Chapter 1 Great Changes in the World

“Mo Fan, six points!!!”

As the math teacher Deng Yongchuan read out, the class roared with laughter.

Almost all of them turned to look at the teenager with short black hair sitting in the last row of the classroom, and he was Mo Fan, a guy who scored an odd single-digit score on the test.

“Mo Fan, you need to learn from Mu Bai, others have scored 96 on such a difficult paper, how come you scored a zero on others, don’t let down your name.” Deng Yongchuan sighed and said.

How their own class out of such a problem student, obviously the entrance is the first grade, to high school all of a sudden degenerated, the test out of the results of the miserable, crazy rip the class average backward.

“Teacher, he has been very right to his name, Mo Fan, Mo Fan, is not ordinary well, he is a few grades lower than ordinary, almost become scum.” The student called Mu Bai said.

“Hahahahahahaha ~~~~”

“What a thing to say!”

“Worthy of Mu Bai, cursing people can not even bring dirty words, indeed not ordinary, have become slag!”

The class was laughing, and only when Deng Yongchuan began to lecture did everyone stop.


“This Mu Bai is so disgusting, think that good-looking, good grades, can music is very big ah!” A black charcoal-faced Guan Gu, who was sitting next to Mo Fan, said.

“Just a childish green tea whore.” Mo Fan said with complete disdain.

“Go play a double row after school, huh?”

“Something’s wrong, I’m not going.”

“Going to help that old man Ying again? You’re the only one who dares to go to that shitty hut in the back of the mountain. By the way, I’ve got some mystery and magic novels to read.

“Put it in my book bag, but you guys should read less of these novels, you’re getting carried away.” Mo Fan said.


The most wonderful bell for students is naturally the end of class bell, after the end of a full day of boring classes, Mo Fan yawned and carried his book bag towards the back of the hill.

The back of the hill is the back door of the college, basically no one goes there.

The old man is the guard at the back of the college. The school let him guard the back of the hill in order to keep the students safe and to prevent the boarders from slipping out of the back of the hill to go to the Internet cafe for the night.

The old man had no relatives and passed away some time ago, so the school helped him to be buried hastily.

Mo Fan and old man Win are quite familiar, the old man said before he left he left something for Mo Fan, Mo Fan only today remembered the old man’s kindness, so he went to his hut to see.

Old man Win always said he himself is the inheritor of a very powerful figure in history and has a 5,000 year old antique ring on hand ……

Mo Fan has seen the ring, black, not like any antique, the most important thing is that Mo Fan actually took this ring to identify, the boss impatiently blew him out and said that this burning coal furnace transfer out of the copper ring is also interesting as an antique to sell, so Mo Fan no longer believe in the old man’s bragging about those.

The old man’s kindness before leaving, Mo Fan accepted it as a souvenir.

The old man win is an open-minded old doorman, life and death is actually very thin, Mo Fan also wished him well, death may not be this server can not mix, to the new service open number to re-training?

“Do you believe it or not, in this revered science of the realm parallel place, there is a magic realm, where the learning is not science is magic ……”

This is to win the old man will often say to Mo Fan a crazy words, so Mo Fan saw him leave also convinced that he went to other servers to open a small number, wind up.

The ring was easy to find, inside the wooden box under the bamboo bed.

Mo Fan opened the box and vaguely felt a muddy aura emanating from the box, which felt quite mysterious, but Mo Fan is fifteen or sixteen years old and would not believe that there are really gong methods in this world, much less the rhetoric that old man Win can save the universe by wearing his ring and learning its gong methods.

Black not slippery ring is very ordinary ring, I have to say special words, is the internal eight very small nest holes, ordinary craftsmen can do.

The black not slippery ring is cold, Mo Fan put it on immediately felt a heart cold, the summer shiver, a bit odd!

“Weird, my ass.” The first thing you need to do is to think about it for a moment, and then Mo Fan dismissed the brain-dead idea.

The first thing you need to do is to go to work at night, just when a sleepy feeling comes, Mo Fan organized the bamboo mat and lie down in the house, first sleep, 10 o’clock that will have to go to the twenty-four hour supermarket as a salesman, have to stay up until 6:00 am.


Sleepy, Mo Fan directly to sleep over.

The remaining sun leaked down a blood-red light from the gap between the mountains, staining the woods in the back of the mountain, but also stained the small hut.

As if a huge door in the darkness is slowly closing, leaking in the darkness of the light little by little income to the door, when the sunset completely sunk into the mountain everything is ruled by darkness, this piece of the back of the mountain is like a layer of strange colors.

