Chapter 26 – Commander Class 3

The roar of a wild beast shook the battlegrounds, cheers emulated from Chester’s base as they regain some morale.

Although Luon had already sent Gizmo the information about the Giant Troll, he still had to regroup with the main forces. All Luon had right now was himself, Tyron and six elven archers who were launching suppressive fire over the base.

The gates to Chester’s base opened as his forces rushed outside to eliminate the surrounding enemies to secure their base.

Quickly Luon and his group spread themselves out in multiple different directions into the forest. Beastmen weren’t the only ones that benefited from the forest. Luon’s forces were like expert hunters silently dwindling away at Chester’s forces who came after them with their morale held high.

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However, Chester had only sent out a few human hunters who began to escort the troll, using it as a shield.

To Luon’s surprise, the troll did not go out of its way to chase them. Instead, it began to clear out the forest region surrounding the base exposing Luon’s group.

Luon had tossed several explosive cards to inhibit the troll only to find that the regeneration rate was too high to deal with. He needed enough firepower to end the troll in one strike or wait for Gizmo’s back up.

Slowly but surely the forest was plucked away as Luon, and his men snipped off the troops surrounding the troll until they were all dead with no signs of reinforcements.

With the troll positioned in front of them, there was nothing else to shoot at. Luon, Tyron, and the elven archers could only distract it while waiting for reinforcements.

From distance cheers and voices can be heard followed by a series of stampeding footsteps.

“Rul’Tarrrr!” An orcish battle cry could be heard as a group of orcs came slowly through the forest positioning themselves around the giant troll.

‘How did they get here so fast? Only a few minutes passed when I sent the message and what could a group of orcs do against the giant troll?’ Luon thought.

His thoughts were answered a few seconds later as a convoy of vehicles came traversing through the forest slowly. The orcs were the vanguard which took a ride on these mechanical beasts which were probably created by the human workers as they can be seen driving.

The armor jeep had the ability to travel over rough terrain as they were more advanced than cars centuries ago. Equipped with hovering functionality as well as an auto-rebalancing function as long as the road wasn’t blocked they could go over anything.

What was different about these armored jeeps was instead of a machine gun on top it was several harpoons used for fishing.

Bendan came out of one of the vehicles and regrouped with Luon relaying the plan.

“Gizmo said to first deal the giant troll out, and we should only take a minute or two to do so. If we can’t end it right away, we were to tire it and pin it down and leave a few orcs to make sure it’s immobilized. Afterward, we’re to rush the base with the orcs and elven archers to take out either Chester or the Crypt of Heroes” Bendan said.

“Alright,” Luon said as he began preparations to deal with the giant troll.

As several orcs surrounded the giant troll, it swung its hands hoping to reduce the number of pest around it, however, to its dismay the orcs elegantly dodged kept its distance.

Luon and Bendan began to rush towards the giant troll as they signaled Tyron to take action. Tyron with his keen senses used his attack skill to do a mana charged arrow shot, the destructive power of this attack was equal to a missile taking down one of the troll’s legs as it stumbled a bit.

To finish it off Luon and Bendan each threw a whole deck of cards at the footing beneath causing the troll to fall completely.

Taking this opportunity, the harpoons launched in hopes to rope the giant troll down as it struggles to escape but found it even more challenging to do so when Luon had also cast an [Entangling Roots Card]. Luon and Bendan approached its head and gave it a few attacks to evaluate its regeneration abilities but found that unless they could cleave through all the skin, it was a pointless effort.

However, Luon had his sword [X-Reaver] which was now filled with blood-content causing it to be super sharp. He channeled his Manaqi into the sword while Bendan also charged to make a massive attack as well. As if they were in sync Tyron launched another missile like arrow attack into the eyes of the giant troll causing it to cry in anguish as Luon and Bendan rushed in the opening to launch their devastating attacks inside.

Together they aimed at the area where the brain was located causing the end of the trolls life as they quickly escaped to avoid the regeneration from enclosing them inside.

The troll was now dead, and another figure exited one of the armored jeeps.

He had an evil aura and was cloaked entirely resembling a mage which causes Luon to stumble after seeing its appearance.

The evil mage began to channel several rites as dark magic encases the giant troll. A few seconds later the troll came to life as an undead, it lost its regeneration abilities but was still a powerful cannon-fodder.

