Chapter 25 – Commander Class 2

Before Luon’s eyes, inside of Chester’s base was a textbook example of the same type of strategy he pulled when he first battled against Gizmo. At the start of the match, he would start building workers who would then cheaply construct useful machinery to out value the opponent in the long term.

The downside to this was like how Gizmo mentioned it before, nothing was stopping Luon from causing havoc at the base.

‘No wonder why they had 4 interceptors without a scout, if we were to find out about this we could have just rushed right in and sneak attack the workers. This is probably the reason why Gizmo said the strategy is uncommon and unreliable.’ Luon thought as devious plans came to his mind after seeing this scene.

Luon smiled and used the voice chat system to relay what was Chester doing at his base. Bendan who was bored with the task of defending the Crypt of Heroes started to laugh hard and said, “If the base is open just blow it up. Haha, that dumb rabbit wouldn’t know what hit him.”

Gizmo also agreed with this action and Tyron was still too occupied to reply as he was escaping from the enemy soldiers.

Right now several minutes had passed since the start of the match, and their base now has 20 human workers and a scouting network covering all over the wasteland. Gizmo was currently arranging a series of deadly traps and left a single route in case anyone needed to enter and leave the base.

The resource points were stacking up, and the elven archer army was halfway completed, by the time Luon returns back to base the squad would be ready, and they would be able to push out again with a larger group this time.

Luon pulled out the 5 deck of cards and one by one he threw each card all around Chester’s base. Each card he duplicated, stacked, and threw out was the explosive card which was equal tossing a hand grenade in the shape of a card.

A series of explosions rained on Chester’s base as all the workers he summoned died without having the ability to retaliate. In a single minute, Luon had tossed out 260 explosive cards like he was playing the game 52 pick up 5 times but intelligently spreading it out. Luon after attacking the base began to retreat back to the forest.

Although the attack killed the workers and the constructs, it wasn’t able to destroy the opposing Crypt of Heroes as Chester summoned several human mages to cast a barrier around it consuming their mana and their lives.

“Which bastard was it?!? Hurry and come back to deal with this infidel.” Yelled Chester from quite a distance away.

Luon snickered as he quickly escaped, however, his feet stopped a few moments away as he had found a life signal from his detection magic he cast every other minute or so.

With a pace almost beyond Luon’s recognition came one of the beastmen who halfway after chasing Tyron stop his pursuit and thought something was fishy about the situation as he went back to set an ambush for Luon.

Luckily for Luon, despite the fact, this beastmen did an accelerated ambush tactic utilizing magic he was caught in Luon’s detection allowing him just barely be able to avoid the blow.

Before Luon was a tiger beastmen known for their wild agility, sharp claws, and ferocious attitude when in combat. A battle-junkie and a meathead was Luon’s evaluation for him as he smiled at Luon and said, “To think we let a rat slip by, you should compensate on our losses with your head!”

The tiger beastmen charged at Luon anticipating an honorable battle, but Luon had no intentions to do so. He was playing the role of a scout, all he had to do was merely cause trouble, provide info, and escape unscathed. With a swing, the tiger beastmen let out a series of claw attacks in which Luon parried with [X-Reaver] which he pulled out from his inventory.

After about a dozen exchanges Luon pulled out some cards from a deck and sent them in the direction of the tiger beastmen who dodged them reflexively. Luon began to retreat and as he did the tiger beastmen tried to pursue but was entangled by a series of roots that came out of nowhere.

Luon had tossed an [Entangling Roots Card] for the first time and found it to be quite capable as he left the scene. He had to rush back towards his base before any other pursuers came after him.

The tiger beastmen raged onwards, but the roots kept him pinned down for about 10 seconds. If Luon had stayed and fought the roots wouldn’t be able to inhibit the tiger beastmen combat abilities by a large margin as only his ability to move was tied.

