Chapter 18 Teammates Are Important

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Tang Yue’s nimble eyes fell on Mo Fan’s body. As she explored Mo Fan’s breath, her lips opened involuntarily.

“Mo Fan, how do you want to stand up? A semester has passed, and none of your fire stars can be controlled. The stardust is even too dark to see. Don’t tease me, okay?” Zhao Kunsan immediately said.
At the end of last semester, there was a test to test the progress of the students’ cultivation, and there was no surprise. Mo Fan’s Fire Star Dust was not much different from when he first woke up. The whole class knew this and didn’t laugh Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai out of their teeth!
A fool is a fool. It’s useless to wake up to the fire system. It’s impossible to become a mage in this lifetime.
“Your fire talent is very good. Why is your cultivation so weak? Mo Fan, many people are eager to become a fire magician. You already have advantages that many people do not have, so it’s not necessary to work without it.” Tang Yue looked at Mo Fan and said with a pity.
“I see, Miss Tang Yue.” Mo Fan nodded.
After meditation, the spiritual power of a magician becomes powerful enough to capture details that ordinary people cannot perceive, including perceiving the breath of other magicians.
The strength of the breath can roughly determine the cultivation level of a magician.
Cultivation cannot be concealed, as Mo Fan has known for a long time.
However, one thing is that if Mo Fan hides the power of the Thunder system and only reveals the breath of the Fire system, others can only feel the breath of the Fire system, and can only judge the level of cultivation of the Fire system without being able to detect another system.
Therefore, Mo Fan can usually use fire systems to conceal people’s eyes and ears!
“I was just about to learn the fire department, and immediately came a fire department teacher with such a strong ability. It seems that I am expected to complete the release of the beginner level skills before the big examination.” Mo Fan immediately gained confidence.
Why does this girl stare at herself with such strange eyes.

It seems to be called Zhou Min, the top student in the class, or the fire department.
Mo Fan wondered, “I don’t seem to have offended this girl named Zhou Min. Why does she treat her gaze so unfriendly?”?
On the other side, Zhou Min frowned and immediately glared at the scum named Mo Fan who was also looking at him.
Zhou Min is not happy, very unhappy.
Why is it that Mo Fan’s fire talent is better than himself?
The head teacher Xue Musheng said that this Mo Fan is the best talent in the fire department in the class, and there is a clear flame when awakening. Now even the very powerful Tang Yue teacher says that he has good talent.
Forget it, there’s no need to be angry about this kind of non motivated scum. Anyway, if you fail the annual assessment, you will be directly invited out of school, and this guy will finally be free for half a year.
I really don’t understand. The person who clearly bought Tianlan Magic High School because of a poor family and smashed the pot to sell iron is still so indolent and lazy after awakening to the fire system. Is it right for the family? Is the conscience eaten by the dog?
Thanks to Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai, the whole class basically knew that Mo Fan had been crammed in.
“I have heard from your head teacher, Mr. Xue, about the importance of annual assessment. First of all, unqualified students will be invited to leave the school, and secondly, students with excellent and average grades will be divided into different classes. Those who are assigned to top classes will receive a certain amount of affection, which will give you greater advantages in entering the University of Magic Law. Therefore, this semester, there is no reason why everyone should not work hard.” Tang Yue said to everyone.
“Teacher Tang Yue, will you teach everyone in the top class?” asked a male student.
“Well, no accident, I’ll be the practice teacher of the top class after teaching you.” Tang Yue nodded slightly.
“Teacher, I Yang Guo… Oh, I Huang Feifeng will redouble my efforts!”

“Teacher Tang Yue, I will also mix with you in the future.”
Tang Yue kept a gentle smile and could see that her first lesson today was quite successful. The students’ enthusiasm for learning was raised.
“Right, when any of you can fully control the seven stars, you can also come to me privately. I will take private time to provide you with further guidance,” Tang Yue continued.
“Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.”
The class suddenly heard a howl of wolves!
The seven stars have suddenly become the goal of everyone’s struggle.
“I’m not far from the seven stars, Miss Tang Yue, waiting for me…”
“Really or not, how many do you control?”
“Go away!”
“I have three to crush you scum!” Huang Feifeng said proudly.

“Three, it’s a good idea to put them on display here. I’m almost four, and the harder it gets to the back, don’t you understand?” Xu Qinglin said disdainfully.

“Funny, funny, you trash, Mu Bai has already mastered 5 stars. Next semester, you can reach 7 stars by fishing in three days and drying the net in two days. The first person to find Tang Yue must be Mu Bai.” Zhao Kunsan immediately sneered.
“My grass, Mu Bai is hanging like this?”
“Five… five, how on earth did you cultivate them? It’s amazing!”
“I heard that the most powerful student in the seventh class of the school, Lei Department, is a god of learning. He has only mastered 5 stars.”
Feeling the conversation from the students around, Mu Bai felt a bit floating around.
However, in order to show his mature and calm temperament, Mu Bai would not show the intoxication of being praised on his face, which would make him look very 2B.
“Zhao Kunsan is a bit foolish and unreliable, but one thing is very vivid: whenever the leader is embarrassed and needs attention from everyone, Zhao Kunsan jumps out just in time.”.
“I can’t always jump out and say, ‘I’ve already had five’ every time someone talks about ‘three’ or ‘two’ and is surprised by ‘four’. The price is too low, which is not in line with the demeanor of the young master of my family. It’s perfect for Zhao Kunsan to say!”!
That is to say, it reflects my own “Niu B” and keeps my spirit intact!
Life is like playing in the League of Heroes. Not only do you need to be a good player, but it’s also important for your teammates to understand how to cooperate!

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