Chapter 30: Brain Infusion

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“Our Mu Aristocratic Family just got some fire cultivation resources a while ago, but unfortunately, almost everyone in the manor is ice. Your fire talent is good, and our cultivation has surprised us a bit, so I plan to give you these resources. In addition to regular classes, you can practice with Mu Jiangming and them in the future.” Mu Zhuoyun touched his beard and said.

This statement is naturally made in front of everyone.
In Mu Zhuoyun’s opinion, doing so also gives Mo Fan face!
“Those collateral children in the entire manor sharpened their heads and wanted to show off in front of themselves, but they didn’t take them seriously. Mo Fan, who doesn’t even count as Mu’s children, could have such a chance, it was a leap in the door!”!
In this society, there are always some special cases of leaping to the Dragon’s Gate. As the patriarch of the Zhuoyun clan of the Mu family, I cannot be so short-sighted and only pay attention to the children within the clan.
“Big brother, this… how can this be? Mu Bai actually has a better talent. He may have some nervousness today and didn’t perform well, plus he’s already in our clan…” Mu He said to Mu Zhuoyun in a hurry, dumbfounded.
On the other hand, Mu Bai had already been pierced by thousands of arrows. After hearing this, he completely followed the corpse and was severely whipped several times. How can a tragedy be described!
Damn it, that’s the chance that Mubai most wants his disciples to repair!
Mu Bai took great pains to get rid of the title of his collateral son and enter the true core of Mu’s son, so that he could obtain more rich cultivation resources, and he would no longer be the trusted half young master.
Even if I didn’t get it, I was even given it by my most hated person!
The corpses must be brought to life with anger!!
“I have already made this decision, Mu He, you don’t need to say more.” Mu Zhuoyun waved his hand and looked at Mo Fan with that smile on his face.
What’s the matter, you little boy?
Don’t you hurry up and thank Lord Longen?

Mu Zhuoyun is relatively satisfied with his ability to abandon past grievances and recruit students with low status into his core Mu family. It seems that he is a dignified administrator.
“Mo Fan, what are you waiting for? Quickly thank Master Mu for his favor.” Xue Musheng, the head teacher, hurriedly said to Mo Fan.
Zhang Xiaohou, Lu Xiaobin, and Xu Qinglin are even more envious.
A moment ago, Mo Fan was still a small sling that could not be caught when thrown into the sea of people. It’s about to become a high, rich and handsome rhythm in an instant!
Mo Fan looked at Mu Zhuoyun with a warm smile on his face, and his expression was also stunned.
Mo Fan reacted and gave his mouth a smack.
After a long time, Mo Fan spoke and said, “Have you lost your head?”
“What are you talking about?” Mu Zhuoyun’s face was full of doubts, and he couldn’t hear the boy clearly for a moment.
“I said, is your brain flooded?” Mo Fan repeated what he had just said word for word.
This sentence was clearly heard by everyone, but the expression on all faces could not be more chaotic.
God horse God horse???
Brain water???

The goods say that Mu Zhuoyun has a head in his head!!
My God, Mo Fan, this guy is crazy!!
Mu Zhuoyun had already heard clearly, and he blew his beard hard and said with a hint of anger, “It’s best to have a perfect explanation for your next sentence, otherwise…”
“Explain, of course there is.” Mo Fan nodded and said, “Don’t pretend to have not suppressed my family’s righteousness three years ago. I, Mo Fan, am not a fool who will be loyal to you if you slap me and give me some sweetness. You have a bad memory for the words you said to me and my father three years ago, which are the same as treating domestic dogs. I can clearly remember them. Just tell you old bastard like this. Don’t say you’re pulling me into your family now, even if you bring Mu Ningxue and his family to me with a dowry now Pack it up in front of me and beg me to join your family. I’m not rare either! “Nima really thinks that the whole world is going to surround your Mu family, and still expects me to express my gratitude to you?”?? “Apart from being brainwashed, I can’t believe what’s wrong with you today!”
A torrent of abuse seemed to vomit out all the anger and resentment hidden in Mo Fan’s heart for several years, and the whole process flowed smoothly!!
The principal, the director of the education department, the Deng Kai school director, Mu He, Mu Bai, Zhao Kunsan, the head teacher Xue Musheng, the students of Class 8, and Mu Ningxue themselves were all foolish.
And Mu Zhuoyun himself, that face is even more gloomy to the extreme!
“Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.”
The anger materialized, and a solid crystal ice suddenly froze from Mu Zhuoyun’s feet, spreading in the air like the anger rising from his own heart!!
Mu Zhuoyun is angry, really angry!
“I don’t know how many years no one has dared to speak to himself like this, and it’s definitely not too much to say that he is the local emperor of Bo City. Those senior members of the same generation, including the headmaster of the magic school, the senior members of the magic association, and Deng Kai of the Hunter League, are all polite to themselves. The young people of the entire manor are even more breathless in front of themselves. Who gave him the courage to speak to himself like this, Mo Fanye, and the little scum?”!!

Qi Field!!

Terrible ice aura!!
With Mu Zhuoyun as the center, the originally gravel playground surface was frozen into solid ice crystals in just a few seconds!
The cold atmosphere is wanton, the hot summer suddenly turns into a cold winter, and the training playground becomes even more like a frozen land, huge as a mirror.
This shocking picture scared the entire school students to scream!!
The playground suddenly turned into ice, but Mu Zhuoyun didn’t even release his magic. He just froze everything with his breath. How high is his cultivation level.
Compared to the small ice vine before Mu Bai, Mu Zhuoyun is simply a giant and cannot be compared.
“Zhuoyun, take control of your emotions. This is the school, and there are many students who don’t even have defensive abilities.” Deng Kai, the school director of the Hunter Alliance, suddenly stood up and stood between Mu Zhuoyun and Mo Fan.
With Deng Kai blocking, Mu Zhuoyun’s terrifying power was slightly weakened, but the people around him were still so frightened that they could hardly breathe.
Deng Kai stood up, but the few teachers who were able to move freely among the crowd, Tang Yue, stopped their steps.
Tang Yue does not allow Mu Zhuoyun to harm her students, even if she is not necessarily an opponent of Mu Zhuoyun, the ice clan leader.

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