Chapter 28 turns out to be S!

“How about it?” the principal questioned the three examiners.
Before the three examiners had time to report the appearance of the dark stone, Mu He said first:
“Oh, since there is a problem, let’s re test it, Director Wang. You can go to the storage room and bring another piece of Star Sense Stone… The Star Sense Stone is easy to use, but it is a bit delicate. After being interfered with by different energies, it will cause some small problems. I really want to thank Teacher Tang Yue for discovering it at a glance, making up for a mistake for us.”
Mu He is indeed an old fox, and immediately blocked the matter, not to mention the fact that the three examiners would report the truth.
Although Tang Yue frowned, she also knew that it was probably not related to Mu He.
To make this public, school leaders are also difficult to do. Considering that this student’s assessment will also be affected, let’s just do it.
“Well, retake the exam.”
“Retest it!”
“Mo Fan, there are some small problems with Xingganshi. Your score just now is invalid, and we will give you a chance to retake the exam.” The bald examiner grabbed the straw and immediately said.
Mo Fan looked at this group of people like a group of clowns.
Toss, keep tossing, Grandpa is waiting here!
“Great, retake the exam. You can only get a D at most. How could it be a B, and we can go out of school together again, Xiaobin Lu said excitedly.”.
“God bless me, Lu Xiaobin. I really want to thank Teacher Tang Yue for discovering the problem in time.”.
Let’s just say, Mo Fan, how could he possibly turn over from a salted fish when he is still in a pit than himself.
“Teacher Tang Yue, why bother you? It’s not a bad thing to give students a chance,” Xue Musheng said to Tang Yue with tears and smiles.
It’s really a matter of Xinggan Stone. Xue Musheng’s whole life is not good.
It’s still time to come, something that hasn’t been opened for three years has really been opened by students in their own class!
“Haha, how could I, Huang Feifeng, come to the bottom? Teacher Tang Yue is really famous and I admire you so much.” Huang Feifeng, who is also from the Fire Department, said with relief.
On the other hand, Zhao Kunsan, Mu Bai’s henchman, was also overjoyed.
“I’m scared to death. I thought this scum would really counter attack. Zhao Kunsan is just a B.”.
“It’s okay, it’s okay, Mu Bai, this bad Xinggan Stone almost got this kid through the door crack, and I found that Tang Yue is becoming more and more like the lover of my dream.” Zhao Kunsan wiped his cold sweat and continued, “Hey, Mu Bai, why are you still holding your face tight and didn’t mention that there was a problem with Xinggan Stone before he took a B? Don’t worry, he will definitely go away.”
“Can you shut up, annoying!” Mu Bai said in an extremely agitated mood.
Zhao Kun shrank his head and wondered where he had offended the master.
The tests in the other classes are basically over. Due to some minor problems in the examination in Class 8, many people gathered around, including the top students in the other classes.
This time, Mo Fan accidentally became the focus of everyone.
“Alright, classmate Mo Fan, you can retest now. Teacher Tang Yue, you have also checked it, haven’t you had any problems this time?” The bald examiner smiled and complimented.
“No,” Teacher Tang Yue replied.
Once again, Mo Fan stood on the Xinggan Stone, but this time he did not feel a cold breath rushing towards him.
As expected, it was Mu Bai and they did something wrong!
Mo Fan snorted coldly. Fortunately, his most sexy and charming teacher, Tang Yue, discovered it early, otherwise Mo Fan would have to fight such a grandson to the end in front of the leader!
Mo Fan closed his eyes and placed his hand on the Star Sense Stone.
The icy coolness of the Star Sense Stone quickly softened under the power of Mo Fan’s stardust.
The light grew stronger and stronger, and the reddish glow seemed to burn the entire Star Sense Stone from within. This time, the light was not suppressed a bit, but was completely released. They spread around the Star Sense Stone, even overflowing the Star Sense Stone!!
“This… this light!!!”
The first person to reveal the inconceivable was Mu Zhuoyun.
The principal, vice principal, director of the political and educational department, and school administrators also widened their eyes.
“The light overflows!!!”
Xue Musheng, the head teacher, has completely lost his wits.
After being a teacher for so many years, how could he not understand the light spilling out??
It seems that only Mu Bai in the whole school has reached the realm of light overflow. I don’t know why the flame itself is relatively bright, and the overflowing fire light is even stronger than Mu Bai’s ice light!!
“My grass!!!!”
Those students from other classes who are watching, as well as students from Class 8, have been trampled to death by the shocking word “I grass” in their hearts!
The light overflows, this is really the light overflows!!
Nima, a student who was almost rated as mentally retarded slag, has reached the realm of overflowing light!!!
“It’s S… It really seems like S.”
“Why not… why don’t we check it again?”
“Crazy, the bald Director Wang and the other two examiners are crazy, as are the classmates who have always thought Mo Fan would be cleaned out of school.”.
Damn it, this is just a mistake with the Star Sense Stone. How could this product possibly achieve such a high level of cultivation???
“It’s an illusion, it must be an illusion!”
“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” Xiaobin, a classmate from the water department, was crying and howling.
We agreed to leave campus together??
If you don’t fulfill the promise of learning disabilities, you will become a learning god in a second. This time, no one will stop me. I’m going to jump into the river. Mo Fan can become a god of learning. Why can’t I, a magician of the water system, drown??
Mu Ningxue, who has always been expressionless, finally moved at this time.
Yes, even she didn’t expect the final result to be like this!
For students like Mo Fan who have no special talent or family background, it’s really normal to get a B-level.
However, he has reached the goal of light spillover, which is even better than Mu Bai who already has some resources and family foundation.
I don’t know why, Mu Ningxue had some sunshine in her heart, just like the overflowing fire light scattered.
“What a surprise! We almost missed a better student,” said a school administrator after exclaiming.
“Yeah, yeah, you can’t imagine just giving him a B grade would have such a bad impact on his future and cost our school such an outstanding magician.”
“It’s not too late to mend the hatchet, Miss Tang Yue. Thank you so much for your insight!”
Teacher Tang Yue saw that all the leaders were complimenting him, but gave him a shallow smile.
In fact, Tang Yue was also surprised.
“I have always believed that the most outstanding fire student in my class is Zhou Min, but unexpectedly, this Mo Fan is even more outstanding. The most important thing is that he has been cultivating calmly and calmly before, without competition or exposure. This kind of mentality is a good candidate to become a magician.”.

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