From a distance, this area seems to be nothingness, the hazy scene in the water, a mirage under the blood sun!

The teenager sleeping in the hut was still snoring, unaware that the ring he was wearing on his finger was emitting an ear-piercing whine, as if responding to the call of the real world mapped by that mirage.

“Buzz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

It trembled and the whole space trembled!

Shuinan High School is located in the southern mountain location of the city, this southern mountain rises high above this summer city.

The city is already lit up, the streets, stores, tall buildings, and the Daxia all shine with gorgeous and colorful light, the old people taking a dinner stroll, the amazons dancing wildly in the square, the children chasing in the alleys, the couples rendezvousing in the park ……

The night does not bring any anxiety and fear to people, but rather to enjoy the leisure and ease after school, after work, after dinner, however, if someone gazed at the south side of the city mountain where the Shuinan Middle School is located, will certainly find that the campus should also be lit up some time shrouded in a layer of chaos!

The space was calm like water, but now with a sudden appearance of the space-time hole was swirled like swallowing, more and more intense and silent!

On one side is a peaceful, brightly lit city!

On the other side is the black vortex that swallowed half of the mountain!

In the summer of the southern city just after nightfall formed an incomparably horrifying picture!

All these temporal and spatial changes originate from the void that cannot be explained by science.

And the center of the space-time hole is the thatched hut in the back of the mountain ……

The huge vortex spread violently, followed by the smoke dissipated, as if nothing had happened.

Someone is sleeping still dreaming, unaware that everything has changed dramatically, falling into a parallel another dimension.



The new rain on the empty mountain gave this hot summer day a hard cold punch to suppress its arrogance.

The early morning air is particularly good, the hot bun store in front of the school emits a tempting aroma, a golden doughnut is even more appetizing.

“Seventh uncle, soy milk and dough sticks.” A somewhat unkempt teenager sat on a stool and said to the old man selling doughnuts.

“Here.” The old man served the soybean milk nimbly, purposely filled it to the brim, and smiled with an oily smile, “Mo Fan, you’re about to take the magic test, you should work hard to get into a wizard college and give our family some glory.”

Mo Fan froze and glanced at his seventh uncle who was selling breakfast in front of the school, thought carefully and guessed that he had heard wrong, so he nodded while eating.

Yesterday, he slept dizzy, feeling as if he had a dream of many centuries, woke up at that moment to the other side of the world, did not know the southeast and northwest, did not know the morning noon.

Mo Fan wolf swallowed, holding half a doughnut in his hand just about to start mouth, suddenly felt a sinking next to a semi-bald thirty-something man sitting next to him, his body emitting a smell of smoke.

“Mo Fan, eat breakfast ah.” The balding man greeted Mo Fan with a smile.

“Chief Hu Duan, good morning, good morning.” Mo Fan hurriedly greeted with a smile.

This man was none other than the famous Hu Duanchang of the year section, who wore an ill-fitting suit every day, topped with a shiny head.

“I don’t have a watch, what time is it?” Hu asked, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

Mo Fan took out his broken Nokia and looked at it, “15 minutes short of ringing.”

“S***, it’s too late, I still have a magic theory PPT not finished, it’s too late to eat breakfast ……” Hu Duanchang stood up again at once, almost did not let Mo Fan’s center of gravity shoot skew.

“Boss, do not want soy milk …… walk to the office is too slow, forget it, consume this magic power does not matter.” Hu Duan long there muttering to himself.

Mo Fan was again a cloud, feeling that Hu Duan Chang was speaking Martian.

Just to think that they heard wrong, suddenly the bean paste store a sunshade an incomparable weird flip, as if there is something air pressure from the middle of the bean paste store surge out ……

The demonic wind blew, blowing Mo Fan’s hair, and his lapel was even more tingling.

“Wind Tracks – Sprint!”

Hu Duan Chang suddenly recited the words, and saw his ill-fitting suit inexplicably bulge, as if a fierce wind had poured in.

The tie flew, the pants swung, Mo Fan was shocked, this Nima morning how the wind up ah, but also incomparably cool to Hu Duan Chang blowing body.

“Phew ~~~~”

A green light crossed, Mo Fan vaguely saw a magnificent starlight trajectory around Hu Duan Chang, which flickered and passed.

