Chapter 31 Curse and Cheer

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“Mo Fan, you… you bastard, what did you say? I apologize to Mr. Mu Zhuoyun immediately!” Mu He said angrily.

This Mo Fan, whether he is hopelessly stupid or something, dares to do so in front of Mu Zhuoyun. The whole family is living impatiently!
“Apologize, of course, but he also has to apologize to me for what happened three years ago. Don’t use high accomplishments and power to oppress me. Mu Zhuoyun’s accomplishments can also bully students like me who are not even 18 years old. Let’s say, if you’re my age, I can beat you all over the place!” Mo Fantian’s fearless demeanor was vividly demonstrated at this moment.
“Fart!” Mu Zhuoyun was really mad at this bastard boy, and directly burst out in rude words.
He is Mu Zhuoyun’s age, and even if he is not as talented as Mu Ningxue now, he is still a genius. He would not even take it seriously as a student of Tianlan Magic High School!
“Mo Fan, you bastard are so bold. Not to mention when Father Mu Zhuoyun was young, now we can just grab a core disciple from the Mu Aristocratic Family and beat you down with one move!”
“Yes, yes, even without any disciples in the clan, I, Mu Bai, can have a magical duel with you. If you lose, immediately kneel down and apologize to Master Mu!” Mu Bai suddenly came to life and jumped out to serve as a dog for Mu Zhuoyun.
“He is Mu Bai and Mo Fan’s contemporaries. Everyone duels fairly. What else do you have to say?”!
With this name, Mu Bai would beat Mo Fan to the death and give Mu Zhuoyun a bad breath.
“No need of you.”
Just as Mu Bai was about to step forward, a proud but somewhat icy voice came out.

Everyone’s eyes suddenly turned to the person who was speaking.
The person who spoke was Mu Ningxue. Who could have imagined that Mu Ningxue would come forward at such a time.
Mu Ningxue walked between her father and Mo Fan, her eyes like the ice and snow of the Tianshan Mountains, with a hint of anger in them.
Of course, the person she was angry with was Mo Fan.
“Since you say my father can only bully the younger generation, and since you say that my father uses his power to suppress a magician like you who has been cultivated by himself… Well, I am the same age as you, and I will compare with you!” Mu Ningxue spoke calmly with some strength of iceberg and high snow!
“Ning Xue?” Mu Zhuoyun saw his daughter come out, and the anger on his face turned to surprise.
Mo Fan looked at Mu Ningxue face to face with himself in this way, but his face wore a lazy smile that looked like death or death.
It’s kind of interesting, Mu Ningxue jumped out.
To be honest, there’s really no point in fighting Mu Bai. I’ve already pushed him to the top today. It’s Mu Ningxue who is known as the first female genius in Bo City and the most favored woman in the imperial capital. I think it would be much more interesting to fight her.
“Ning Xue, I’m enough to deal with this guy, I don’t need someone like you at all…” Mu Bai quickly piled up a smile and said.
“My father has been insulted, and my father can largely refuse to argue with such slick talking thieves in the marketplace, but as a daughter, I will not let go of this insulter and use the fairest magical duel to solve it!” Mu Ningxue said seriously every word, and there must be no trace of refutation in his words.
“Good! Good point! This ice and snow arrogance is even more gratifying for those of us who are elders. We are worthy of being the first genius in Bocheng. At a young age, we have outstanding talent, and we are so clear about right and wrong.” Deng Kai immediately praised.

After the compliment, Deng Kai also patted Mu Zhuoyun on the shoulder and continued, “Brother Zhuoyun, it’s really not necessary for you to execute this insolent boy. He is not self-sustaining and powerful enough to crush you back then. Naturally, it’s impossible for you to return to the age of 16 to fight him. Your daughter Mu Ningxue will take care of this matter, leaving this unsuspecting boy speechless.”
Mu Zhuoyun didn’t speak, just looked at Deng Kai like that.
Deng Kai saw that Mu Zhuoyun’s temper was still controllable, smiled slightly, and walked up to Mo Fan. “Mo Fan, right? As the leader of the Bocheng Hunter Alliance, I don’t know whether to describe your behavior today as young or foolish. However, you really should apologize to Mr. Mu Zhuoyun for your reckless behavior. His contribution to Bocheng is far from what you can understand.”
“Apologize, no problem. I can carry thorns all over my body, and then use the most traditional kowtow method to apologize to him until he is satisfied. However, the premise is that they Mu Shi really have the ability to apologize. Go ask him for yourself. What he said to my family three years ago, and if I apologize, I must first ask him to apologize for what happened three years ago. Since I am a prominent person in Bo City, I should also know not to provoke small people, who will be punished by you “They slapped you to death, but before they slapped you to death, they definitely cursed you for having blood in your brain!” Mo Fan scolded without concealment.
“This is a society ruled by law. How could it be possible to do such a thing? At most, you will be expelled.” The principal glared and said.
“Okay, since the matter has reached this stage, it is not as difficult to handle as expected. As Mu Ningxue said, she and you have a magical duel, and if you lose, apologize to Mu Zhuoyun until he is satisfied. Mu Ningxue is about to lose…” Deng Kai said this, but his gaze turned to Mu Zhuoyun.
Mu Zhuoyun snorted coldly, “How could Ning Xue possibly lose?”
“Don’t waste so much words, just say you dare not!” Mo Fan’s words were somewhat sharp!
Dignity is not something that is more noble just because they are a big family, nor is it just because their family is wandering around and should be under the sole of their feet. Mo Fan is just a small person, a small person who must revenge!

Let him join Mu Shi?

“He won’t forget that Mu Zhuoyun was like crushing a dog three years ago, let alone that Mu He made his family wander around. If Mu Zhuoyun gave him a bone and he went back, he would really be a dog. What’s the difference between Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai?”?
As for scolding him?
It’s really normal!
Three years ago, when I was only thirteen years old, I dared to point at Mu Zhuoyun and scold him as an old bastard. Now that he is sixteen or seven years old, would he still be afraid of him?
The phrase “once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope” does not apply to Mo Fan. If a snake dares to bite him, it must be played with as a rope!
When you are already an ant in someone’s eyes, how can you run away without escaping the huge soles of your feet? It’s better to scold yourself.
“Brother Zhuoyun, what do you mean?” Deng Kai showed a conciliatory manner.
Now, there are disputes and curses in front of the entire school’s teachers and students. If we can turn this somewhat embarrassing situation into a fair magical duel, it is of course the best. Otherwise, if we really invite the student named Mo Fan out of school, it is actually meaningless, and it also costs the school a person’s talent. Being able to win the first place in Tianlan Magic High School is a good sign.
“I can’t cure you, little thing!” Mu Zhuoyun glanced at Mu Ningxue and said, “Ningxue, you don’t need to do this.”

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