With the troll in the lead followed by a group of orcs and a few elven archers. Luon and his friends penetrated Chester’s weak defensive formations with ease.

Chester was now cornered but before he had the opportunity to surrender the tiger beastmen walked up and said, “You may have won the battle but do you have the gall to challenge me in a one versus one!”

The tiger beastmen stared at Luon who showed no response instead Bendan was extremely eager to show off his skills. The two of them of were encircled by Luon’s army and Chester’s remnant forces. There was no way for them to win, so they hoped to regain some face by at least winning some single matches.

Luon could see through their plans as they had no obligation to follow along. However, Bendan was stressed and depressed for being unable to show off his masculine side to the ladies in the class.

They posed for battle showing two completely different type of expressions. Bendan was eager to fight while the tiger beastmen showed signs of fear, he had hope Luon to come up as he may have a chance at winning with his powerful physique but with Bendan here he had almost zero chance in winning.

The fight began and ended in an instant, and to no surprise, Bendan came out on top, cheers echoed the base as the orcs yelled, “Rul’tarrrrr!” Chester could only depressingly surrender, and the match was over.

The match against Chester ended as cheers came from the crowd who watch the fantastic cooperative play Luon’s team did to deal with the giant troll.

Gizmo and Bendan, the stars of the show arrogantly accepted their cheers and laughed heartily at the crestfallen Chester who was now depressingly apologizing to Zythos. Gizmo had revealed his amazing commanding skills while Bendan was a very skilled fighter.

Although Luon and Tyron held an important role, they were outshined by the two as they modestly and silently sat in the corner of the lobby.

Luon glanced over at the scene of Chester and Zythos were talking, although he couldn’t make out what they were saying it seemed like a lecture as one of them was furious and the other depressed.

The teacher, Helen, yawned at the game and only thought about finishing the class faster so she could stalk Captain Waver after class again. With that in mind while the class was cheering she had already queued the next match.

This time it was surprisingly Arisa’s team versus Zythos’s team as they quickly got ready for combat. A distinctive feature of the terrain set up was that you could also set the night and day cycle as well as the terrain features.

On Zythos’s side was a customized forest map which had more massive scale trees and an abundant amount of toxic plants growing from it. On his team were four other werewolves and the tactic, if it wasn’t so plainly obvious to see, was to make use of their keen sense of smell to avoid the naturally produced free traps.

On the other hand, Arisa was commanding on a mountaintop during the night, it gave an elevated advantage to range units and the night made it difficult for most non-nocturnal creatures to see in. However, this did not inhibit Zythos’s werewolf allies at all.

The match started, and Zythos right away rushed at Arisa’s base. Zythos is an overpowered soldier as well as his werewolves allies. He left one of them behind to summon more werewolves to aid the rush. This was a unique feature at the command table as long as the commander authorized it, another soldier may take place in command. However, to their dismay, they came quickly to only find trouble in scaling the rough cliff at Arisa’s base.

Led by Belle who surprisingly equipped an NG-Arms a series of accurate rifles repelled them. However, after being repulsed the base showed no sign of action for several minutes. Zythos stayed wearily around the base as he commanded his ally to stop summoning werewolves and wait for a counterplay. Less than ten minutes into the battle a colossal army emerged as Shizuka had spent the whole time mass-producing mechanized units.

Arisa had spent all the resource points in supplying Shizuka as well as some necessary defenders. With Belle in charge of defense along with two other female admirers, there was no way to stop Shizuka, a masterful engineer from mustering an infinitely supplied and highly valued force.

With no surprise, the match ended within 15 minutes, not only was the forces inexhaustible with Arisa’s commanding abilities Zythos had no chance of winning.

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After the match, Luon thought to himself, ‘Why does Belle have an NG-Arms? Was it a gift from Shizuka?’

He couldn’t help but admire her abilities as she fought and easily beat Zythos who wasn’t equipped with one.

“Well that’s all the battles today, I’ll see you guys next week and remember to play fairly,” Helen says as she suddenly logs off right away.

Luon’s first combat classes came to an end, and the next class he had was engineering. Because Bendan and Tyron weren’t engineers, they had a different course to attend leaving only Luon and Gizmo. Fortunately, Luon had heard from the grapevine that none of Zythos’s minions were engineers. Afterall most of them were muscle-brained soldiers, merely to dumb to understand the complexities of advanced technology.

Luon finally has a class he can look forward to.

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