Chapter 2 The Real Class

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This is a residential area built around a half city mountain. Follow the road with iron fences and walk until you reach the end of the path to the Mo Fan family.

A small, low building, one and a half floors high, with mottled exterior paint revealing red bricks and a lot of debris around it.
The houses of the neighborhood are basically three and a half storeys old, and after some renovation, they look more like a home. However, the low Mofan’s house, which is at the most corner of itself, looks particularly shabby and old.
“Mo Fan, you’re back… I’ve brought you some good news.” As soon as I arrived at the door, a boy like a mud monkey jumped out and said with a joyful expression on his face.
This mud monkey is called Zhang Hou, and is also a child of this old neighborhood. He grew up with Mo Fan.
“What good news?” Mo Fan asked.
“The little princess is back. I saw her at the gate of the mountain villa today. Wow, you don’t know how beautiful the little princess is now, she’s just a little angel.” Zhang Xiaohou said excitedly.
Mo Fan glanced at the mountain villa facing the street. The Villa is a delicate landscape that the entire city admires. The flowers, plants, and trees of every inch of land have been meticulously carved to achieve the level of a true garden.
However, this beautiful city mountain garden is now surrounded by high-speed rail fences.
I remember when I was a child, there was no iron fence. I often took the children from this street to play in this villa.
There are several very exquisite European style villas at the top of the villa. In the eyes of their group of bear children, they are just like the castle in a fairy tale. In the castle, there is indeed a beautiful princess who forgets to breathe. She is about the same age as them. Mo Fan often takes a group of children to kidnap the princess out and play together
“But I don’t know when there were many iron fences in the villa, and the adults on the street wouldn’t allow children to break into the villa again. The princess who had originally played with everyone really became the princess in the castle, and as she grew older, she became unreachable and saw fewer and fewer of them.”.
“You know, I heard that the little princess is now a top student in magic at the Imperial Capital School. She has a natural ability to use ice magic that no one else can match. She can already release ice magic at the age of 15.” Zhang Hou said mysteriously.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded. If Zhang Hou told himself what the National Odyssey Prize the little princess had won, he probably wouldn’t have any feelings, but if it were an ice magician, it would be really amazing!
The vast majority of people do not accept awakening until they are 16 years old, or in their first year of high school, to gain their first line of magic.
After obtaining it, it does not mean that you are a magician. You still need to go through a very long process of cultivation, and you also need to obtain magic books and practice frequently to release a magic. This little princess is really amazing. She has been a real magician since she was 15 years old!
Is this the so-called prodigy? The prodigy of magic!
“Brother Mo Fan, I’m so sorry for you. If you worked harder, you might have taken the innocent little princess. You have both talent and beauty, and you envy us so much.” Zhang Xiaohou raised his eyebrows and said.
“What happened when I was a kid? Tell me about knitting.” Mo Fan ignored him.
Mo Jiaxing listened to these two teenagers saying this, coughed, and carried Mo Fan home.
“As soon as I got home, my father, Mo Jiaxing, said, ‘I’m going out for a while. Xin Xia is staying with my aunt, and I shouldn’t be coming back.'”
“Okay, I see.”
Mo Jiaxing left in a hurry. Mo Fan walked around the house and found that there had been no change at all in the house. They were all alone.
The world has changed, but the poverty of the family has not changed at all. Why didn’t my family exchange with the family on the mountain villa? God has really taken great pains to turn science into magic. Isn’t it possible to stop by for such a trivial matter.

The only thing to be thankful for is that my appearance has not changed and I am still charming and romantic!
Sitting at home is also boring, with nothing at all. Mo Fan went out and wandered around in boredom to see if anything else had changed.
Following the mossy path that few people walk along, just before turning into the street, Mo Fan happened to see his father’s old leather truck.
My father was a driver and used to drive for the master on the mountain villa. Later, I didn’t know how to transfer to the logistics department. Basically, I helped the people on the mountain villa purchase things. Since then, my family and situation have declined sharply.
“Jiaxing, your request is a bit rude. You should know that I was not mean to you before. Your kid did something like that, and I left a purchase for you to do. If it were someone else’s house, I would just let him pack up and leave.” A middle-aged man spoke in a slow voice.
“Mu He Ge, let’s just say it’s the last time I asked you for help. It would really cost too much to buy Tianlan Magic High School. You also know about my family’s situation and can’t afford it.” Mo Jiaxing’s voice, which seemed somewhat subdued, slowly spread.
“Why do you do this for your unproductive son? He doesn’t have the ability to enter Magic High School himself, so let him go on his own. He’s almost 16 years old. Moreover, even if I help you this time and get him into Magic High School, with his urine nature, he will definitely still not work hard and become a true magician. It’s not so easy to become a magician, not only relying on his talent and the efforts of the day after tomorrow, but also relying on those magic books and magic tools “Can your family afford magic tools? Without these aids, he can’t even become a beginner magician…” said the man named Mu He in a serious tone, but all Mo Fan heard was a high spirit.
“He really wants to learn this time. Brother Mu He, if you are willing to help me this time, Master Mu said that we should move out of the Mu Family Village before, and we will move out immediately. This will also make Master Mu feel at ease. I also guarantee that my smelly boy will definitely not go to find Miss Mu Ningxue again.” The voice of Mo Jiaxing came out.
“Oh, that’s something to consider.”
Upon hearing that they were willing to move out of here, the man named Mu He seemed interested in talking further.

Beside the wall, a young man leaned against the wall, but his mood became extremely complicated as he listened to the conversation.
I thought the world had changed, and many terrible relationships would also change. It turns out… nothing has changed.
The rich people in Mu Mountain Manor, like the rulers, are still high up, while their father, who is struggling at the bottom, is still struggling and needs to seek help everywhere. This Mu He is the chairman behind Tianlan Magic High School, but in fact, he can only let himself enter Tianlan Magic High School with one word.
However, after hearing that his father, Mo Jiaxing, said he was willing to move out of the Mo Family Village, the Mu He seemed relieved and immediately agreed.
In the end, this conversation ends with Dad Mo Jiaxing thanking Mu He incessantly. Mu He also drove away in his luxury car, leaving behind the lonely old pickup truck in the dust, just like his dad Mo Jiaxing.
Where is this a dream?
Cruel as the reality is, Mo Fan, who leans against the wall and breathes heavily, clearly realizes that his family situation has not changed at all, nor has his humble position changed.
“Only the old society had the titles of masters and ladies, and in fact, there was no real end in contemporary times. Some families and aristocratic families with historical background still occupied the status of superiors. Although the people who served them no longer called servants or workers, and although there was no need to bow down and kneel down again, the fate of this group of underprivileged people was still at the mercy of these wealthy and distinguished people, who died in my palm.”.
I was born at such a low level and was dominated by a family named Mu.
It seemed as if something was surging violently in the bottom of my heart, and my fist was tightly clenched, pounding heavily against the bluish wall.

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