Chapter 23 – Confrontation

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Luon woke up the next day refreshed after a successful night of cultivation. He exited the Vortex Container to head towards the dormitory cafeteria to have breakfast, and along the way, he met up with Gizmo, Bendan, and Tyron.

Today’s class was Commander Training, and this was held in Varz, after all, if large groups of students were to take forever to do their matches not everyone could have a turn.

Bendan with keen senses looked at Luon with admiration. Bendan realized that Luon was extremely diligent last night significantly tempering his fragile body and he couldn’t help but smile thinking that the manuals they helped procure aided in his improvements.

Bendan couldn’t help but ask, “So how much stronger did you get? What’s your combat level now after last night?”

Although the BMPU is an omnipotent scanning device, it has its functions disabled when scanning anyone else carrying a BMPU due to privacy. The only reason that Luon was able to evaluate people so far was thanks to his uninhibited Eye of Insight skill.

Gizmo and Tyron who heard Bendan mention Luon got stronger than yesterday looked at him with surprise.

Luon modestly replied to his friends, “You know before I didn’t have a tough body, last night I just started cultivating, and I went up to level 39.”

“Really?!? Even I don’t get that huge of an improvement when I cultivate and train. And I do that every day, every hour, every second. ” Bendan replied shocked at Luon answer.

Gizmo than gave Bendan a strange look and said, “You train every minute of your life? Does that mean you’re training right as we speak?”

Bendan gave Gizmo a nod, and he began to pose himself as he points out that within his clothing are tons of weights tempering his body all the time.

Luon and Tyron looked at Bendan with admiration at his commitment to getting even stronger. Luon began to consider doing the same as well but too bad it was much better to train in Varz and adjust oneself in reality.

“Well unlike a muscle head like you, Luon here could only have massive improvements because he only just started cultivating, almost everyone who started cultivating raises their combat levels by about 15 in a few days. Luon would be considered normal if he had started at the same time” Gizmo explained.

Gizmo began to display his extensive knowledge about how the combat levels were graded. Although the exact values were hard to determine with a vast amount of research put into this topic people found that the most important factor determining the levels is divided into 3 major categories: the physical body, the mind, and abilities.

The grading used for the mind is determined by the value of a person’s creativity, ability to spontaneously think of solutions, reaction speed, and technique execution. The smarter one was, the more flexible his options were during the battle, even a single millisecond of delay in hesitation could cost one’s life.

In fact, it was much easier to refine particular combat techniques to handle their intended situations, if one had a million techniques for every problem and godlike reaction speed who could possibly stop him? All of these factors added together increases a segment of the combat level.

Most of Luon’s levels comes from the mind as he had fought many intensive life and death battles and with his profound analysis of different races attack patterns and trends he was able to handle most of them with ease.

However, despite his mind being superior, his physical body was lacking compared to the one he had forged in the simulation through battles. The physical body is one of the most important factors in determining the combat level which is why Luon had gained many levels after a single night of training.

Luon’s body is currently equal to an ordinary Inzektor soldier around level 30 if one had to compare it with athletes several centuries before his performance is nearly double of what they can do.

And the last major factor in determining combat levels is abilities. Particular skills like Body Reinforcement magic, offensive magic like Fireball, and other skills increases the combat level significantly.

When Gizmo was done with his little lecture about combat levels Bendan nodded as he came with an understanding. He then said, “So if I wanted to improve my combat level, instead of tempering my body which I do all the time I should raise my cultivation levels, learn some combat and movement techniques instead right?”

“That’s correct but don’t forget that combat levels aren’t everything. If for instance there was a man level 50 and all he did was train his body. He had no abilities, and he’s kind of dumb. This man fought another man who was also level 50 and was an all-rounder. As they would fight the all-rounder might find himself having trouble fighting the muscle-brained man as his physical capabilities may be too lacking to penetrate his defenses. With a superior physical body not only are you faster and stronger, even if you lack the techniques to get the most value out of your moves it would be difficult to lose.” Gizmo said.

“Uhh, can you dumb it down for me? Just a little,” Brendan said to Gizmo’s long speech.

Gizmo sighed and said, “Imagine yourself playing a game character, and all you did was put your stats in strength, you get a flatly large amount of damage compared to mixing your stats and adding the chance to do critical attacks.”

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Enlightened by Gizmo, Bendan said, “Chance to make critical attacks? Wouldn’t that depend on too much luck?”

Gizmo sighed even more, “Luck? This is reality, not a game don’t get it mixed. The better your techniques are, the more lethal your strikes would be. Look at Luon if he was a game character all his attacks would cause critical strikes but would lack the power behind it. He only beat Zythos because of his overpowered sword.”

Luon shook at Gizmo’s quick answer. He was right the only reason Luon had won was due to his quick thinking and his sword, and now that he had lost it he was lacking a trump card to use in battle.

The group eventually reached the cafeteria, they gathered their meals from the friendly kitchen staff and began eating at a table.

It wasn’t necessary to eat at the cafeteria as the liquid from the Vortex Container could sustain people indefinitely, but eating food in reality nowadays would provide proper and better nutrition values. Cooking had become more profound as Chefs would mix of mana and qi infused inside each meal.

The most common skill in cooking in this era was Manaqi Cooking and this in itself has a vast amount of history which could make up an entirely different story.

A few minutes after arriving at the cafeteria the surroundings got rowdier, and a few minutes later a group students domineeringly walked to Luon’s table.

At the head of the group was Zythos’s little follower and bootlicker, the rabbitkin Chester Hopkins.

