Chapter 16 New Female Teacher, Tang Yue

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“Isn’t that uncle going to be okay, running into the mountains?” Mo Fan said.

“Who knows, there has been a light colored alert outside the city, signaling the citizens not to go out into the mountains and forests at will. He insisted that a team of hunters had lost some supplies while tracking a one-eyed demon wolf, and had to deliver them personally. As soon as he did logistics, he dared to take such deadly tasks. And so did your father. He wouldn’t listen to any advice he could give him,” Mo Qing said.
“Did my dad go too?” Mo Fan’s face changed for a moment.
“Yes, it’s said that the price given by the other party is very high. These two people, even other magician apprentices dare not take the job. They are ordinary people… Nothing’s okay. If we encounter something, what can we do about it?” Mo Qing said.
“Auntie, you don’t have to worry, they have measured it themselves, and basically nothing will happen. They just sent it to the designated post station, and the journey from the city to the outside post station belongs to a safe area.” Ye Xinxia said nearby.
“In short, I still hope that he and his wife will be honest and do a real shopping in the city. I just don’t feel comfortable going out of the city.” Mo Qing muttered again.
After listening to Mo Qing’s complaints, Mo Fan still felt a bit uncomfortable.
“In the past six months, my father, Mo Jiaxing, hasn’t come to school much to see him. It turns out that he has found a new way to deliver supplies to the post stations of the mages who are patrolling and hunting outside. Compared to the original work of logistics procurement for the rich, this job is indeed dangerous.”.
After spending a few days at my aunt’s house during a winter vacation without being idle, Mo Fan returned to the library of Tianlan Magic High School.
There is too much knowledge in the library that he needs to supplement, such as the Black Church that he has missed out on.
After some understanding, Mo Fan understood what the Black Church was all about.
These guys are a bit like terrorist organizations and big cults. They often do things that endanger the safety of the people, and in order to achieve their own goals, they even use some living people as cultivation equipment. Of course, the country will not tolerate such crazy things!

Over the past month, Mo Fan has devoted himself to meditation.
After knowing that the Thunder Stardust had dried up and faded after only releasing two Thunder Seals, Mo Fan became more aware of the importance of meditation.
So this entire month, no matter how tempting it is to unleash the Fire – Fire Zi skill, Mo Fan has not easily dealt with the Fire Star, and must first lay a solid foundation.
When you concentrate on meditation and make it a daily habit, time will become faster.
It’s the school season again soon.
In the library, Mo Fan swept away his spider webs in preparation for the new magic semester.
Energetically walking into the class, Mo Fan sat in the last row as usual.
Something’s wrong today.
Mo Fan glanced at Zhang Xiaohou next to him and noticed something was wrong with the look of the goods.
The usual look in this guy’s eyes is like that of a curious little monkey. He is very nimble and smooth, and he will immediately talk to himself before class about what he has seen in the past few days
But today, his eyes glazed over, his mouth slightly opened, and his face looked inexplicably intoxicated ahead.
Looking around, Xu Qinglin and Lu Xiaobin, both of whom are weak in learning, share the same moral character as Zhang Xiaohou, just like they are… possessed of evil spirits!

Ya, it won’t be true as Aunt Mo Qing said, there are evil eye bog monsters lurking in the city, and these guys have all been taken!!
“Good morning, students. Your magic practice class even the teacher is sick and recuperating at home. From today on, I will take the magic practice class for everyone. My name is Tang Yue!” A mature and somewhat bright voice came over.
Accustomed to the slow tone of Lian Lao’s hoarse voice, suddenly came the charming and sexy melody of a mature woman with a spring breeze blowing on her face, which made Mo Fan, who was still a bit sleepy, suddenly wake up!
Looking up for a voice, Mo Fan’s eyes were glazed and his expression was intoxicated!
Let me go. The evil eye bog demon, who can bewitch people, clearly shows that the souls of the hormonal young men in the whole class have been hooked up by the new beauty and beauty teacher.
The teacher Tang Yue was wearing a most orthodox black professional dress, with a majestic and beautiful mountain rising between the black outer suit and the white breast lining inside. It was so vivid that Mo Fan doubted that the small button on his chest could really withstand the surging waves. It felt like a small doorboy holding his back against the door, but it was also somewhat like shutting down the flood of spring in the courtyard!
Damn it! Damn it.
Early in the morning is the most ferocious moment for young men, and it is estimated that most of them are ugly and embarrassed when stimulated by this.
“After only half a year of awakening, no one has yet been able to wield magic, but I hope you understand that mastering powerful power does not mean you can use it well. Failure to properly control your own power can even ignite fire.” Teacher Tang Yue quickly entered her teaching state.
Originally, her serious and serious attitude has brought many academic bullies back to their senses. However, as soon as she turned around and wrote down several important links on the blackboard, the entire class suffered nosebleed.

Misfortune, this is so warped, this is so rounded, Mo Fan is sure to be a normal male classmate. At this moment, his mind is dreaming of almost the same picture.

Such a sacred school, how can you fantasize? Anyway, Mo Fan is completely different from this group of mortals who are dominated by their lower bodies in their thinking. In short, the next time you absolutely don’t wear such tight pants to take a magic practice class, not all creatures can encounter obstacles and continue to grow like mountain climbing tigers.
All morning, there is a magic practice class. After the theory lesson, Tang Yue will take everyone to the playground and personally cover up the elements of magic release for everyone.
Mo Fan also listened very carefully in this lesson, for example, what Tang Yue said about the magic release link. Mo Fan had a deep understanding of it, but he didn’t know how the button on Tang Yue’s chest was so durable and hadn’t collapsed for so long?
The school playground is naturally not used for radio gymnastics.
The playground is actually a training ground, which is divided into separate spaces by a magic cover that Mo Fan does not understand. All the overflowing power will be absorbed by these invisible covers to prevent accidental injury to students who do not have any defensive ability.
“Look, what I’m demonstrating to you today is the first level skill of the Fire Department – Fire Zi!” Tang Yue stood in the center of the class.
All the students gathered in a half arc and scattered behind Teacher Tang Yue. As for whether everyone was watching Teacher Tang Yue’s starting ceremony, it’s hard to say!
“Fire Department, it’s a fire department skill, Brother Mo Fan… Please wipe your mouth, it’s your element department skill. I didn’t expect that Tang Yue, who looks gentle and virtuous, should be a fire magician!” Zhang Xiaohou pushed Mo Fan beside him.
“Oh, oh, I’m just about to learn!” Mo Fan reacted.

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