Chapter 23 Magic Bitch

“Alright, don’t make any noise. The assessment starts now, and those who make any noise at will will will be disqualified directly!” The bald examiner’s tiger body shook, and all the enmities in the Jianghu dissipated.
“I really want to know the expression on Miss Mu Ningxue’s face when she saw you being expelled from Magic High School in front of all the teachers and students in the school. I think she will definitely regret it. Why did she want to elope with such a waste?” Mu Bai no longer needs to hide her purpose, whispered insidiously in Mo Fan’s ear.
“You have bad breath, I can’t smell s***, don’t get too close to me.” Mo Fan blocked me with his hand.
Mu Bai’s mouth twitched.
Give this kid a break first!
In those days, he pressed Mu Ningxue in front of him and beat him wildly in the mud grass, making him unable to lift his head in front of Mu Ningxue for a lifetime. The humiliation has still been there.
Today, he Mu Bai is going to make this guy die even worse.
The whole school was expelled in public, or in front of Mu Ningxue. In this society where magic is revered, how would Mo Fan be ridiculed and despised by Mu Ningxue? How would he explain to his father, Mo Jiaxing, who even sold his house to attend Magic High School when he rolled over to him?
In the annual assessment, it is normal for some unqualified students to be asked to leave.
Please do not inform the whole school that the school is not so inhuman.
However, there is a situation where the school will directly announce the request to leave, that is, the wizard’s stardust has barely increased!
Under normal circumstances, after a student wakes up to the stardust, the stardust will gradually shine and the magic power will increase even if the student persists in cultivation every day, unless the student is truly lazy to the extreme!
In order to punish such students who waste awakening resources and magic books, and to make it clear to all students in the school that cultivation is not just a joke or a fool’s errand, the school will issue a notice to the students who are under cultivation to leave.
There may not be one such school bulletin in a year, and the school was established to spur those who are lagging behind.
At the beginning of this semester, the entire class underwent a rough test. At that time, Mo Fan’s accomplishments were almost zero. Xue Musheng was so angry that he almost decided to directly assign this quota to Mo Fan.
This semester has ended, entering the most solemn annual examination.
Not surprisingly, this Mo Fan’s accomplishments are very close to the line that the entire school has notified you to leave.
Of course, in order to prevent accidents, Mu Bai and his uncle Mu He Ke also prepared a big gift for Mo Fan.
This gift is enough to make Mo Fan stable and win the punishment that the school has not opened in three years.
Fortunately, Mu Ningxue and Mu Zhuoyun are here, and they will also have a panoramic view of this scene.
Thinking of this, Mu Bai felt in vain.
Today is the day to express oneself and achieve great success from now on, and it is also the day for Mo Fan, a bitch, to suffer and be humiliated. Have fun, have fun!
The annual assessment officially begins!
There are 30 classes in the school at the same time.
The testing process is actually very simple, which is to place your hand on the Star Sense Stone under the gaze of the examiner and concentrate on entering meditation. At this time, the Star Sense Stone will emit the same light according to the strength of the star dust radiance of the person being tested, and determine the level of cultivation through the light.
Each student has three opportunities.
Take the one with the strongest light as the result.
Of course, the more focused the student is, the more authentic the sensing stone can show the strength of the student’s stardust.
The test sequence was random, and it was He Yu, who was at the forefront of the test, who took the lead.
The girl is still so timid, and when she stepped into front of Xinggan Stone under everyone’s gaze, she was very nervous, with a look of deep fear that she would be expelled.
“We can start now,” said the bald examiner.
“Mr. He Yu, come on, teachers and classmates all believe in you,” said Xue Musheng, the head teacher.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well in the exam, I’ll support you,” said Jianhua, the head of Jianhua, who has few nerve roots.
He Yu timidly closed his eyes and put his small hand on the huge Xinggan stone.
The whole class suddenly quieted down and stared at the girl who was the first to take the test, looking even more nervous than the tester.
“I don’t know why, but Mo Fan felt that as soon as she entered the test, there had been some changes in He Yu’s temperament. Her expression was serious and serious, but she was tense but not a bit flustered.”.
The black Xinggan Stone gradually emits some radiance, which at first seemed like a dawn light on the horizon in the early morning. With the concentration of He Yu’s frown, the radiance gradually spreads to the periphery of Xinggan Stone, almost filling with radiance!
At that moment, the three examiners reported their results almost simultaneously.
“Classmate, it’s okay, your final score is A!” said the bald examiner without expression.
“He Yu opened his eyes and jumped with disbelief on his face, saying, ‘Really… really?? Am I an A? Am I an A?'”
Although the picture of a girl shouting “I am A” with high spirits is very strange, I have to admit that He Yu’s exam results surprised everyone.
“I… I went there. Ah, that’s the standard for getting into the top class!”
“Too speechless, she was still crying there before the exam, and we all thought she was really drifting on the edge of being asked to leave. As soon as the exam came out, Nima got an A!”
“Magic bitch, typical wizard, I won’t trust her anymore.”
The result made Mo Fan’s roommate, Jianhua, dumbfounded.
He also raises chicken feathers. It would be great if he could get a B himself. He worries blindly about the person who gets an A.
The head teacher Xue Musheng’s expression was so stiff that he was fooled by a female student’s brainless flirtation. However, the first assessment gave him an A, and Xue Musheng was happy overall.
All the scores will be integrated and synthesized, and then 30 classes will be compared. Xue Musheng believes that his class is likely to win the top three.
The biggest competitor is Class 7 of the next class. There is Xu Zhaoting, a kid from Lei family, in the class. I don’t know if he will leave their class too much. I hope the most outstanding Mu Bai in his class can not be inferior to him!
“Next, do you need an assessment?” asked the bald examiner, looking at He Yu.
“He Yu hurriedly shook his head and said, ‘I only have six stars, so let’s forget it.'”
“Well, we will determine your class based on the evaluation of your other teachers,” said the bald examiner.
“Thank you, teacher.”
He Yu happily walked out and originally wanted to share with the friends around her, but found them one meter away from her, which made her puzzled.
Did you do anything wrong? Are you still doing so well?
“Next, Zhang Xiaohou.” The examiner pronounced out his name.
Zhang Xiaohou was stunned. He didn’t expect his turn to be so soon.
“Brother Fan, I’m going,” Zhang Xiaohou said to Mo Fan.
“Well, behave well and calm down,” Mo Fan said.
“Don’t guide others, you feel like vomiting.” Not surprisingly, Zhao Kunsan spoke again.
Mo Fan wondered if this Zhao Kunsan has auto follow mode and full screen chat mode turned on, and how can he pour cold water on this product wherever he goes.

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