Chapter 1: Origins (Arc: Return)

“The devil is always inside of us. It is chaos and is always trying to take over the weakest mind. They wait when we are weakest to sow their darkest evil thoughts on us. We cannot avoid the devil, we can only fight back. Will you let the devil within you take over?”

Thousands of years ago, the First Age, God created the universe, stars, planets, and life. He created angels as the first children, Adam and Eve as the first humans and let them live in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer, the first child of God, despised man and considered God to have betrayed his faith. The first thing he disguised as a snake and lured Adam and Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit to drive them out of Heaven. The plan was soon revealed by God and Lucifer was severely punished, but Adam and Eve were banished to the Human World. The time had come, Lucifer’s Betrayal broke out in Heaven when he led a billion angels against God. They called that war was “War In Heaven”. The war was so terrible that the whole universe shook and millions of angels killed each other. It all ended when God’s strongest angel knight, Archangel Michael, defeated Lucifer and dropped him into the Human World. With hatred and anger at its peak, Lucifer came to Hell, the realm of the dead. And he with his might became the highest ruler, Prince of Hell of Pride. Those who followed Lucifer to Hell became Devils and those who wandered the Human World became Fallen Angels and were never allowed to step foot in Heaven again. He unleashed darkness upon the Human World of nightmarish creatures, vampires and werewolves, two creatures that looked down on God and mocked the perfection He wanted. Vampires, blood-sucking creatures like bats with the most formidable power. Werewolves, crazy beasts that only kill and eat. But God couldn’t kill or exterminate any living thing, instead turning nightmarish creatures to have their weaknesses. The secret war between Heaven and Hell always took place with the three creatures Human, Vampire and Werewolf as their pawns. Weak humans couldn’t stand against these wicked enemies. Until a unique event took place, many vampires left the darkness and followed humans, they called themselves “New Hope” and fought to protect humans. They were enlightened by God and humans, so they swore to protect His human creation. The New Hope vampires didn’t drink human blood but drink animal blood to help them quench their thirst. The werewolves after hundreds of battles decided to give up and retreat to the caves and forests to hide from the war leaving the battlefield between the two vampire factions. The blood-drinking vampires call themselves “Predators” and waged war with the New Hope faction for all, they called it “The Eternal Blood War”. In this war, hybrid beings were born, Hybrids spieces, half-human and half-vampire or half-human and half-werewolf. Possessing the genes of the three races made them a powerful force that tilted the war in favor of New Hope. But even though Hybrids were numerous, a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid was too rare and almost non-existent. Until Lelouch Mcloucht was born, a only hybrid between a vampire and a werewolf, a warrior that will change everything, even the outcome of the war between Heaven and Hell.

In 1025, at one night at Durendal Castle, one of the key castles of the New Hope faction was besieged and attacked by the Predator army. They used catapults and fired boulders to destroy the castle walls. The Predator vampires rushed to the wall and tried to break the gate. The vampire knights inside tried to hold the gate. They shot arrows and poured kerosene for defense. Suddenly an iron battering ram was pushed forward and destroyed the gate. The knights hurried back to the stairs to the castle. A horde of vampires entered the castle and entered formation to slay. They immediately attacked the castle. When our side was entering the castle to defend, there was only one person going in the opposite direction from them. He walked menacingly with iron armor and a sword on his back. On the sword was a glowing red diamond. He put on his helmet with the top half of a wolf. Everyone became afraid to look at him even though they knew he was on their side. A vampire lunged at the knight, who immediately grabbed him by the neck and smashed his face down the stairs. Another man lunged forward and swung his sword at the knight, but he punched him in the face and blew his eyes and brains out. Another group rushed in at the same time so the knight grabbed the hilt of his sword and swung a slash that cut off the heads of all those who rushed at him. The silver blade was swung out without a drop of blood with red strange runes on its body. Dark blue guard with two spikes protruding on both sides and hilt guard. It had a red diamond in the center of the guard and a crimson hilt. The blade was also had five small spikes on both sides on the bottom. The enemies stopped, they became extremely scared of the knight in front of them when they saw that sword. One said in fear:

“The Alpha God sword, the sword that killed all the vampires it swung. So you are…”

Suddenly his head was severed. The speed was so fast that no one noticed that the knight had been standing among them ever since. Inside the helmet was an excited and confident smile, he said:

“I’m Langress Mcloucht. The strongest Hybrid in the world.”

