Chapter 29: Perfect Release, Fire!

Zhou Min, who is also a strong girl in the fire department, looked at the overflowing light, and her entire face was filled with unbelievable words.
“This unattractive student who has been hated by himself… is even stronger than Mu Bai?”??
How dare you keep looking at me?
“All the shock, all the disbelief, all the surprise and amazement were actually far less than the look on Mu Bai’s face that had been cut by thousands of knives.”.
“This expression can’t be described by expression, it’s just a whole bunch of twisted, cramped flesh trembling and trembling there.”.
What could be more devastating in this world than being turned upside down by a Jedi like someone you most dislike?
Dog leg Zhao Kun rubbed his eyes for countless times, but what he saw was still the overflow of light. The high toe air he had sprayed on Mo Fan before disappeared, completely turning into a funny fool, so abrupt in the crowd!
Final score “S!”
The highest level of the school test is S, but everyone knows that Mo Fan’s Stardust Demon ability is probably a bit higher than Mu Bai’s.
“Mo Fan, do you want to continue the test?”
“Of course!” Mo Fan smiled slightly.
Why don’t I stop waiting for this day!
Damn it, if it weren’t for the big changes in the world, it would have been the same rhythm when I entered high school. Fortunately, the final result was good!
Release, of course, Mo Fan will take the exam.
Isn’t practicing magic just to shine and force it to shine in front of others like a little golden fever?
The whole momentum process is extremely smooth, and Mo Fan’s entire personality is solemn and confident after reading it.
The fanatical atmosphere spread crazily from the center of Mofan, hitting hundreds of people on the cheeks, leaving a burning sensation so distinct.
The orbit of the Fire Star quickly changed around Mo Fan after completing the arrangement of the stars
Red eyes, hot hearts!
A cluster of flames sprang up on Mo Fan’s half grasped palm, like an eager beast.
“Let’s go!”
With a big wave of his hand, the fireball flashed a dazzling red flame tail across the examination hall, accurately penetrating the human puppet’s body.
“Give me a lift!”
Raise your hand high again, and the flame that has been silent for about a second suddenly darts wildly over the puppet.
The red color became fiercer as the flames engulfed the entire humanoid puppet in a few seconds.
The fire reflected on Mo Fan’s cheek, which was smiling with such confidence.
This is fire, the power of controlling fire, and the fury is beyond words!
After finishing all this, Mo Fan turned around.
One by one stood transfixed.
Teachers, students, and leaders, who had not yet recovered from Mo Fan’s S level assessment results, immediately saw Mo Fan’s incomparably smooth completion of the release of fire.
There is no pause, not to mention any disharmony, and even the completion speed is faster than Mu Bai!
The fire system was originally more manic than the ice system at the initial stage, so when Mo Fan completed the release of the fire, everyone’s reaction was ten times stronger than Mu Bai’s ice vine. Not only was Mo Fan’s magnificent turnaround, but also the fire system’s momentum was even more magnificent!
“Give me a score,” said Mo Fan, smartly and incomparably, after glancing at the examiners who were all dumbfounded.
Release the results instantly.
Sure enough, Mo Fan’s performance is still higher than Mu Bai’s.
Mu Bai has become so angry that he has a myocardial infarction. This time, he is completely out of breath!
How could this happen? It doesn’t fit the script!!
Both are higher than Mu Bai!
“Is this really Mo Fan we know?”
“The most awesome counterattack in history, it turned into a learning god in a second, blinding my dog’s eyes!” Xu Qinglin said.
The head teacher, Xue Musheng, already has a crooked smile on his mouth.
He doesn’t care what kind of grudges Mu Bai and Mo Fan have. Suddenly, a student with an S score jumped out of his class, even with the highest release score. Without an accident, he was the first in the school, right?
“I’m afraid there’s nothing more surprising than this, like dreaming, from taking the kill to being the first.”.
The first is that besides them, Mubai should also be able to secure a second place.
So, the first and second are in his class, and this is the rhythm of his salary increase and promotion!
“It is indeed the Mu family, Brother Mu Zhuoyun. You have really opened the eyes of our petty magical organizations. If I remember correctly, this Mo Fan classmate is only the son of your manor driver. In a big family, you can cultivate such outstanding students in Bo City without realizing it!” said Deng Jia of the Hunter Alliance.
Mu Zhuoyun looked at Deng Kai.
Deng Kai is a senior member of the Hunter Alliance and a member of the Tianlan Magic High School. He is the highest ranked and most powerful member of the school.
Deng Kai’s praise was echoed by several other school members.
Can’t you please not accept it? A driver’s son is so awesome, which is comparable to the good magic talents they have carefully trained!
Mu Zhuoyun slowly regained consciousness from his surprise.
“He really didn’t realize that Mo Fan really had some talents, and now he hears the praise from those in the circle nearby, and his face suddenly brightens up.”.
As soon as he felt good, Mu Zhuoyun also had some thoughts in his heart.
Although there are Mu Ningxue in the younger generation of the family who have been carrying the banner, other direct and collateral children need to be cultivated in order to consolidate their family’s strength.
As it happens, the magicians who major in the Fire Department are very scarce in their Mu family.
Although this boy has done things that make him extremely angry before, after all, he is young and ignorant. After all, there is no need to pursue this matter after these years. It might be better to give some sweetness and let this boy work for the Mu family.
Proximity definitely won’t allow him to approach Mu Ningxue. It’s not a bad thing to send him to his eldest son, Mu Jiangming, and cultivate him into an excellent Fire Family Member.
Talent, or to accept!
Mu Zhuoyun stroked his beard, and there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes. Seeing that Mo Fan had already walked out of the examination room, he opened his mouth and said, “Mo Fan, come here.”
Mo Fan glanced at Mu Zhuoyun and didn’t know what the old bastard was asking him to do.
With some confusion, Mo Fan walked up to these small leaders and unconsciously glanced at Mu Ningxue.
Let me wipe it off. This girl hasn’t seen her in years. How come she looks so… such a disaster to the country and the people!
“Cough!” Mu Zhuoyun coughed.
Mu Ningxue looked away.
Mo Fan also withdrew his gaze.
“Call me?” Mo Fan looked up at Mu Zhuoyun, who was tall and tall.
In front of others, Mu Zhuoyun has the majesty of a king, which makes many young people dare not appear arrogant in front of him.
Mo Fan won’t. Apart from giving birth to a beautiful daughter, it’s worth affirming, and she exudes the smell of an old bastard all over her body.

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