Chapter 17 The Fire System of a Beautiful Teacher

Tang Yue is still standing there in a very upright posture at this time, with her graceful and curvy figure outlined in the slightly narrow skirt, which is particularly moving. Perhaps she has just come to teach, and her clothes selection was too hasty to do so, but it is a feast for the eyes of the students.
“Be calm, calm, and focused. Even if I’m talking to you now, my spirit is completely focused on my fire nebula… Oh, in the dust,” said Tang Yue.
Teacher Tang Yue’s voice reached every student’s ears. When everyone felt that Teacher Tang Yue was standing like a sculpture, suddenly her pear curly hair had some fluctuations.
There was no wind in the entire playground, but her hair seemed to spread in a stream of hot air!
“Control, at this moment, you are the caller. Let your star son obey your instructions and open the door of fire magic power for you!!” Teacher Tang Yue’s voice suddenly changed from the previous softness to a solemn, even with a sense of pride that everything will be burned in front of her!
At this moment, all the male students with dirty ideas in their minds were stunned.
They widened their eyes and looked at the beautiful teacher in some amazement.
Yes, they felt the burning breath emanating from Teacher Tang Yue and slapped it on everyone’s faces.
There is surprise, there is awe, and there is an uncontrollable sense of non anger and self respect that defiles the heart!
Everyone originally thought that this newly arrived Tang Yue teacher was just a very ordinary teacher, and what she could hand over to everyone was just some messy theories like that old man. When she personally performed magic, she could still make mistakes. However, at present, this young Tang Yue teacher seemed to have mastered this power for a long time, and she was able to control the stars while teaching. After completing the magic power, The flames that poured out were not the same level as even the old man. They were like flames and pillars of fire!
“Remember, after completing the arrangement of the stars, you must not relax your spirit at this point, and must immediately lock the position where you release!”
The majestic voice came again.
“Fire? Burning!”
The sound was like a magic bell, trembling in everyone’s minds.
At the same time, a bright red star track appeared around Teacher Tang Yue. After flashing away from her surroundings, it quickly gathered on her white and jade right hand.
With her palm half grasped, a hot red energy rapidly grew in her palm, making her extremely irritable!
Throw your arm out!
The flame flew out like an arrow, startling a crimson beauty in the air, and then accurately penetrated the puppet’s body like a bullet!
“Not anymore?”
“Why hasn’t there been any movement?”
“It was clearly shot.”
The atmosphere suddenly remained silent for a second, and the puppet hit by the fire did not respond, in sharp inverse proportion to the momentum released by Tang Yue.
Amid a chorus of questioning, Teacher Tang Yue slowly turned around and faced the somewhat childish faces of the 48 students in the class, with a confident smile on her lips.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”
Suddenly, a startling red color sprang up inside the puppet’s body, not the slow ignition, but the frantic dance of burning everything in one breath!
The human puppet, which was just intact, was instantly engulfed by a red flame!!!!
One second or two seconds??
“The flames I usually see are just flying, but they seem to be devoured by hungry beasts. In less than two seconds, the entire humanoid puppet will be completely consumed!”!!
The dazzling red light reddened Tang Yue’s beautiful pear curls, and her white face was even more beautiful at the moment.
“The smile on the corner of my lips, but behind it, was a wanton burning flame, which set off the originally gorgeous teacher who could only be described in one sentence – beauty is beyond measure!”!
The whole class of 48 students were dumbfounded.
Mo Fan doesn’t know how others are feeling, but he can feel his heart pounding, not only because this teacher is seductive, but also because the self-confidence and nobility she exudes when wielding the power of fire are inflating her blood, accompanied by worship, infatuation, and awe!
If a woman is just beautiful, she brings people always imaginative, but this woman holds power and power that others cannot touch, this woman will make men unable to extricate themselves like poison!
God knows this scene, how many boys will identify this Tang Yue teacher as a lifelong fantasy goddess, at least Mo Fan was conquered by her temperament.
Also a teacher in the magic practice class, the magic performed by the old man was lifeless and drowsy.
What Teacher Tang Yue has done is unforgettable, and his heart has been shaken for a long time, unable to calm down.
It’s not a level at all!!
“Okay, who are the students in the fire department in our class? Let me remember.” Teacher Tang Yue seems to regard the adoration of the students as a common matter, and continues to teach his own courses.
“I’m a Fire Department.” A girl with a somewhat heroic face took the lead in standing out, and it was Zhou Min who caused a little stir at the school opening ceremony.
Zhou Min’s eyes have been fixed on the Tang Yue teacher.
In fact, Zhou Min didn’t like her very much at first. How could a teacher dress so provocatively and have such a soft and beautiful voice!
However, after seeing Teacher Tang Yue finish the fire, Zhou Min’s heart changed 180 degrees, and his worship filled his heart.
Zhou Min’s mother is also a teacher, but she can be sure that her mother can’t do anything like Zhou Min’s, whether it’s aura, skill, accuracy, or power!
“I am, and I am. Teacher Tang Yue, I am from the fire department!! My name is Huang Feifeng.” Another boy who awakened from the fire department jumped out.
Look at the excited expression on Huang Feifeng’s face?
Who doesn’t know, if the magic practice teacher and you are in the same department, there is basically a small kitchen, just like a personal disciple.
Huang Feifeng felt so happy that he suddenly became the disciple of Tang Yue’s teacher. Who dares to say that Tang Yue won’t appreciate her talent in the future and have feelings in her heart? She is her own Little Dragon Girl!
“Don’t stop me, I’m going to the top of the building. Why didn’t I wake up to the fire system? Why!!” Lu Xiaobin, who woke up to the water system, cried loudly there.
“Old… teacher, I am also a fire… fire department, I, my name is Zhao Daniu.” A little boy with a stuttering voice stood up, his face flushed as his eyes collided with Mr. Tang Yue.
Alas, at a glance, it can be seen that it is a small hanging wire that is not usually paid much attention to.
“Teacher Tang Yue looked at the little boy but chuckled and said, ‘You’re obviously very thin, why did the family name you Daniel?'”
“I… I am weak, and my parents… hope… that I am as strong as Daniel.”
“Then you should call Zhao Kuaizui.” Zhao Kunsan, a cheap mouthed fellow, immediately sneered.
Zhao Kunsan’s irony is naturally Zhao Daniu’s stuttering.
“Hmm, is there anything else?” Teacher Tang Yue glanced over.
Is there only three fire departments in a class?
There’s a bit less.
From the perspective of breath, it seems that only the girl named Zhou Min has better talent, and the cultivation progress is also good.
“And me, my name is Mo Fan.” Mo Fan regained consciousness and walked out of the crowd.

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