Before the enemy could understand or form anything, Langress immediately swung his sword around and slashed everyone around. The blood spewed out covered Langress’s armor and the enemy became too scared to run away. Langress licked his lips like he was about to enjoy a feast of slaying, he said in horror:

“Bring them all!”

That moment made the heads of all enemies fall, they could no longer scream for forgiveness or run away, only death and blood. Langress killed all the vampires he saw, even the fugitives, but he was not spared. A large vampire entered, he was five times taller than Langress, he looked at Langress killing his enemies and said arrogantly:

“Langress Mcloucht, I am the strongest general of the Predater faction. I challe…”

Not letting the enemy finish his sentence, Langress immediately cut off the general’s head and said dejectedly:

“What did you say? Speak quickly?”

Langress had killed all the enemies that attacked the castle, his armor was covered in blood. Langress took off his helmet to reveal short black hair and half right blood red eye and left yellow eye. He put his sword behind his back and said excitedly:

“It’s only been one round, but it’s already weak. Give me more.”

Langress didn’t notice a living guy sneaking closer to stab him. When he raised his dagger, his head immediately fell. Blood splashed on Langress’s hair, he angrily said:

“Lancerlord, stop getting blood on me.”

Lancerlord Ambyx, Langress’s best friend came after killing the last one, he had snow white hair and golden eyes. Lancerlord stood beside Langress and said:

“Due to your carelessness, killing an enemy but never checking if he’s really dead.”

Langress replied:

“Yeah, but this guy is definitely dead.”

Langress lightly kicked the body of the general, he said:

“Yeah, he’s really dead.”

Lancerlord replied:

“We managed to stop a wave, but the castle gate is gone.”

Langress said:

“Well, this is hard.”

Suddenly a fire cannon ball flew inside the castle towards Langress and Lancerlord but they dodged in time. Langress said in surprise:

“What the heck was that?”

The Predators brought out their new weapons, giant cannons pointed at the castle walls. They opened fire and destroyed the wall. Lancerlord was a little worried, he said:

“The wall has fallen, we must retreat now.”

Langress immediately rushed to the enemy, he said excitedly:

“Why not kill them all now? Let’s go Lancerlord, let’s see who kills more?”

Lancerlord got bored and said:

“Always the most dangerous actions.”

Lancerlord drew his sword and darted after Langress. The two darted so fast that the enemy couldn’t aim well enough to hit them with arrows. Langress jumped up and pulled out the Alpha God sword, he pressed his finger into the red diamond causing his blood to flow and cover the blade. The Alpha God blade turned into a blood blade. Langress slashed down and killed multiple enemies at once. He immediately turned around and swung a powerful slash killing several more people. There was blood all over his face, but Langress’s face was always a smile that was hungry for battle. Lancerlord attacked the cannons, he kicked hard and destroyed one cannon. Another pointed at Lancerlord and opened fire but he dodged quickly so the cannon ball hit their side and exploded several of them. Langress and Lancerlord fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder and made a perfect duo. Suddenly a cannon ball flew towards Lancerlord while he wasn’t looking. Langress rushed forward and shouted:

“Lancerlord, dodge now!”

Lancerlord quickly turned around, but the cannon ball was already in front of him and couldn’t be dodged. Langress pushed Lancerlord away and was hit by a cannon ball in his place. Langress’s entire armor exploded and he was burned and severely wounded. Lancerlord caught the charred body of the fainted Langress. Lancerlord quickly grabbed the Alpha God sword and brought Langress back to the castle to heal. The priests in the castle were shocked by Langress’s wounds and it seemed that they were unable to heal him. Hybrid was very strong and could heal quickly, but because the vampire bloodline had a weakness in fire, wounds like being burned will be the hardest to heal. The priests put Langress in a coffin to allow him to slowly recover from his wounds. But before the coffin could be removed, the Predator vampires stormed the castle and killed everyone. Everyone fled, including Lancerlord, who wanted to stay to protect Langress but was taken out by the soldiers. Durendal Castle collapsed that night and buried Langress’s coffin. No one knew where it was or if Langress was still alive. Gradually the stories of Langress were forgotten and only remembered as the strongest Legendary Hybrid. Also over time, Humans grew more and more greedy. They feared the warriors who were protecting them and hunted down all the vampires. Hybrid spieces were gradually hunted to the brink of extinction by both humans and the Predator faction. There was too little left to fight to protect the humans, the others followed Predator faction after being betray. The great New Hope faction was overthrown and destroyed by the very people they were willing to protect. But the war between humans and vampires continued to this day.

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