“Mo Fan student, teacher first go, you have to study well ah.” Hu Duan Chang turned his head and showed his yellow-toothed smile towards Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked a bit dumbfounded, and before he could react, he heard a “whoosh” sound!

Slightly fat, balding, ill-fitting suit Hu Duan Chang like a hang-up, following the trajectory of the smoke and dust just swept up by the demonic wind rushed to the school!

His speedy dash was so fast that the other students in school uniforms on foot stood still, allowing the Hu Duan Chang to weave quickly through their pile, leaving only an appalling track of wind and dust ……

In just a few seconds, Mo Fan even felt that the yellow teeth of the long face still imprinted in front of him, but at this time he has disappeared in the depths of the school gate no longer see a trace.

The ears are still echoing “you have to study well ah”, but there is no trace of the person, half of the doughnut crumbs are still in the mouth chewing chewing, chewing action but abruptly stopped, and the other half of the doughnut just like that from Mo Fan’s palm slipped!

Hu Duan long, you TM are the heir of Duan Yu ah, the jutsu Ling Bo Wei Bu have come out?


“This is an illusion, this is must be an illusion.” It took a long time before Mo Fan rubbed his eyes.

Must have not slept well last night, pressed to the brain nerve or something, otherwise how would see such a picture.

The first thing you need to do is to finish your breakfast and go to class to catch up on your sleep, for God’s sake, what the hell is this, a balding year section leader who can walk in a wave?

When he arrived at the classroom, in order to dilute his hallucination, he did not say anything and fell asleep on his desk.

One said, “There’s only a month left, what if I can’t get into a good high school?”

“You’re so good, you’ll get into Tianlan Magic First High School.”

“Where where, you are the powerful class, the theory class scores so high, almost all the demons as long as you can take out you can recognize, and know what their weaknesses are.”

Mo Fan frowned, this is not the first time he heard the concept of magic, in the end what is going on, it is difficult to be hallucinating and hallucinating?

I’m not high on drugs, I don’t even smoke!

The first time I heard the concept of magic is not the first time I heard it.

Mo Fan filtered out the two guys in front of the psychotic conversation, quickly into a deep sleep.

So many years of reading experience has made Mo Fan has learned to easily and comfortably fall asleep in a second on the desk chair advanced skills.


“Students open the textbook, today we still learn the preliminary essentials of magic release, remember what I told you, to complete a most elementary magic first of all you have to connect the star in your magic stardust with the star, so that you can form a star energy trajectory, the power of magic can be conducted, this principle I have told you many times, at the same time he is also your to be the focus of the test.” The mathematics teacher Su Qingzhi maintained his teaching intonation.

Mo Fan used to go deeper into his dream with the teacher’s voice, but when he heard the words “magic release, star child” once again, he woke up with a start.

“Mo Fan, listen to me properly, there is less than a month left, and you are still wasting yourself like this!” Su Qingzhi saw Mo Fan at a glance and immediately chided him.

The students in the class also turned their heads and snickered there, laughing at the school scum had become their favorite thing to do in class.

“Open your textbook for me.” Su Qingzhi continued.

Mo Fan was helpless for a while and flipped open his textbook ……

“S***, what the hell is this again?” Mo Fan almost didn’t curse out.

Originally in the math textbook those graphs, functions, formulas are all gone, replaced by completely unreadable star trails, star charts and as if a meteor crossed the line, composed of what looks like …… like …… ****** like a magic array!

Mo Fan forced to suppress his inner shock, and then understood what.

When the math teacher stopped paying attention to himself, Mo Fan kicked his tablemate Guan Gu under the table and said, “You’re a bitch, aren’t you? What did you change my book into? Hurry up and take out my math book.”

“Brother, what math book ah?” The black charcoal face Guan Gu a burst of aggression, he did not invite who provoked who.

“Look for yourself what these are, hurry up and return my book.” Mo Fan opened the book and pointed to the strange star trails, magic icons, strange spell marks and said.

“Mo Fan boss, this is the magic book class ah. What math, you read science novels all night again last night, right, and said I read science novels go off the rails, you are not yourself.” Guan Gu said with a black face.

Mo Fan listened to Guan Gu’s rebuttal, his jaw almost did not fall to the ground.

What is this and what ah.

“You don’t give me nonsense.” Mo Fan said angrily. This kid pretended to be quite like, the problem I will be neurotic to believe you.

“Boss, you really read novels crazy, we are here is the world of magic, okay, where to come to the math of such arcane and mysterious things, if there is a f****** every day I learn so boring magic theory, elemental system, demon class, long to learn math, language and other interesting things.” Guan Gu said to Mo Fan in a righteous and serious manner.

