Chapter 21 Coming to School, Mu Ningxue

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Student dormitory

“Brother Fan, it’s time to go, annual assessment, it’s not good to be late.” Zhang Xiaohou said to Mo Fan.
“You go first, I’ll practice control for a while,” Mo Fan said.
“Hold fire feet temporarily.”
Several people in the dormitory didn’t wait for Mo Fan to arrive at the examination room dressed like dogs.
Of course, the exam room will not be taking a test paper in the classroom and writing furiously. Although magic theory and other things are also tested, they do not occupy a large proportion of the score. The most important thing is this year’s practical assessment.
To put it bluntly, it is to test the cultivation status of all the students after awakening during the year, and then conduct a large class division.
Mo Fan was the last to arrive at the training playground, where everyone usually takes practical lessons. However, today, it is obvious that the layout of the venue is different. In addition to the semicircular examiner’s table, there is also a floating star stone.
The Xinggan Stone looks a bit like a black pebble, the size of a watermelon, and is now being dragged by a stone pier at the front of the training ground.
This star feeling stone is the most important instrument for students to assess.
The annual assessment is really simple, just like the awakening at the ceremony. As long as students place their palms on this huge star feeling stone, the examiners can immediately judge the students’ cultivation achievements this year through the brightness of the star feeling stone.
Just like the college entrance exam, the fate of students is likely to be determined by this piece of paper. In this world, there are also the same hard indicators: either continue to study, obtain better opportunities, or leave the school to find another way out.
“I remember telling you that the brightness of Stardust represents the level of magic within your Stardust. Students of Class 8, it’s time to prove that your efforts have achieved results this year. Let’s shine your Stardust light!” Class teacher Xue Musheng said impassively.
“Teacher Xue, I’m sorry, I may be asked to leave school,” said a very weak girl, with a tearful expression. Her nervous and uneasy appearance caused a burst of heartache and pity among the students around her.
“Why? You work hard at everything. Don’t be so pessimistic.”

“But I am very stupid. Even if I practice hard every day, the stardust still looks so weak.” The girl named He Yu said.
“Don’t be afraid, He Yu. Even if you don’t pass the exam, don’t you still have me at home, as long as one of you is a mage.” Lu Jianhua, the head of Mo Fan’s dormitory, patted his chest and said to He Yu.
“You can just go aside, maybe you’ve been brushed off!”
“Are you kidding? When I put my hand on it, the light will definitely blind your titanium alloy dog’s eyes!” Lu Jianhua said proudly.
Soon, the three school leaders and the examiners finally arrived.
Examiners are basically from the Department of Political Affairs and Education, responsible for discipline. Ordinary students are most afraid to see them.
“Alright, be quiet. Today’s annual assessment will be conducted by several school board members. I hope you can show your spirit as a magician!” Xue Musheng reminded such students.
Examiners were in place, with 30 freshman classes and 1500 people wearing the uniforms of Tianlan Magic High School, standing in a spectacular manner on the training playground, forming piles of team blocks.
Before the assessment, it is natural to ask the principal to speak, as is the case every year.
Subsequently, there was a speech by the school board.
When Mu He walked onto the rostrum and impassively depicted the bright future of the magician to the students, Mo Fan in the crowd couldn’t help but laugh.
His speech was almost filled with expectations for the younger generation. In fact, Mo Fan knew better than anyone what the virtue of Mu He was.
“Today is still a very special day.”
“Because we have hired the most outstanding female magic mage in our city, and she was directly admitted to the Imperial Capital School of Witchcraft at the age of 15. I think many of you have heard of her legend… Yes, she is Mu Ningxue! Let’s applaud the magic genius who should have been with you, but has already been promoted to university!” Mu He shouted.

As soon as this remark was uttered, the entire playground with over a thousand people was in turmoil.
“Oh my God, it’s Mu Ningxue. I heard that when she woke up, the ice force directly frozen the ground under her feet into ice.”
“That’s all rumors, and I’m the most accurate one. I heard that she only learned the first level skill of the ice series – Ice Creek in eight months.”
“Eight… eight months?? Oh, my God, I’ve been at school for a year, and I’ve only mastered five stars! How can the gap between people be so big!”
“These are not the key points, okay… The key point is, she is still a beautiful woman, a truly talented and beautiful woman, the proud daughter of Bocheng!”
Suddenly, all the students in the school began to talk, and their reactions showed that they were no strangers to Mu Ningxue.
They didn’t expect to see this legendary magical genius in their annual assessment today!
“Brother Fan, Brother Fan, it’s the little princess. It’s really her. She even came to our school.” Zhang Xiaohou looked excited and pulled Mo Fan’s sleeve beside him.
Mo Fan looked up at the rostrum, and indeed saw a beautiful figure standing proudly and quietly like a lotus. Her proud posture was vividly displayed in a snowy white high waist tight skirt.
The most eye-catching thing is not just her body that exudes the charm of a sexy young girl, but also her stunning silver hair with long middle points
Despite the hot and dry weather, the woman standing proudly on the rostrum is like a snow fairy walking from the ice and snow of Tianshan Mountain to the mortal world. She is so beautiful and profane!
When the whole school saw the woman appear on the stage, there was a sudden silence.

I have heard Mu Ningxue’s stories many times, but I have never seen her true face in Lushan Mountain. Who could have imagined that her entire personality is really like the ice goddess who was still in her teenage years, regardless of her temperament, clothing, or her inborn snow silver flowing long hair.

This is Mu Ningxue??
The noble and arrogant emanating from the bones!
Mo Fan himself is also mesmerized. Perhaps this is the first time he has seen Mu Ningxue since that incident, has it been three years?
Previously, their group of children liked to call her Little Princess, and she was indeed the princess in everyone’s eyes. She lived in a castle on the mountain, dressed in clothes and accessories that were many times as beautiful as ordinary girls, and had a charming and lovely appearance
However, in the past three years, Mo Fan felt a bit unable to recognize her.
She has really changed a lot.
Originally quite outgoing and approachable, she feels even more inaccessible in this flowering season
Is it that her temperament has changed, or is the huge gap in status as she ages that has led to such an idea psychologically?
“Brother Fan, you should have eloped with the little princess…” Zhang Xiaohou looked at Mu Ningxue, who stood out like a flock of chickens, and sighed.
“Did you hit the toilet door with your head?”
“Well, I’ll just casually say that.”

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