After the tiger beastmen was free, he tried to chase after Luon using his tracking abilities only to find a series of [Trap Cards] casting randomly deadly effects causing him to slow down his pace. The tiger beastmen slowed down his pace and sighs as he regrets letting Luon escape.

After a few minutes, Luon had regrouped with Tyron and were back in the wasteland field following the map Gizmo sent them. The pursuers who were chasing after Tyron stopped pursuing after entering wastelands and encountering several traps.

At this time the initial stages of the match were over, Gizmo now had a team to construct useful items, a scouting network on his field, and a group of rangers to push and harass Chester until his main army is summoned.

Chester, on the other hand, had lost almost all his resources leaving only a few mages and 3 soldiers as one of them had died from Tyron’s hands.

Bendan who was bored that the enemy didn’t come to attack their base greeted Luon and Tyron back happily but was saddened that they were going to have some fun without him in a few moments.

There were 12 Elven Archers all equipped with boots that had a haste option and a bow with an empowering option.

Luon had used almost 6 decks of cards already leaving only 3 more left, he asked Bendan if he had any more since he wasn’t using them at the moment.

“Other than my sword, a couple of Qi replenishing pellets, and my body armor the rest of things I have are cards, you can have them, but I need to keep one to two decks for myself,” Bendan said as he handed over to Luon 5 sets of cards.

After a short break, Luon and Tyron left the wastelands towards Chester’s base once again, this time his group was really spread out as they planned to kite and deal with the 3 soldiers and whatever Chester had in-store for them.

When they enter the forest, unlike the last time where the three soldiers were hiding for an ambush they openly displayed themselves allowing Luon, Tyron, and the elven archers to see them.

Luon found this action suspicious as he used his wind-type detection magic to see that the target was actually fake! They were just a conjured earth magic representation of themselves. Not only that but there were several figures behind the counterfeit soldiers which Luon assumed to be the mages who plotted this devious trick.

At this moment Luon thought where were the soldiers though? Suddenly, from the earth below near some elven archers came 3 beastmen instantly killing a few of them. Luon, Tyron, and the elven archers immediately back off sending a series of projectiles at them while paying attention to the position of the mages.

Although the ambush worked and they had killed a few elven archers they didn’t come out in perfect shape, one of them took some life-threatening injuries as the other two pulled him back towards the base.

Luon, Tyron, and the elven archers continued their pursuit shooting arrows, and an explosive card every now and this caused Chester to lose 3 more mages, but in exchange, their team lost half of the number of archers they started with.

There were no traps along the way as they pursued the soldiers. Eventually, the injured one was tossed aside as he knew he was slowing the group down. Luon had caught up to him killed him instantly with a sword in hand.

‘The reason why they were hiding underground was that they were exploiting my wind-detection magic. They must have figured how I slip through their tight security by hiding my scent from those beastmen.’ Luon thought to himself as they continued to pursue the remaining two soldiers.

The pursuit ended when they arrived at Chester’s base only to find it to be walled off as several human workers can be seen laboring to the best of their abilities to build a wall. Right away without any sense of remorse and emotions Luon, Tyron and the archers attacked them.

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The archers and Tyron shot over the wall aimlessly shooting arrows and Luon who at first attacked using explosive cards only to find the barrier magic too troublesome sat and waited on the side.

The attacks bore no fruit, with a couple of human sacrifices the wall continued to grow to over just several meters above the line of sight of an average person.

A few moments later giant roar came from Chester’s Crypt of Heroes as giant troll came out from the Crypt of Heroes. As for why Luon knew it was a troll its height was higher than the wall they built by nearly double the size. If one had to compare it to a human, it was about 5 timers taller.

Knowing that the giant troll would have possibly cost all their points Luon relayed the information to Gizmo to build up a counter strategy to end the match.

Gizmo started to summon the main army using all his points for the final part of this match. He intended to end everything in one go, and Bendan was smilingly eager for a chance to fight off his boredom.

The final battle was only a few minutes away.

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