Mo Fan looked at Guan Gu’s expression, this bastard in saying this subversive words Nima surprisingly did not show a little broken, as if it was really the same thing.

The table is crazy, not only is he crazy, but he wants to make himself crazy!

Learn such boring magic theory, elemental system, demon class every day ……

Oh! Thanks to you to say it!

“You do not believe, you listen to what the teacher said yourself.” Seeing Mo Fan’s strange expression, Guan Gu said indifferently.

Mo Fan only then listen carefully to what the math teacher Su Qingzhi said, however a scurry of Mars language, a scurry of Mo Fan completely unintelligible nouns scurry in, so Mo Fan felt the whole person is not good.

Su Qingzhi did not mention his familiar “function, formula” content, but countless times to “star trajectory, star map” and even mentioned “fire, ice, water” and other things .

“Crazy, all crazy.”

Mo Fan’s belief was very strong, he would not believe these words.

The next class is their favorite language teacher – Qin teacher’s class, beautiful, sexy, mature, gentle, double|peak, beautiful|butt rounded Qin teacher will not use such nonsense to fool themselves!


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“Good morning students, today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of black magic, you should know that black magic is divided into 3 departments, undead department, curse department, shadow department, so what are the different orders of magic in these 3 departments ……” Qin teacher speaks coherently, her voice The most important thing is that you can have a good understanding of the magic.

The psychopathic tablemate also made a “look, I’m not wrong” face next to him.

F***, you’re right, that means I’m sick!

No way!

Mo Fan finally couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up from the bench with a swish.

“Teacher Qin, aren’t we supposed to have a language class?” Mo Fan questioned.

The same table Guan Gu found Mo Fan stood up to question, tried to pull but could not pull, after listening to what he said even made a “even buy Karma” slap the head action.

Just after the words fell, the quiet classroom suddenly burst into laughter.

The class of more than forty students are laughing to the east and west, especially that Mu Bai, he laughed so hard that tears are coming out.

Teacher Qin did not laugh, she just pushed her gold-rimmed glasses, kept smiling and looked at Mo Fan with those clear cat lady eyes, and said seriously, “Mo Fan, the language you are talking about is science, right? ?”

Can you imagine how the sky fell on the face of a teenager when a language teacher said such words with special sincerity and seriousness?

God, you kill me!


Why did Mr. Qin’s words sound so much like those of the deceased old man Ying?

Is it possible that there is really a magic dimension, and that you have fallen into it?



Mo Fan thought it was all a dream, but unfortunately, it was like this for several days in a row.

And his waking consciousness also told himself that this was not a dream at all.

On the morning of the fourth day, he was once again hazily eating doughnuts at his seventh uncle’s house.

The two male students next to him were discussing magic tools, what is this magic tool thing Mo Fan was confused, listening to their tone was something very powerful and expensive, compared to a car.

“Mo Fan, why are you so uninspired? Why don’t Uncle buy you some refreshment? It’s almost time for the big exam, whether you can awaken to become a magician depends on this exam ……” the seventh uncle who sells doughnuts is very concerned about Mo Fan said.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Hoo hoo hoo hoo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

A strange demon wind blew the stall, swirling up some dust about to stain Mo Fan’s bean paste, Mo Fan poured the bean paste down his throat at a very fast speed, the whole person looked listless.

The demon wind is getting stronger and stronger, Mo Fan even felt a strange air pressure into a spiral turn slowly pressed downward ……

The haystacks danced wildly, the road flew sand and rocks, the girls one by one covered their skirts issued a delicate shriek.

Mo Fan are a little used to, which teacher is using the “wind track” magic to rush, although this time the movement is a little big.

“I …… my goodness, what is that?”

“Oh my God, it’s so handsome!”

“Wings, that person actually has wings on his back, super cool and the exact same as seen in the video!

“Wind wings, my goodness, I actually witnessed the wind system high level magic – wind wings!”

There were noises and shouts all around, making it impossible for Mo Fan to eat his breakfast in peace.

Mo Fan looked up as if he was not surprised, but the next moment he stood there as if he had been struck by lightning, his drowsy eyes expanded countless times and he could no longer look away!

The azure sky, the corner of the rooftop of the house, the swaying tree canopy, the fluttering school flagpole ……

A man in a silver and white wind robe like a dreamy genie from these unreachable places brushed past in the sky in a stunning arc!