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“Well, well, who do we have here? The 2 fools that were playing catch with projectiles and the bastard that dared harm the young master.” Chester said intimidatingly. Or at least he tried to intimidate the group, but they were unfazed by his expression, imagine a rabbit scrunching his eyes and mumbling gibberish, who could be afraid of that?

Luon and Tyron continued eating as if they didn’t hear anything. However, Gizmo decided to retort to Chester. As for Bendan he also continued to eat like normal, but internally he felt that he was just air, his impressions of Chester dropped since he wasn’t mentioned before and ate silently.

“Feeling a little edgy today Chester? Haven’t got your daily carrot intake yet? 2 fools playing catch? Why not look at your pathetic match that’s some lackluster acting right there. You wouldn’t even star in a drama with that kind of level.” Gizmo replied.

For the matches held in the previous combat class, the ones involving Zythos’s groupies were lacking despite being from a soldier faction. They were more like playing around, they didn’t fight properly and were just plain lazy to do so.

Although Chester was angry at Gizmo’s reply he buried it down quickly, he was a soldier, not an actor. They were continually training at the faction barracks, and school was there only for them to do whatever they wanted. It couldn’t be helped that they were playing around a little.

Chester turned and faced Bendan who despite being big, was dejectedly fading his existence out and said, “Well, well, Bendan Chen instead of hanging out with these fools how about you join our group? You would make a fine soldier for the Mythos clan.”

“Well, well, your face! Do you not know any other lines? Shamelessly promoting your shitty group, I bet you don’t get much from the Mythos clan without begging for it. Your weak and your whole group is weak, fat, and lazy,” Gizmo replied.

Chester couldn’t help but burst into anger because of Gizmo, he could stand being belittled a bit but making fun of the Mythos clan was his last straw. Gizmo had pushed too many of his buttons, and with anger, he said, “Gizmo, oh Gizmo buddy your asking for a beating aren’t you?”

With those words, Chester and group began to emit a deadly, bloodthirsty aura as they charged their mana and qi levels rose.

Luon didn’t expect that things would escalate this much from just a verbal debate. Luon, Tyron, and Bendan who had finished eating also began to prepare for combat. The surrounding students quickly evaded the collision caused by the two groups started stepping away swiftly but were eagerly watching.

“Stop.” Before the fight could even start a voice penetrated the souls of every single person in the room.

Two men walk into the scene interrupting and suppressing the desire to fight. Immediately right away Luon recognized one of the men as Captain Waver, his combat instructor.

“If you want to fight you can do it in your classes, do not break any school regulations by doing improperly managed fights.” Captain Waver said as he stared at the group.

Chester dejected at his words replied, “Then can’t you monitor this one then? It will be over really quick.”

Captain Waver gave a deadly stare a Chester causing him to flinch. He then said, “Where do you think you are right now? It’s the cafeteria, not the arena and soon you will have your classes for the day. Get moving don’t make me repeat myself.”

With those words, Chester and his gang quickly scrambled off, before he left the room he yelled at Gizmo, “I’ll get you next time, make sure you save some money for your hospital bills.”

Luon, Gizmo, Tyron, and Bendan stood there dumbfounded, they quickly turned and faced Captain Waver with admiration. With strength and authority who would dare to cause trouble?

Captain Waver noticed their glances, coughed and said. “What are you staring at you guys get going to your next class as well.”

Not wanting to cause any more trouble for Captain Waver Luon and the others headed back to their room to enter their Vortex container to attend the Commander classes.

Captain Waver sighed as he looked at the departing figures of Luon, Tyron, Gizmo and Bendan, the Mythos clan in the recent years have been actively causing trouble with their aggressive suppression and recruiting which disappointed him.

“Don’t worry too much about it they will be fine, I’ll arrange it so they can fight each other in Commander class, and afterward there will be no hard feelings, and everyone will be happy.” The man beside Captain Waver said as he stared at him lovingly.

Captain Waver body shook as he turned to face the other with eyes that seemed like he was staring at a dead-fish that he menacingly cut and slit open, he said, “Why don’t you get going and teach your Commander class, there’s no need for you to be here especially since you’re a female.”

Her name was Helen Ishtar, and she was the teacher for the Commander class and a maiden deep in love. Her body shakes with pleasure at his concentrated “I want to kill you” stares, she wasn’t a masochist wanting him to hurt her, but she enjoyed the fact that he recognizes her existence. She had been following him for several years, from when he sleeps to when he eats, the only time she couldn’t do so was when she had work to do.

Luckily nobody noticed her even when she crossdressed and invaded the male dormitory to follow Captain Waver even more, and if they did see her, they would probably avoid troubling her.

Other than being known for being the instructor for Commander class she was known for being the strongest female in the academy, nobody wanted to face her wrath.

“Okay!~ After work how about dinner together tonight?” Helen said as she was disappointed to separate because she had to work.

“No.” Captain Waver said bluntly.

“Alright, I’ll see you at dinner!” Helen began to hop and skip away, even if he rejected her she would still follow him.

Captain Waver sighed as he looked at Helen’s retreating figure. The other day she thought about killing him and preserving his body, luckily he retorted and said that if he were to die, they wouldn’t be able to have easy-going conversations anymore which caused her to hesitate.

He thought about his current life right now, he was partially crippled because the cost to heal the damaged that Captain Waver received in his soul was tremendous, it caused his combat level to drop significantly and at most he could only be a meat shield. Despite being level 62 right now, he no longer had any abilities to aid him in his fight against the larger, more troublesome Inzektors.

Now he became a teacher, and he has to deal with the internal political struggles caused by the Mythos Clan and a yandere who always there when he turns around.

He closed his eyes and thought of one simple thing.

‘What a troublesome life.’ Captain Waver life started to waver, as he contemplated committing suicide.

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