, Taehyung and my hyung were friends before and that’s how I know him. Also, as you all know I have been a fan of BTS for long, so yeah, to share a little secret, Hobi hyung is coming up with a whole album, support him as you have done for me. Also the other members. And apart form BTS, there are many groups, solo singers, artists who need you support. I know you guys have always been and are loyal to me, and I will be happy if you support all the other artists out there. Be good, be loyal, love more, don’t hate and……….” I stopped as I choked upon my own saliva.

I coughed very hard. Yugyeom was quick in patting my back. Everybody panicked. I was quick in holding a tissue. Why? I coughed up blood. I turned around and wiped my face. My nose bled too. No. I don’t want to show myself like this to my fans, to the world. Yugyeom gave me a heads-up before turning around.

“Sorry, just cough. I am fine though.” I said.

“Jungkook, are you sure to continue? We can always stop here. Your fans will understand you.” A reporter said.

“After this conference they won’t get to see me. Let them see me for a while more. Also I have to say one last thing.” I replied to him.

“Yeah sure. Go on.” The reporter said.

“My lovely fans, don’t be sad for a long time after I’m gone. Just remember I will always love you all. I will remember all your love. My only request is please don’t forget me. Keep me in your hearts. Also make sure my family, friends, and all my fans are safe and sound after I leave. If one day from now on you wake up and come to know that I am gone, don’t be too sad. I promise I will be fine and happy and I will watch you from up there. Lastly, My labels, American Music label CEO and staff, colleagues, I miss you all. I love you. And HYBE, my new label, my mates, My CEO, thanks for all the care and help you offered when I moved here. ANd till now. GOODBYE. I LOVE YOU ALL!! PEACE!! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!” With that I stood up and did a bow and waved to everybody. 

I could see many reporters wiping their tears as I waved and smiled to them. As I got down the podium, they made way for me and everybody raised hands to shake, I did as many as I could. I bowed to them showing my respect. As I went out, I saw Taehyung running to me and he hugged me hard. Ahh!! The best thing, his smell immediately calmed my racing heart. I patted his back.

Then came all the BTS members, everybody hugged me, there were also all the other label mates. Lastly my parents stood there. My mom was crying and Dad holding her. As I walked to them, all the memories since childhood flashed in front of my eyes. Hyung was gone, I am leaving too. My heart bleeds for them, but I have some relief, as they still have Yugyeom and he still has them. And then realisation struck me. Yugyeom. I looked around, he was gone, he wasn’t around. 

“What happened love?” My mom asked and I shook my head. 

“Mom Dad, I love you.” I said and hugged them both. 

I was happy the media left me on my own to have my time there. They were there, but all kept a distance.  

A while later we all left home. Yugyeom was already home to my surprise. He was smiling me. He was weird. I didn’t dare say anything, but I will for sure. I was breaking piece by  piece from inside.

“Mom can you cook all my favourite dishes today?” I asked Mom and she quickly agreed.

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