Mo Fan sitting in the back row of the classroom full of boredom always stare at the clouds, the sky, the canopy, the flagpole and then watch some free flying birds between them shuttle, however he never thought that someone can really back illusion wings incomparable impact visual fly over!

This should only exist in the movies, but so real imprinted in their own eyes!!!

“Wind …… wind …… wind wings!” Mo Fan stared at the sky that a wing of the silver man, unconsciously recited the name of this magic.

Unlike the previous wind track, Mo Fan was able to feel in shock that something was violently surging inside him, a desire to break out of his shell in a ruthless attempt to break his original idea!

Yes, these days he was muddled unable to accept all this change, only now he suddenly realized that the change of all this is so heart-racing, as if an encounter with love at first sight!

When all the shock with the mysterious man flew by, Mo Fan has told himself in his heart:

Even if this is a dream, then wait until you learn to wind wings free to soar long sky and then wake up!


The time given to Mo Fan is very short.

In his original world, the nine-year compulsory graduation exams will be in twenty days.

The remaining twenty days, Mo Fan has only figured out a few keys:

The courses were:

The basic theory of magic – from the curriculum is the language

Magic star track – should be geometry

Demon class – should be biology class

magic weapon and magic tool class – should be physics

Material class – should be chemistry

History of magic and geography of magic class would not need more explanation.

Of course, Mo Fan also learned a most important message.

Basically no one among the students could release magic yet, because these students who had experienced nine years of compulsory magic education learned all the theories, concepts, and talents in a broad sense.

This is the same as in the original world where junior high school students actually still had no life skills after graduation.

This is definitely good news for Mo Fan, after all, he knows nothing about this magic world and has to learn almost everything from scratch.

The most crucial transformation from a magic student to a real wizard is the “magic awakening”.

The “Magic Awakening” is similar to a development ceremony where all magic students will receive their “magic baptism” at the opening ceremony of a magic high school, which is the Magic Awakening!

Different people will awaken to different departments, Mo Fan inquired from his tablemate Guangu that most of the awakened departments are elemental departments, which are the ones that will be learned in normal courses: wind, fire, water, light, thunder, ice, and earth.

Like Mo Fan had seen before the “wind track” “wind wings” these two magic are atmospheric primary magic and high level magic, certain people at the age of sixteen first awakened is the wind system, hard practice will be possible to learn these magic.


So, to become that magician who can fly, the first thing to do is to get into high school and get what every high school magic student will get – a magic awakening!


“Mo Fan, you don’t really want to take the magic high school exam to awaken and become a magician, do you?” Black charcoal-faced Guan Gu asked seriously.

In Guan Gu’s impression Mo Fan is a very non-study guy, suddenly like a chicken blood so serious reading magic, simply appalling thing ah.

Mo Fan is too lazy to explain to his classmate, anyway, he is learning for sure, must get into the magic high school, must get that very very valuable opportunity to awaken.

“It’s useless for you to read now, you’ve been behind in your homework for how many years, it’s better not to waste that time.” Sekiya persuaded.

Guan Gu knows very well that the last magic mock exam Mo Fan only scored 6 points, the lowest in the year section, how can such a score get into a magic high school?

The dregs are the dregs, how to work hard all wood useful ah, resign yourself to fate.

“Guan Gu, in fact, you should learn better.”

Hearing Guan Gu chattering in his own ears, Mo Fan was also a little impatient.

“Why?” Sekigaya I got.

“Guan Gu, do you know you’re ugly?”

“I know.” Sekigaya admitted with a sincere face.

“En, there is a saying you should know: people ugly should be more …… er, people ugly should learn magic!” Mo Fan said in a serious tone.

“Go to your sister!”

Guan Gu is right, only twenty days what genius is not possible to make up so many years of courses, especially the content of the test is still completely two concepts.

Mo Fan knew he didn’t have much hope, he was making up knowledge not to get on the exam, but he was genuinely impressed by magic and wanted to learn, wanted to learn hard!



Time flies, twenty or so days passed by in a flash.

Mo Fan did not wake up from the so-called magic dream, but rather himself believed in the real existence of this world, and ushered in the original should have faced the mid-term examination by the change of magic mid-term examination!

On the day of the exam, the school was overcrowded with people, whether it was for magic or science, the parents of the children were still driving and tricycling to pick up their children and take them home, because every parent knew very well that their children’s future exams were related to whether they would drive to pick up the next generation or pedal a tricycle in the future.

