Chapter 19 Wind Power, Wind Track!

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The hot air has climbed over the mountains and swept through the southern part of the country, leaving the spring feeling bleak and replaced by the cool summer clouds.

Immediately after, there was a heavy rain without warning, with leaves and fallen flowers withering everywhere!
Bo City is a city with seasons, but sometimes it is extremely headstrong.
At the meeting in the morning, the sun was shining brightly and there were no clouds in the sky. After just taking a nap, it was almost like crossing the river. The wind was blowing and the clouds were thick. In the evening, the rainstorm was cold and the wind was fierce!
“Is there a typhoon coming? It’s such a terrible weather… It’s really a random broadcast all year round, with the rhythm of whichever season you think of!” Zhang Xiaohou complained in the dormitory.
“Zhang Xiaohou, aren’t you from the Wind Department? Come on, try it out in a windy place outside and see if you can release the beginner skill of the Wind Department – Wind Track,” said Lu Xiaobin, who shared the dormitory.
“You are still in the water system. Why don’t you come to a water area? You are a great water magician. When you go out, you can take an umbrella and say you are not afraid of losing face?” Mo Fan scolded Lu Xiaobin.
Lu Xiaobin’s face turned blue and white.
Indeed, a water magician should wear a windbreaker on a rainy day, walking alone in the color of heaven and earth, without touching any water.
The problem is, it’s almost time for the annual assessment, and Lu Xiaobin is already in control of four stars. It’s still far from releasing the water system skill – Water Royal!
“Zhang Xiaohou, can you really use the wind track? Let me show you a few. To be honest, we haven’t seen anyone in our class who has used magic completely except Zhou Min, the violent woman who used the fire.” said the dormitory head of Teacher Tang Yue, who had various meanings on his lips all day.
“Not very well, I’m not 100% successful either,” said Zhang Xiaohou with a hint of shyness.
“Monkey, come on, I also want to see how wind skills are.” Mo Fan’s eyes lit up and put down the theoretical book at hand.
“The space is too small.”
“The corridor is long.”
“Okay… okay, I’ll try, but I’m really not very skilled.” Zhang Xiaohou nodded.
At the end of the semester, Zhang Xiaohou is very talented and already one of the few students in the class who master the seven stars.
Everyone is curious about each skill set, and naturally wants to see how Zhang Xiaohou performs.
Zhang Xiaohou closed his eyes and began to enter a state of release.

“His ascent is very slow, and it is clear that Xingzi’s control is not very skilled.”.
He maintains a breathing rhythm and can hear a snuffle with each breath.
“Hoo hoo hoo hoo”
Suddenly, the book on the table flipped.
The old dormitory door creaked and rattled.
The dust on the ground rose, and a dirty briefs hidden under the bed were rolled up. The dormitory boss was just about to catch them, but the briefs dodged in a coquettish way, fluttering in the wind!
“Wind track? Hurry!”
Zhang Xiaohou’s entire temperament has changed, his eyes appear blue, and his clothes are dancing wildly.
As he recited it, all of the toothbrushes, cups, and racks in the dormitory crashed into each other, all moving towards a specified trajectory.
Mo Fan quickly fixed his gaze and was surprised to find a very special airflow track in the dormitory, starting from Zhang Xiaohou’s position and extending into the corridor to the public toilet at the end of the corridor!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaohou’s figure flickered for a moment.
Zhang Xiaohou, who was still in the middle of the dormitory just now, took a brisk walk and rushed out of the dormitory quickly, following the faint wind track in the air towards the bathroom at the end of the corridor!
“It’s exploded!” Lu Xiaobin shouted.
A group of people in the dormitory immediately squeezed out of the door, chasing Zhang Xiaohou and looking away.
However, just as everyone walked out of the dormitory, Zhang Xiaohou had quickly moved from the leftmost end of the entire corridor to the end.
It’s too fast!

What 100-meter sprint flying man is weak and exploding before his movement speed is full!
Mo Fan felt a ripple in his heart. The beginner level skills of the Wind Department are also handsome, and the feeling of flying on the track of the Wind must be great.
“Ah, ah, ah… Help, help…”
The corridor suddenly shuddered inexplicably, and Mo Fan just sighed that Zhang Xiaohou in the distance had already bumped into the public toilet door!
“Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak.”
The slanted faucet scattered water wildly, the toilet door broke and one side was broken. A strong odor quickly spread to the entire floor without the barrier of the guard door, and a sudden burst of abuse.
The trajectory of the wind finally dissipated, and Zhang Xiaohou fell stiffly to the ground, his nose still bleeding.
“This looks terrible enough, but the briefs that just fluttered in the wind finally fell down after losing the wind, so damn alive they covered his face.”.
Lu Xiaobin and the roommate quickly dragged Zhang Xiaohou back to their dormitory.
The housekeeper snatched back his briefs and opened them to see a patch of blood.
“Warden, will you also come to my aunt?” Lu Xiaobin laughed wildly there.
“Get out of the way.” The roommate reluctantly threw his beloved briefs into the trash can.
Mo Fan silently withdrew his head and returned to his bed after the teacher roared up, as if nothing had happened.
The skills of the wind system are also very good. The movement speed is not slower than the average speed of a car, right? It’s just that Zhang Xiaohou is not qualified in the third course and doesn’t know how to pull over.
“You bastards, you are about to have an annual assessment. If you don’t give me honest meditation, you’re still making trouble here. If I run into you again, I’ll peel your skin!” The growl of the housekeeper spread through the entire corridor in the storm.

The annual assessment has finally arrived, and today is a nightmare for many people, as they are likely to be eliminated from the school. This group of people is actually the most tragic and shameless to go back to see their parents.
“However, magic learning is not a joke. Any magic high school has this system. Those who are not suitable for learning magic will be invited out as soon as possible, allowing them to find another way out, and not letting them waste their time in the endless sea of magic.”.
For those students who work hard and make unremitting efforts, today is a day to prove themselves, especially for those who can already use their skills!
The typhoon day has passed, and the morning weather is clear and the summer is high and crisp.
In Mu’s Manor.
Mu Bai deliberately put on a white shirt inlaid with cold plums and a pair of straight pants, revealing a good background and a low profile and unassuming demeanor.
With his handsome appearance and such low key yet elegant attire, he has captured the hearts of many young girls.
However, as an orthodox member of my own noble Mu family, how can I take a fancy to these ordinary women and vulgar women? My goal is to be a proud woman like Mu Ningxue… Of course, Teacher Tang Yue is willing to obey, and I am also very happy.
“Mu Bai, you can perform well today. As you should know, our Mu Shi Aristocratic Family allocates some cultivation resources to young children every year. The allocation of these resources depends on which family contributes more, on the other hand, on the cultivation achievements of the younger generation. You should strive for the courage of your small family, which is about to be forgotten by the Mu Shi Aristocratic Family.” Early in the morning, Mu He personally took Mu Bai to school in a black sedan.
Mu He is the director of Tianlan High School, and today’s annual assessment is presided over by him personally.
Mu Bai is also his nephew anyway. Mu He hopes Mu Bai can fight for his face when several other school directors are present!
“Uncle, don’t worry!” Mu Bai said confidently.
After saying this, Mu Bai remembered something and turned his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Uncle, I heard that Mu Ningxue will also go to Tianlan High School today?”

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