Chapter 20 Stardust Magic Weapon

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“Yes, today is a very important day for Tianlan High School. It happened that Mu Ningxue came back from the Imperial College for the summer vacation ahead of schedule. I discussed with the patriarch and asked her, the flag of the Bo City, to give you a speech at Tianlan Magic High School. By the way, I took her to see our annual assessment and evaluate the quality of this year’s students.” Mu He said.

Mu He looked at Mu Bai’s energetic appearance and naturally knew what he was up to, “Don’t worry,” he said with a smile, patting Mu Bai on the shoulder. “When you assess, I will lead her to see it. She will go to see it, and the clan leader will also go to see it. If the clan leader sees you working so hard, he may distribute some resources to your family. Do you know how many children there are in our clan, and the outstanding ones are more like cattle hair. If you can be valued by the clan leader and get the Stardust Magic Weapon for three or two months, it will be even more beneficial for you!”
“Star… Star Dust Magic Weapon, really? Do I also have the opportunity to assign it to Star Dust Magic Weapon?” Mu Bai’s eyes sparkled.
“Of course, why do you think we are different from ordinary magicians? Superior genes? Aristocratic cultivation? These things are no better than Stardust Magic Weapons! If you can become a core disciple of the family, you will receive the allocation of Stardust Magic Weapons, and your cultivation can definitely defeat the entire school students for a few streets!” Mu He said.
“Uncle, I… I will perform well!”
How many streets does the cultivation leave the entire school!!
Mu Bai’s whole body was boiling up. No wonder those family members were practicing like crazy people, originally to compete for the Star Dust Magic Weapon.
Every magician has a limited amount of time to cultivate. Apprentices like them, who are basically practicing meditation for 5 hours, are the limit. The rest of the time is only able to learn theories and knowledge.

The Star Dust Magic Ware is the most coveted nourishing utensil for all magicians to cultivate.
Mu Bai doesn’t know the principle of Stardust Magic Ware, but he knows that Stardust Magic Ware can help cultivators quickly recover energy after practicing fatigue, achieving the effect of reducing fatigue time.
Generally speaking, after five hours of meditation a day, there are basically only 19 hours left to do other things.
These 19 hours belong to the period of meditation fatigue and can only be spent by doing other things or simply sleeping.
For many students who want to go further, the 19 hour fatigue period is really too long, but they have nothing to do. After a person is highly concentrated, it must take longer to relax their nerves, otherwise their spirit will collapse.
The Star Dust Magic Weapon is a cultivation artifact that can shorten the fatigue period.
The shortening of the meditation fatigue period is equivalent to lengthening the daily meditation time!
“Two days a day may not have much effect, but in a month or two, they can distance themselves from cultivators who do not have Stardust Magic Tools. If they hold them for two to three months, or even for a long time, it would really be several blocks away from their peers!”!
The efficiency of meditation varies from person to person, from fast to slow, so we won’t consider it for the moment. But with this Star Dust Magic Tool, even people with extremely low efficiency can lead the way. Those who have good talent and work hard are more likely to get twice the result with half the effort!

“Uncle, you told me before that the students in the top class have the opportunity to get the Star Dust Magic Weapon. Is that true?” Mu Bai said excitedly.
“Yes, since it’s a school, there are certainly some cultivation resources. However, the resources in the school are very limited. With so many students in the school, giving everyone a day is equivalent to no one, so there must be an annual assessment, and there must be a top class. Only students in the top class are eligible to be assigned a certain amount of time to the Stardust Magic Ware. With your grades, entering the top class must be no problem. At that time, I will make a small plan to let you hold so many Stardust Magic Wares in the school A little time will do you a lot of good. “After all, school is a fair place, and I can’t do too much. It’s really a leap for you, or our Mu family’s Star Dust Magic Weapon. This is a resource that ordinary magicians can’t possibly obtain in their lifetime, so you must cherish it well.” Mu He spoke to Mu Bai with a long focus.
“Don’t worry, Uncle, I won’t let you down.”
“It’s no use telling me, you have to behave well with Mu Ningxue and the clan chief!” Mu He patted Mu Bai on the shoulder and said.
Mu Bai nodded heavily, and couldn’t help but sneer in his heart: Xu Zhaoting, what can you do now that your cultivation level is equal to mine? What if you have a Lei family? The Mu family with a giant behind me, you will never be able to compete with me in your lifetime!
“By the way, how’s the situation with that kid named Mo Fan?” Mu He accidentally remembered something, like thinking of a beggar on the roadside who was unwilling to give money, just casually asking if he had nothing to do.
“A trash, it’s bound to be cleared of the school.” Mu Bai had no need to hide his contempt for Mo Fan at this time.

Mu Bai hates Mo Fan very much.
Although everyone actually grew up in this area when they were very young, Mo Fan followed a group of people everywhere he went, almost like a monkey king. What was even more incomprehensible to Mu Bai was that the extremely noble Mu Ningxue even fooled around with them, and the relationship was still very close.
What is he? Every day, he runs around the streets and mountain cities like a wild monkey, with a sense of ruffiance but revealing his lowliness.
He knows what real power is, what status is, and what is meant by being ridiculously despised for a lifetime of poverty?
The son of a servant is humble and ignorant, and he doesn’t know what vision and ambition are. He enjoys crawling around in his slums and muddy streets.
“Cheng, I will sign him back, and I have an explanation from Mo Jiaxing. It’s not that I haven’t helped him, but that his son is indeed a fool, giving him a chance to awaken, and he won’t become a mage. Alas, many people just don’t know how to be funny and have to waste money trying. The question is, you’re a hopeless urinator yourself. Do you expect your son to leap the Dragon’s Gate? Poverty and incompetence are passed down from generation to generation.” Mu He smoked a cigarette, Speak slowly.
At this time, Mu He’s half narrowed eyes, like a noble and elegant old fox, showed even more disdain and ridicule for such a lowly creature as the skunk.

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