After walking out of the examination room, Mo Fan looked at the traffic and walked out with the doubt of “why there are cars and donkeys in the magic world”, and his mind quickly returned to the content of the examination.

After more than twenty days of hard study, Mo Fan has really reached the realm of being able to understand the exam questions, as to whether the answers are correct – alas, just be happy.

“Mo Fan, Mo Fan ……” Among the crowd, a middle-aged man with a waxy face raised his hand towards Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked at this familiar face and called out somewhat unexpectedly, “Dad, why are you here?”

“I found you a job running business in the next city, your uncle Guangfeng will take you, run a few years to have experience and then you can do it yourself, good luck to get four to five thousand a month should not be a problem, early out of work is good.” Mo Jiaxing said with a smile.

The world has changed, but he is still a scum, and Dad is still this Dad, Mo Fan can feel the kindness of what can not change.

The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

However, now he is not willing.

This society has cars, cell phones, computers, refrigerators, technology products have not changed at all because of the replacement of magic, if you can not become a magician, then you will become a worker in the production of these things. Damn, what’s the difference between this and your original world, I want to learn magic!!!

“Dad, I want to continue learning.” Mo Fan was silent for a long time, but still told Mo Jiaxing what he had in mind.

“Don’t you dislike learning magic?” Mo Jiaxing raised his eyebrows and said with a strange face.

“Uh ……” Mo Fan a little bit of egg, this thing in the end how to explain it, really nasty!

Mo Jiaxing looked at his son, who will soon turn sixteen, and put a simple smile on his face and said, “It’s okay, Dad won’t blame you for not doing your best to learn magic, people have their own ambitions.”

“No, I really want to learn.”

“Can you pass the exam?” Mo Jiaxing asked.

“No.” Mo Fan answered with certainty.

Whether it was the language, mathematics and English test or the magic test, Mo Fan couldn’t pass the test, there was no doubt about that.

“Then it’s okay, it’s okay, although the ancients used to say: everything is inferior, only magic is high, but there is also the saying that the line of work is the best ……,” Mo Jiaxing continued.
Mo Fan listened to the end, unconsciously barred his mouth.

Now many information Mo Fan to automatically convert, but the process of conversion makes Mo Fan particularly speechless, for example, Mo Fan remembered one day the history teacher told the class: the originator of the light system of magic is “Edison”, then Mo Fan inside there are a billion grass mud horse running!

Mo Jiaxing patted Mo Fan’s shoulders, comforting, when Mo Jiaxing suddenly found his son remained silent, his expression did not look right.

He said, “I know my son is like a father, Mo Jiaxing slowly put away his smile, his voice turned lower and said, “Are you serious?”

“En, I want to get that chance to awaken, although I know it’s too late to regret it now, but I really want to learn it properly and want to become a magician.” Mo Fan said sincerely.

Mo Jiaxing kept silent for a moment.

Mo Fan also did not speak again.

“Really want to learn?” Mo Jiaxing confirmed once more.

“Really.” Mo Fan nodded his head without a bit of hesitation.

At first Mo Fan also felt that it was a momentary impulse, but almost a month had passed, the boiling and restlessness that that wind wing magic brought to Mo Fan’s heart never cooled down, he wasn’t joking, he really f****** wanted to learn it!

“Okay then, I’ll think of something.” Mo Jiaxing didn’t say any more.

“Dad, I found a temporary job at Tianlan Magic High School to look after the library, I’ll go to work the day after tomorrow.” Mo Fan said.

Since he had decided to learn magic, Mo Fan had no intention of giving up because he was a scum, whether he could get himself into a magic high school to get that awakening opportunity to become a wizard depended on his dad’s side, and his lack of knowledge was something he needed to fill by his own efforts, so knowing full well that he had no hope of getting into a magic high school, Mo Fan looked for this job in advance.

The pay is almost nothing, just food and shelter, but it is really important to Mo Fan, the library where he can find too much of what he needs to catch up on.

Mo Jiaxing froze and thought he didn’t know what had changed his son’s mind, but since he was bent on seeking magic, what he didn’t deserve to be happy about, after all, this society is ultimately the real status of the magician, running a business lifetime and then have a house and a car, but also can not resist a magician who graduated from a magic school came to be valuable, come to be respected.

“Go home first, go home and talk.” Mo Jiaxing nodded and did not say anything more. To Mo Jiaxing this son does not have any uneasiness, he is not yet sixteen years old, but in his heart has long been an adult.

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