Chapter 22: Governing Superior Dogs

Mu Ningxue’s words are very brief, and Mo Fan doesn’t know how excited those boys are, speaking as if you could really take the exam at God’s Metropolitan University.
The Imperial College is naturally the best magic university in China, and it is amazing that cities like Bo City can pass several exams each year.
The low admission rate is enough to show how outstanding Mu Ningxue, who was specially admitted, was to directly attend Imperial College without experiencing Magic High School.
“Brother Fan, in the past two years, you have worked harder and also passed the imperial examination. When you arrived at the imperial capital university, the Mu family may not be able to handle it even if they have longer hands. At that time… hehehehehe.” Zhang Xiaohou said.
As soon as Zhang Xiaohou spoke, the haunted Zhao Kunsan jumped out again.
“Don’t laugh at me anymore. As soon as today is over, your brother Fan will be directly removed from school and returned to the Imperial College!” Zhao Kunsan sarcastically said.
“Zhao Kunsan, are you sick? When did my brother Fan offend you? Do you want to jump out and bark like a dog if we just say one word?” Zhang Xiaohou has endured Zhao Kunsan for a long time.
Zhang Xiaohou is now at least one of the top students in his class, and is one of the few people who can wield magic. He doesn’t know what capital Zhao Kunsan, a scum who can only control six stars, has to shout in front of him.
“I didn’t offend me, but I just can’t stand such a shameless little bitch. I really don’t understand how you had the courage to approach Miss Mu Ningxue back then. Just recognize what you are and don’t do wishful thinking things. If it weren’t for you, our land in Zhao Family Village wouldn’t be taken back!” Zhao Kunsan pointed to Mo Fan’s nose and cursed.
Zhao Kunsan is also a servant of the Mu family in this urban area.
The term “domestic servant” may seem a bit abrupt in modern times, but if your family’s livelihood depends on the fact that the mistress of the Mu family likes to raise flowers, why isn’t the Zhao family, who has been responsible for the greening and flowers of the manor, a gardener and a domestic servant?
Mu’s Manor is too large, like the old nobles. The entire manor may only have hundreds of nobles, but there are thousands of farmers, recognized servants around them.
According to people from the older generation, the entire urban area used to be owned by the Mu family, the real first powerful family in Bo City, and there are naturally too many families like Mo Fan and Zhao Kunsan living around them.
Zhao Kunsan hates Mo Fan. If it weren’t for his boldness and anger, they gardeners could have a very good life!
“I said Mo Fan, why don’t you have any brains? I already knew that there are some people we can’t touch in our lifetime. Being respectful and distant early is good for ourselves and our family, and we have to die. We think toads can eat swan meat. Do you think this is a novel or TV drama, let’s save it when we herd cattle to marry the princess?” Zhao Kunsan pointed to Mo Fan with disdain.
The appearance of Mu Ningxue this time can be regarded as completely arousing the resentment Zhao Kunsan has been hiding in his heart.
The foolish things Mo Fan did in those days affected too many people and families.
A princess is a princess, so it’s time to stay away.
This is not a fairy tale. If you cross that line and the king increases taxes in a fit of anger, you can make the entire village and town’s laborious families miserable!
Today, the middle-aged heroic man with white hair on his temples standing behind the rostrum is the king!
His name is Mu Zhuoyun, and truly stamping his foot can shock the entire Bo city.
Mo Fan is the one who provokes anger.
It can be said that Mu Zhuoyun did not let the Mo Fan family fall into the begging situation today, which is already considered as his mercy!
“Zhao Kunsan, can you shut your mouth?”
“Why, was there a mistake in what I said?” Zhao Kunsan said.
Mo Fan glanced at Zhao Kunsan.
To be honest, what he said surprised Mo Fan a bit. This product is far more realistic than I imagined.
Some people do not realize until they are very old that it was foolish for them to laugh at those who had poor grades in their classes and were foolish enough to have money at home. Out of society, foolish and wealthy people went abroad to study and returned with various B degrees. They casually found a job with a monthly salary of tens of thousands of yuan, which is not enough. However, they who have been working hard to enter a good university have been submerged in the crowd of working people, Living a life that is not at all the same level as those who have been ridiculed by themselves, grinding away their ideals, losing their fighting spirit, becoming tired and poor!
What Zhao Kunsan said reveals his more mature philosophy than his peers. In fact, it’s much better to see yourself early than to pursue foolishly. Otherwise, your dreams will fall through and the cruel reality will instantly make you lose everything you previously dreamed of, just like a nightmare that is hard to accept!
Of course, Mo Fan has no reason to appreciate Zhao Kunsan’s clear understanding of reality, but instead feels ridiculous.
“Zhao Kunsan, you have both the potential and the awareness to be a dog, which I, Mo Fan, have never been able to do in my life. I admire you, I admire you!” Mo Fan countered.
“What the hell are you? If I were a dog, I would be a valuable dog eating good dog food, living in a small western-style house and wearing beautiful clothes. You would lose your family dog, fall into the water dog, and eat garbage dog. Don’t look at what you are, and where on your body doesn’t emit waste gas from the garbage heap? The most valuable thing is that you don’t know how smelly you are now, and you have to persecute your last bit of property here I came to Magic High School and was kicked out. “I just want to ask your father Mo Jiaxing, didn’t he regret having you born? He just wiped out the stars!” Zhao Kunsan continued cursing.
Mo Fan’s recent scolding actually directly stabbed Zhao Kunsan in pain, but Zhao Kunsan was not a fuel efficient lamp, so he admitted that he was a dog and bit Mo Fan.
Mo Fan glanced into the crowd.
Sure enough, he caught the person with a flicker of gloating in his eyes. This person was Mu Bai.
This young master who had been beaten down by himself on the ground before was under the supervision of others.
Also, when we were younger, we were all children, and retaliation was nothing more than throwing stones at other people’s glass, which was harmless.
Now, the fate of people will undergo tremendous changes in the wake of magic and magic assessment, and Mu Bai, who leapt up, finally has a chance to fight back!
“For the time being, let go of Zhao Kun, a dog that has been scheming for a long time. I am looking for a more suitable opportunity to make a sharp cut.”.
Eight wrongs, eight wrongs, these * * * * pups who used to be beaten into dogs by themselves now know how to play tricks. It’s not worth educating them like a father for so many years.
Come on, use whatever tricks you have.
I, Mo Fan, have been in charge of Spitzer Dogs and Superior Dogs for a hundred years, and have never lost my hand. I have subdued people by being humble, and I will repay them!

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