Chapter 5: The Being Called Nuon

“Come with me. If you pass, you’ll be included within the ranks of the adventurer’s guild. This is how we’ll be doing this. Yeah.”

His voice was deep and very much fit his appearance.

Lusha sighed deeply.  Another obstacle in front of her path. The man wore a gold pendant around his neck. A gold level adventurer. 

Sigh… another obstacle within her path. She needed to become a part of the guild so that she may get close to the elites and finally face them in combat. 

But if this was necessary to do, then she’ll have to play along. She could not afford to rid herself of her ticket within.

“Very well! What is your test?”

“Not here. Follow me.”

They promptly left the building. 

“Oi, giant, where are we headed to.”

“There is a place, follow me.” 

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Lusha couldn’t stand this man at all. He always spoke promptly and with too many damn orders. 

They walked a while with the man ignoring many of Lusha’s questions, which annoyed her more than anything. They soon found themselves at the outskirts of the city.

“Where is this place you’re taking me? I’m growing impatient.”

“Very well, let’s speed things up.”

Without any warning, the man broke out into a full sprint. This caught her off guard. Nuon, despite his appearance, was immensely fast. Actually, he was faster than Lusha was capable of going at her current state.

After waking up from a 200 year nap, her joints were exceedingly stiff. She had to resort to flight. Trailing just 20 meters behind Nuon, she managed to keep up.

After a good 5 minutes, they appeared somewhere far away from the city by at least 20 miles.

Nuon had stopped earlier than her and stood with his hands folded awaiting her to also stop. 

“Good, we’ll stop here.”

Lusha stopped her flight and lowered herself to the ground, planting her feet firmly on the soft mushy soil.

“Oi. What’s with all this? What kind of test do you intend for me to do all the way over here?”

The area was completely devoid of trees. Only grass and shrubs remained nearby.

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“First, I will introduce myself. I’m Nuon Grisly, the Morning Star.”

“Lusha. Lusha Veriscilis. Can we get this test over with?” If there’s anything about Lusha, she was impatient. Always had been.

Nuon nodded.

“To put it lightly, I’ll be exterminating you here. As I cannot kill a fellow guild-mate, the mission had to be taken before your appointment into the guild.”


Of course, it must be that old man.

“Though I’ve only recently joined the adventurer’s guild and attained gold rank, I’m estimated to be around the level of platinum or hero.”

“I’m someone very bored of the adventurer’s guild. I only do missions to keep my money up. If I had more motivation to do quests, I’d for sure have reached the ranks of Hero.”

The adventurer’s guild does not work solely off of the capabilities of the individual joining. It is a combination of factors, from the amount of missions they complete, how efficiently they do the missions, and the speed of which the mission’s complete.

If one was to try and perform a mission outside of their grade-scale, they would be denied. Of course, they do sometimes make exceptions, which is why this brobdingnagian only remained at the level of gold.

Normally hearing that this was a man of platinum capability would frighten everyone before them, but right now, Nuon was seeing something else. On the face of the witch, was glee. A purely ecstatic grin overtook her mouth as if she was possessed.


She couldn’t stop herself from laughing – even as a whole minute had passed by.

Nuon glanced at the maniac, wondering why it was so that she was laughing. In his briefings it was noted that this being was either a demon, or a spy from another country. He had leaned more so towards her being a spy, but her display now, perhaps she was a demon after all.

Who else would laugh in the face of certain death like this. If the aura felt earlier by the adventurer’s room was from her in the interrogation unit, then it would be a no brainer that she was about to be cleaved right this instant.

Lusha finally calmed down. On her face was pure joy and she pleasantly told the man. 

“If killing me is what you wish to do then…please…- please kill me, Mr platinum hero.” A slight tint of red showed on her cheeks as she pleaded for death.

Nuon was taken aback by this. Demons should not be so expressant, but regardless, the lady was about to be dead. 

Nuon took a dagger out of his side and held it in front of him. Manipulation magic [Spirit of Former]

The small dagger was only 8 inches long in stature, but just as he had activated his magic, an aura of blue encompassed the blade. The energy took the form of a giant cleaver, almost 12 feet long.

This technique was the first one that Nuon had learned when he was just a runt. The dagger had been carved out of what originally was a giant cleaver. By doing the technique the “phantom limbs” as one may call it, of the former blades glory reappears.

Due to it being composed entirely of aura, the rest of it held no weight, and he could easily move the 12 foot blade as if it was just a dagger. Such an extension allowed him to cleave through multiple people at once. 


Lusha didn’t know what happened, but before she could finish her sentence, she realized she was looking at her own body while floating through the air.

As her head tumbled through the sky, the world continuously shifted around her. She saw her body flying through the air from impact, blood spraying and coloring the world red, and lastly, Nuon, standing parallel to her, giant cleaver in hand.

“Don’t take it personally.” 

Spy it is then. He thought. Surely, a demon would have been much stronger to take down, especially if it was the one described earlier.

He picked up the head that had rolled at least 20 meters away. “At any point, I better get back and turn in this mission. Sorry kid.”

Nuon loved a job that came with money. This one was much too easy, he felt that the chancellor jumped the gun on this one. Regardless, if his pay wasn’t meted out to him, he would probably meet the same fate. He didn’t want to get his hands dirty with the blood of children.

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